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Magic DosBox MOD APK (Full Paid) 1.0.98

MS-DOS in your pocket. Play old DOS games anywhere you are 😉

App NameMagic DosBox
Publisher bruenor
MOD InfoFull Paid
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About Magic DosBox

You may play your favorite DOS and Windows games on your Android device without additional hardware by downloading Magic DosBox, a highly optimized and quick DOSBox version. This port, developed by the DOSBox team, is optimized for touch devices and will allow you to play your favorite classic games anywhere, anytime, without additional hardware.

Compiling and Tailoring Video Games

With this app, you may choose from various games; every profile for those games is incredibly flexible. The program lets you set up shortcuts to your favorite games on your device’s home screen. Plus, you can easily share setups with others by exporting, importing, and duplicating profiles for a more unified gaming experience.

Support for many languages and in-app widgets

Users from all around the world may use Magic DosBox with no trouble because it supports several languages. These languages include Slovak, English, German, Russian, and French. The program provides ten distinct widgets and buttons that may be customized in various ways. Some examples of these widgets include the Key, Mouse, Absolute, Relative Switch, Dpad, Notes, Walkthrough, and Combo. You can use all the devices as much as you like in the donation version.

Modularity and Personalization

The design and play modes are the most prominent among the app’s many ways. In the design mode, you may customize your gameplay by adding as many widgets and buttons as you like to the screen. The degree to which the interface may be tailored to your preferences is unlimited because of the flexibility of these widgets and buttons. The text and graphics contained within the devices are fully adjustable to suit your needs.

Better Interoperability and Management

To maximize interoperability and control flexibility, the program supports many input modalities. The Samsung stylus’s button functions, among others, are supported. To further customize your gaming experience, you may plug in extra gamepads like the x360 joystick, Nvidia Shield controller, or others. Magic DosBox also allows users to use actual mice if they prefer that input. A sound card and the computer’s speakers can be played simultaneously.

Gestures, Connections, and Extras

The app has several optional options that may be used to improve your gaming experience. This app can map swipe movements, so you may make one swipe do anything. There are additional ways to input data because it supports long presses, multiple taps, and two-point gestures. Taking pictures in-game and saving them to your gallery is a great way to remember exciting moments in adventure and role-playing games with the help of this app. The program runs simulations quickly and provides a responsive and fluid gameplay experience. You can permanently set the screen to either landscape or portrait orientation. Networking features, such as IPX and serial modem compatibility, are also supported by Magic DosBox, allowing for online multiplayer gaming. The software also connects users to a community forum and website with more help and information.

MOD APK version of Magic DosBox

MOD feature

Full Paid


Magic DosBox is an excellent DOSBox version for Android that provides access to a wealth of classic games. The app offers a one-of-a-kind and immersive gaming experience on touch devices thanks to its vastly modifiable game library, robust language compatibility, and wide range of on-screen widgets and buttons. The program is your ticket to the past, whether you’re a die-hard lover of DOS games or want to experience the glory days of Windows gaming. For further details, docs, and downloads, check out the website. Remember that this app is only an emulator, so you must find your own DOS games. Promotional screenshots are provided to illustrate the features and functioning of Magic DosBox and are not intended to mislead.

Download Magic DosBox MOD APK (Full Paid) 1.0.98

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