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Do you enjoy the funny voiceover videos that have been shared recently? Are you wondering how to create such videos? MadLipz PRO is a free dubbing app that will help you create funny videos like that.

About MadLipz – You’re funnier than you think!

You must have seen the famous voice imitation video on social networks. MadLipz is the tool to make that video go viral. It allows the creation of short videos in which you can voice your celebrity characters. The main function of this tool is to record voice on the phone and insert it into the current hot videos. Besides, it also allows you to change your voice with filters to make it funny. This tool supports thousands of videos available. You can easily record your original dialogue and apply it to the latest memes. These memes are always updated daily by the global user community. With just a few simple steps, you have created a funny video to post on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and other social networks.


Put your voice in the video

It is not difficult for you to transform into famous characters with your voice in speeches. This app allows users to record their original voiceover and sync it to video. You should make sure the video recording space is quiet and free of noise. After a successful voice recording, use voice filters for different characters in the clip. For each video you choose, you can record up to 3 recordings at the same time.

Also, MadLipz offers interesting video categories that highlight your recordings. Each video category will require you to use a different recording method. Sometimes you need to make your voice younger or older depending on the situation. Plus, for foreign movie scenes, it allows you to combine your voice with funny subtitles. This is also a way to help you learn English effectively. Read this subtitle expressively so that the voice in your video becomes the most authentic.

Choose from thousands of celebrity videos

MadLipz’s video system is something users are impressed with. These parody videos have fun and different content. You also find many videos featuring famous personalities such as singers, writers, actors, speakers, etc. Each video will come with a specific situation. This is your chance to express your ideas through the mouth of another celebrity. Most of these videos are current popular memes. It also assists you in selecting specific category feeds. To access hot and trending parody videos, you need to tap on the trending section.


Many cool voice filters

Voice filter is also one of the good points that users love. You don’t need to worry if your voice is not attractive enough. After completing the recording, the main screen will show the filters for you to choose. Each filter will make your voice completely different. It is not difficult for you to transform your voice from a young person to an old one and vice versa. Robot voices or other special voices are also added. It is compatible with every video you choose. Plus, for clips with more than two characters, a voice filter will be a great tool for you to alternate between the two. You can voice over both characters at the same time. This way, a video with multiple voices will be created while only one voiceover.

Incorporating funny subtitles

MadLipz does more than just let you integrate your voice. The features it brings to foreign videos are much more than that. In particular, the ability to add subtitles to these videos to your liking is very appealing. It will break the inaudibility of your video. Every time you dub foreign videos, you can adjust the subs below. Depending on the content of the video you dub, you can type the sub as you like. This is your chance to create funny content and make it viral. Besides, this is also a solution for audio-free viewing experiences. Users still find humor in the subs without hearing the sound of the voice.

Find inspiration from shared clips from the community

The clips shared from the community will also be a reference to help you get more new ideas. These videos are also updated daily. Global users will add the most creative videos for you to use. You can also contribute to enriching this collection. These videos are full of genres with funny memes. You can choose directly from this collection and start dubbing it. Let set up notifications so you will be the first to use them when new videos are uploaded.

Pro version of MadLipz

The free version may not give you access to all the funniest videos and coolest filters. However, the Pro version can help you with that. This version unlocks all the hottest videos from Popular, Trending, and specific categories. You can access and use them in their entirety. Besides, voice filters will be unlocked. You no longer feel limited while choosing the right filters for your character. At the same time, you are also allowed to access all features in the subtitles section.


With MadLipz, you will discover that you are more interesting than you think. Download the app now to create funny videos and share them to go viral.

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