LiquidPlayer Pro 3D visualizer
LiquidPlayer Pro 3D visualizer

LiquidPlayer Pro 3D visualizer APK 2.85

listen, tune in, record, visualize, cast : Liquidplayer your 3D music player

App NameLiquidPlayer Pro 3D visualizer
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About LiquidPlayer Pro 3D visualizer

Music fans may indulge in a one-of-a-kind and all-encompassing auditory experience by using the LiquidPlayer Pro program, which is a music player. LiquidPlayer Pro strives to be the app of choice for anybody who wants to get the most out of their musical experience through its excellent user interface and extensive feature set. In the following paragraphs, we will take a more in-depth look at the capabilities, features, and interface of LiquidPlayer Pro.

Stunning User Experience Combined with Material Design

The user experience of LiquidPlayer Pro has been created to be chic and discreet while adhering to the most recent Android Design guidelines and conforming to the general Material aesthetic. To provide a professional and effective music player, every aspect has been given significant consideration. In addition, virtually every picture, gradient, and button is dynamically produced during runtime to provide the highest possible pixel quality on the user’s device.

Powerful Sound Effects for Quality Audio

LiquidPlayer Pro provides customers with a wide selection of solid sound effects that can be used to customize the audio quality according to their preferences. The program has custom equalization, bass and treble, reverb, and hall effects. In addition, the software is coupled with DVC dynamic volume control, which allows for mixing MP3s. This translates to the fact that consumers have complete control over their audio experience and may alter the settings to their liking according to their tastes.

Real-Time Visuals for a Dynamic Experience

The application does real-time analysis of the user’s music, identifies onsets, and then generates 3D images that are expertly cut. The beat detection system uses the most sophisticated music analysis algorithm currently available, while the 3D graphics are created using the most recent OpenGL methods. Users may anticipate having great fun using LiquidPlayer Pro, especially when paired with dynamic textures (where every cover provides a unique image). Users can transform their television set into an open dance floor using a Chromecast device.

Radio Capabilities That Include Streaming and Recording

LiquidPlayer Pro can tune in to more than 50k live radios, all of which are arranged in a manner that is intuitive for the user. The live stream buffering system guarantees high-quality radio transmissions with no hops, and the dynamic reconnect system (DRC) instantly reconnects if there is a disruption in the network. Also, users may immediately record their live music by pressing a button whenever they choose. LiquidPlayer Pro will also automatically identify songs, download relevant cover art, and allow users to store the correct lyrics and artist information in the language of their choice.

Provides Support for several Different Audio File Formats

MP3, wav, pcm, aac, aac+, aac64, and ogg are only some of the standard music file types that LiquidPlayer Pro supports. It also helps music stored offline and allows users to play songs in order, shuffle, or repeat mode. Users can rapidly search for songs, artists, albums, and related content using the app’s robust search tool. Thanks to the folder support function, users can also play music based on their stored folder.

Chromecast-enabled devices provide a more immersive experience

LiquidPlayer Pro also supports devices compatible with Chromecast, enabling customers to enjoy their music on a larger screen or with other people. To get started with their experience, all they need is a Chromecast hooked up to their television and an app that can connect to the audio on the device.


LiquidPlayer Pro is an excellent music player program that provides its users with a one-of-a-kind and immersive audio experience. It stands out from other music players because of its simple yet elegant appearance and the tremendous sound effects it produces. This app’s real-time graphics and its support for a wide variety of audio file types help make it a flexible tool that users can use for various purposes. Users of LiquidPlayer Pro get access to millions of free songs and may listen to radio stations from around the world. Users can also discover new music with LiquidPlayer Pro. Users can also change the audio quality of their recordings using the app’s equalization, bass, treble effects, reverb, and hall effects. In addition, thanks to the app’s support for Chromecast, users can enjoy their music on a larger screen or in the company of their friends. LiquidPlayer Pro also automatically identifies tracks. The app downloads the necessary cover art and information about the artists, making it simple software for managing and enjoying their music collection.

Ultimately, LiquidPlayer Pro is a music player application that should be tried out since it provides its users with a one-of-a-kind and immersive listening experience. It supports a wide variety of audio file types, has solid sound effects, and real-time images, which combine to make it a very flexible program that users may enjoy for various reasons. LiquidPlayer Pro is a complete music player solution for everyone who wants to enjoy their music to the best possible extent. Its basic appearance and support for Chromecast make it an ideal choice.

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