LightX MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 2.2.1 b419

App NameLightX
Version2.2.1 b419
Publisher AndOr Communications Pvt Ltd
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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LightX is a powerful photo editing app with built-in AI from developer AndOr Communications. The great thing is that it helps you to edit and publish quality photos as if processed with professional tools. Besides, the application simplifies photo editing operations so you can create creative freedom on images with just a few simple steps.

LightX MOD is available at APKmazon! Get ready to download to enjoy the PRO features completely free.

Introducing LightX App

The world of technology has changed a lot in the past ten years. Today, mobile devices are all equipped with high-end image sensors. Even smartphones with more than three lenses can take pictures with much more realistic detail, color, and light. The photos taken from them are close to the image quality of expensive cameras. However, not everyone has professional photography skills, even with an expensive lens. Therefore, the post-editing of images is always an indispensable step. Many Editors want to edit photos to highlight the photographer’s ideas, help balance colors, remove excess pixels, or just relax. Understanding that needs, many mobile photo editing applications have been released on the application markets. LightX is the application in that trend. However, its special point is in its outstanding quality, stability, and in-depth feature set, but its usage is straightforward and suitable for everyone.

LightX Photo Editor-mod-apk

LightX was developed and published by AndOr Communications Pvt. This app has reached more than 10 million downloads from the Play Store and received many positive reviews from users. It can be said that LightX is not the best photo editing application on mobile because it cannot surpass the popularity of PicsArt or VSCO. However, this is definitely a photo editing tool that you should have in the device because of its simplicity, power, and so many unique features it offers.

Key features of LightX

LightX provides a rich set of features, suitable for the user from the beginning to the advanced. A user-friendly interface, easy to work with is also a big plus. In addition, the application allows connection to cloud storage services with registered users. The application provides many unique features so that users can easily edit their photos in no time. Let’s explore the outstanding features of the application now.

Cutout the subject

The subject cutout feature is usually available in paid apps, but it’s free at LightX now. The app allows you to separate your subject from an image with the Cutout tool. Once you’re done editing, you can save the picture as a PNG to preserve the transparent pixels that have just been cropped or insert another background image behind. To do this, select the photo you need to edit, click on the pen image to start working with it.

Select the Cut out button in the Creative section and follow the instructions provided by the app. You just need to move your finger to apply a selection to cover the subject, and the AI will automatically detect where in the area to keep, which is the erased area.

LightX PRO Key features


This feature allows you to change the background of your subject. It’s really easy to use. Open the tool, then choose Backdrop. Soon after, you are directed to the Backdrop collection provided by the application. There are a lot of themes to choose from, such as Sky, Paint, Bokeh, Flame, Light, Smile… Just choose one to get started. In the photo editing interface, you just need to use your finger to move on the pixels behind the subject to paint the Backdrop. Don’t forget to choose support tools like Magic Brush, Magic Erase to easily optimize or undo edits. You can even combine two or more different backdrops in one photo.

Blending modes

This is an advanced feature commonly found in professional photo editing software. There are many ways you can blend two image layers: Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard light, Darken, Lighten, Dodge, Burn, Exclusion, Luminosity, Color Hue. You can try different modes to blend the two photos to create good results with perfect effects.

Color fill effect

LightX allows you to adjust a custom area’s color deviation (Hue) on an image. This will enable you to change the color of your shirt from green to red, for example. To use this feature, you need to use your finger to move on the image to select the part to adjust, and AI will automatically detect the object, then a slider appears. You adjust the sliders until you like, and remember to press the Save button to keep the changes you just made.

Selfie photo editing

The need to edit Selfie photos is overwhelming, and the LightX developer understands that. The app provides a separate set of features for selfie editing only. They are in the Instant section. When opening this feature set, you will see quite familiar options such as Sharpen to increase the sharpness of the image, Smooth to smooth the skin, Spot to remove skin imperfections. There is also the Teeth feature for whiten teeth or Hair to adjust the hairstyle. Don’t have a lot of time to edit? Choose the Auto mode, and it will use AI to decide which elements to edit on your selfie and automatically apply the suitable filters or editing tools.

Common editing tools

LightX is a perfection-driven photo editing app, so it’s definitely indispensable for basic editing tools. You can crop images in common ratios, rotate images, adjust basic parameters such as brightness, contrast, exposure, color saturation, color deviation, and color temperature. Not only that, but LightX also allows you to place a focal point on the image and blur the surrounding areas to create a bokeh effect.

In addition to the basic tools designed intelligently, LightX also allows users to edit photos more professionally with features that “professional editors” love, such as Curve, Level, Balance.

LightX Photo Editor-pro-features

Quick filters & collage

While it focuses on versatile editing and creative work, LightX also provides you with built-in filters for quick application. LightX’s filters are not only diverse, but you can also download more on the app Store. Note that in most cases you need to pay a small fee to get a new filter. However, don’t worry because the LightX mod that we provide in this article allows you to use them all for free.

LightX also brings the collage feature with lots of layouts available. Just choose a layout you like, choose the images available in the gallery, change a little bit of layout if needed and press the button to have a great college.


LightX Store is a place where you can find resources for editing photos. Here provide most of the things you need, such as Stickers, Backdrops, Effects, Frames, and Patterns. Some Store resources are free to download, but some require a small fee before downloading.

Detailed instructions

When they start using a professional photo-editing app, most people are often confused by the wide variety of tools and functions. Not everyone has the knowledge and skills to master every photo editing tool right from the first use. LightX developers understand this. That is the reason they provide all the tutorials regarding the outstanding features in the app. All instructions are shown under short videos, extremely clear, and easy to understand.

You can also subscribe to the official youtube channel from the developer to follow new tutorials.

APK MOD of LightX App

What is the Pro package?

There are many unique features that LightX offers, but they require a full Pro upgrade to use. Monthly, yearly or One-times Purchase upgrade options available for lifetime use. After upgrading to a Pro account, you get the following special benefits:

  • Create, save and share photos in high quality
  • Save photo with transparent background
  • No advertisements
  • Magic Brush and Magic Erase (great tools for Backdrops)
  • Access and download unlimited resources in the Store.

Note that a Pro account can log in and use on up to 5 devices. So, if you want to support the developer, you can buy the Pro package with your friends. Meanwhile, the usage fee per person is much cheaper. Or, if you want to use LightX Pro for free, use the mod we provide.

MOD feature

All pro features have been unlocked, and you can use them for free. Note that cloud sync is not currently supported in the mod.


LightX Photo Editor is a great photo editing app for anyone who wants to get creative with their photos. With powerful tools seamlessly combined with artificial intelligence technology, this app turns your photos into a perfect work of art. Don’t forget to download our latest mod to enjoy all the great features of this app without any limitations.

Download LightX MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 2.2.1 b419

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