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Require5.0 and up
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Introducing Kali Nethunter

Kali Nethunter is an excellent open-source program that most Android devices use to protect themselves from being broken into by someone else. Kali Nethunter is excellent software for performing penetration testing on Android devices. This program holds the distinction of being the very first free platform to do a penetration test on an Android device.

Because it needs a rooted device and must have a custom recovery and kernel, it works well with Samsung, OnePlus, and Nexus devices. Kali Nethunter for Android is one of a kind, and its injection may be used over a wireless network with only a few clicks. Additionally, with this injection, it is possible to stop many keyboards or USB assaults.

Kali NetHunter apk download

In the same way, you go to the doctor for checkups; our gadgets need to be inspected to ensure there are no viruses or other external threats. You have access to many valuable tools through Kali Nethunter 2022. In addition to this, the program will provide you with daily updates. In general, Kali Nethunter is a professional tool that phone engineers can use to test Android for vulnerabilities.

To succeed as a professional phone engineer, you must have faith in the tools you employ. You have our word that the most recent version of Kali Nethunter, numbered 2022, is reliable and trustworthy. You can get more assurance by reading through the scripts included in the Nethunter pictures. Join other users worldwide to download and utilize this helpful software. The link to download Kali Nethunter is provided below for your convenience.

This penetration testing platform is not only cheap and easy for anyone to use, but it is also easy on the wallet. It is also the only application that is thought to be the best testing tool. Kali Nethunter is compatible with various smartphones, including those made by Samsung and One Plus, as well as the Nexus 4 through 10 series.

Using Kali Nethunter on your Nexus 6 device is a lot of fun since it gives you the whole experience of working on a desktop computer. The RAM of the Kali Nethunter for Nexus device is 3 gigabytes, and it has a 2.7-gigahertz processor and a 6-inch display. This is a prerequisite that will work perfectly with your device.

On the other hand, to use Nexus 10 devices, you will need a processor with a dual-core, 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), and a resolution between 2500 and 6000. In addition, the Nexus 4/5 may function with a quad-core CPU operating at 2.3 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. You can use and learn more about a low-cost testing program that works well on all of these devices.

Kali NetHunter apk features

Specific characteristics of Kali Nethunter

Kali Nethunter is a powerful tool for doing penetration testing and offers a wide variety of capabilities. The following is a list of some of the features it provides for its users:

User-friendly and intuitive interface

The user interface of Kali Nethunter is clean and straightforward, which makes it easy to find your way around and use it well. The most important thing about a mobile app is its ease of use, and Kali Nethunter does just that. Everything is clearly labeled and organized when you first launch the app, making it quite simple.

Simple administration of configuration settings

Kali Nethunter is an application that does an excellent job of managing setups. This application’s setup interface is simple to use and may even be done using a local web layout without much difficulty. Because of this, Kali Nethunter is a valuable program and a reliable security tool that you can use whenever you want.

Wireless Injection and AP Mode are supported, along with USB WiFi cards.

Kali Nethunter is compatible with WiFi in access point mode and allows wireless injection. When it comes to this aspect of penetration testing, no other app has been able to compete with Kali Nethunter. Using this function, you can also make a clone to fool people who might try to break into your device while catching them if they do.

Simple Menu System

This program comes with various tools that may be put to good use, and they are easy to reach. These tools are all grouped in a straightforward menu that can be navigated with a single click and put to work immediately.

USB Y-cable support

While your device is being charged, you can use OTG cords or cables if you have a Kali Nethunter. When you utilize the Kali Nethunter penetration tester, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your device is getting charged because of this. This program provides complete support for the use of USB Y-cables.

Radio support

Another fascinating aspect of Kali Nethunter is presented here. This program supports a software-defined radio, which makes it easy to use the wireless radio. This is an entirely novel and straightforward idea.

Runs USB HID keyboard assaults.

Kali Nethunter images can withstand assaults using configured HID keyboards and BadUSB. This program mimics the behavior of the teensy gadget and executes the keyboard assault.

On the other hand, its support for destructive USB attacks is top-notch. You only need to connect Kali Nethunter to the devices being attacked to have the traffic going into it relayed. This is not difficult in any way and does not require any complicated procedures.


This app is a must-have for any phone engineer because it is the first professional penetration testing software ever made for Android. Find a link to a free download of Kali Nethunter down below.

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