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iVCam Webcam MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 7.2.0

iVCam turns your smartphone / tablet into an HD webcam for Windows PC.

App NameiVCam Webcam
Publisher e2eSoft
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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About iVCam Webcam

Video conferencing and online meetings have become the standard interaction methods in the modern workplace. Webcams have become increasingly popular because of this. Imagine using the high-quality camera on your phone or tablet as a webcam. Here’s where iVCam Webcam comes in; we have an easy way to improve your teleconferences.

Using Your Phone or Other Mobile Device as a High-Quality Webcam

The app completely changes your perspective on webcams by allowing you to use any compatible Android or iOS device as a high-quality HD camera for your Windows computer. If you want to upgrade, this program is a better option than your current USB or inbuilt camera.

Simplify the Way You Record Videos

iVCam Webcam lets you easily record movies on your PC without the need for space-hogging mobile device storage. As a remote video recorder, it offers convenient features without the hassle of installing extra hardware.

Reduced Complexity for Maximized Convenience

Getting this app up and running is simple. To get started, install the client program for your computer. There is no need for any setting on your part since the connecting procedure is automated.

Powerful, Immersive Functions for Maximum Efficiency

iVCam Webcam has several great features that improve your time spent using a webcam. Let’s check out a few of its most notable features:

  • High-Quality Real-Time Video: Experience seamless and immersive conversation thanks to crystal-clear video with low latency and lightning-fast speed.
  • Automatic Pairing: Quickly and easily pair with your computer using Wi-Fi or a USB cable.
  • Background Operation: The program operates quietly in the background so that you may continue using other programs without interruption.
  • Multi-Device Connectivity: Connect many devices to a single computer simultaneously for a more adaptable and versatile video conferencing solution.
  • Flexible Video Sizes: You may adjust the resolution of your video to meet your demands, from 4K to 2K to 1080p to 720p to 480p to 360p.
  • Advanced Camera Settings: Control your camera’s exposure, focus, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, and zoom to achieve the exact look you want in your videos.
  • Customizable Video Settings: Adjust the frame rate, video quality, and encoder parameters to your liking for the best possible video playback.
  • Versatile Orientation Support: Whether you’re using a landscape or portrait display, iVCam Webcam will automatically rotate the movie in the correct direction for you.
  • Camera Flexibility: You may use the wide-angle and telephoto lenses and swap between your mobile device’s front and back cameras in real time.
  • Enhanced Features: Advantages from advanced features include face enhancement, flash choices, manual or auto-focus, video flipping/mirroring, and backdrop replacement with blur, bokeh, mosaic, or green screen.
  • Audio Compatibility: Improve the sound quality of your PC’s virtual meetings and recordings using your smartphone as a wireless microphone.
  • Full Webcam Compatibility: The app can fully replace USB cameras or inbuilt webcams and works with all programs that generally use a webcam.
  • Preview and Capture: You may quickly examine videos, take screenshots, and record video files with the help of the Windows client program.

Improving the Quality of Your Video Conferences

The app allows participants to utilize their smartphones or tablets instead of their laptop’s built-in or external webcam for higher-quality video and audio during online conferences. Users may improve transmission quality and coordinate all recording operations using the app’s flexible settings. iVCam Webcam improves users’ adaptability and productivity in the digital workplace by providing a seamless alternative for webcams.

Simple Camera Replacement and Attachment

The program aims to replace the primary camera in a notebook or other recording device. The program is elementary to set up and connect to other devices. All that’s needed is for the user to pick the device they want to join to their shared Wi-Fi network. With this simplified method, customers may adjust various camera settings to their liking, which boosts portability and audio/video quality.

Effortless Management and Comprehensive Personalization

iVCam Webcam gives consumers more command and access to the camera’s functionality by decoupling the camera, switching functions, and allowing interaction with the phone. Users may capture high-quality videos for every online conference using their smartphones’ front or rear cameras. Thanks to the application’s comprehensive personalization options, users can get great results using a replacement webcam.

Easy-to-Use PC Client for Complete Customization and Integration

The app’s PC client is intuitive, runs well, and has one-click access to the mobile app. Thanks to this seamless synchronization, users may customize every feature and make any required modifications without using the mobile app while shooting videos. The PC client acts as a command center, letting the user adjust the camera and its settings to their liking.

Recording Meetings and Audio for Future Use

Users can use iVCam Webcam’s recording functionality to document every word, and sound said at a meeting or other event. The program also delivers a plethora of unanticipated additions that substantially improve the user experience, as well as fully adjustable recording features. In addition, all recordings are synced instantly with the PC client, and users have access to a suite of robust yet intuitive editing tools for perfecting their recordings.

View from Every Angle with Multiple Cameras Running on Your Computer

The software facilitates the simultaneous connection of many devices, allowing users to take advantage of several cameras and observe the action in real time. Because of the encrypted connection, consumers are free to watch from any angle on their mobile devices without worrying about the safety of their data. Connecting modern cameras like GoPro allows users to increase their recording time and add personal flair to their videos.

Support for a Large Variety of Common Software

A significant plus is that iVCam Webcam can be used with many other programs that use camera functionality. Users can seamlessly navigate between apps and utilize their phones in various ways. The PC client allows individualized adjustments for each newly found application to provide a more flexible, mobile work process. Because of this compatibility, customers may save time and money by not purchasing a second webcam.


iVCam Webcam is the best method for improving remote conferences’ efficiency and effectiveness through mobile devices. It allows for various configurations and connections, giving users much leeway in achieving peak performance. Because it may function instead of cameras, the software guarantees consumers more adaptability, efficacy, and low cost. It has never been simpler to upgrade your video conferencing and online collaborations with iVCam Webcam.

Download iVCam Webcam MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 7.2.0

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