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Idle Ninja - Summon Eudemons MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.5

Idle Ninja – Summon Eudemons MOD APK – How to be a powerful ninja

App NameIdle Ninja - Summon Eudemons
Publisher YOUKW Games
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Idle Ninja

Idle Ninja is a captivating idle and practice game that immerses players in the world of ninjas. The player, playing as a competent ninja on a quest for truth, must constantly improve their ninjutsu fighting power to defeat opponents and Eudemons that grow in strength as the player progresses. Players may increase their battle skills and pursue enlightenment through meditation, alchemy, strengthening equipment, and forming a strong Eudemons squad.

Learning About the Ninja Culture

The game’s compelling and linked narrative invites viewers into the complex and fascinating world of ninjas. Learn the ins and outs of this age-old practice, and you’ll be treated to a world of wonders as you progress.

Effective On-the-Job Training

Thanks to Idle Ninja’s innovative on-hook practice function, players may now continue their training even when they haven’t connected to the internet. The game makes it simpler and more enjoyable to follow the ninja’s path by mimicking the effects of rest on the player.

Release Your Eudemonic Potential and Embrace Change

Learn to harness the strength of Eudemons, fantastical beings that can help you on your travels. Expanding your Eudemons’ dwellings has two benefits: more Chakra production and improved team cohesion. Be amazed when your Eudemons reveal their true selves and help you achieve previously unimaginable feats of power.

A Magical Portal to Exciting Gameplay Alchemy

Try alchemy, among other activities, in this expansive game. Travel to the remote regions of the back mountain, where you may grow and process healing herbs into potent pill talismans. You will make twice as much progress on your journey to mastery with the help of these powerful talismans in your cultivation.

Use the Force of the Five Factors

Unlock the forms of the Five Elements Array to improve your knowledge and abilities. Use this pattern with outstanding five-element animals to increase their impressive stats even more. Victory will be within your reach, even against insurmountable foes.

Start Your Ninja Adventure Today

Idle Ninja provides an exciting passive role-playing experience, ideal for passing the time or relaxing after a hard day. Live like a ninja for a while by partaking in various pursuits in a bustling hamlet. Take the adventure of a lifetime as you train to become a legendary ninja, from the depths of obscurity to the heights of fame.

The Art of Pet Power Training

When you first sign up for Idle Ninja, you’ll be given a companion animal to help you in battle. However, from the outset, your pet will be weak. Therefore you will need to invest in Power-boosting improvements. They become more formidable in combat as their Power increases. Once you’ve reached a particular level, you can unlock the Adventure mode and participate in exciting action. Since most fights are handled automatically, you may concentrate on training your pet to become more powerful. Improve their damage output by equipping them with abilities like Thunder Ax, Natural Whirlwind, Fireball, and Water Shark.

Formation of Tactical Units

As you go, you’ll need to prove your inventiveness and polish your plans by building an unbeatable team. Take on dangerous foes with calm composure and an unwavering combat approach. As you gain experience and level up, you’ll be able to unlock and level up more powerful new dogs to help you along the way.

Modularity and Strengthening of Effects

Dress up your ninja any way you choose with various weapons, helmets, and outfits. You may become an unstoppable force in your pursuit of truth and mastery by upgrading each piece of equipment.

MOD APK version of Idle Ninja

MOD feature

1. Unlimited Chakra (never decrease)
2. Unlimited Coin
3. Unlimited Gold
4. Unlimited Diamonds


Idle Ninja provides a rich and engaging experience, allowing players to feel the excitement of a ninja adventure. This game has a compelling story, various playable features, and challenging strategic obstacles that will keep you entertained for hours. Play the part of a ninja, free your inner warrior, and pave the way to fame and fortune in Idle Ninja.

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