Idle Mine RPG

Idle Mine RPG MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Damage) 0.6.26

App NameIdle Mine RPG
Publisher Iron Horse Games LLC
Size52 MB
Require5.7 and up
MOD InfoMenu, Unlimited Damage
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About Idle Mine RPG

Idle Mine RPG is an innovative idle gaming game where you lead a band of courageous dwarfs on a perilous subterranean mining journey. Gather money by mining for gold, extracting rare metals, leading daring rescue operations to free imprisoned miners, and making expensive goods. Invest your money wisely to fortify your dwarf warrior, penetrate deeper into the center, speed up the rate at which enemies are eliminated, and increase the number of bombs you may release. Downloading Idle Mine RPG MOD APK will give you access to the next generation of idle games.

Enjoy the Appeal of the Game for Yourself

Accessible Interactivity in Games

Tap the screen to drop bombs, dig up precious ores, and destroy dangerous creatures. Your incessant tapping powers your quest for wealth, further exploration, and significant potential.

Learn to Excel at Making Things

You may increase your production rate by hiring additional dwarfs and using tools you make to dig rare ores and refine priceless jewels. In Idle Mine RPG, crafting is a productive activity that aids in one’s mining efficiency.

Strategically Boost Your Power

Strategically employing dwarf workers and then refining their ore will significantly improve the efficiency of your mining force. Your hardworking dwarfs will keep amassing cash while you relax and take it easy.

Get Lost in the World of Role-Playing Games

Practice bomb-throwing, level up your dwarfs for better mining efficiency, and empower your miners with fearsome weapons, picks, and armor. Idle Mine RPG is an explosive blend of role-playing and mindless gaming.

Start your Game Adventure

In this compelling smartphone game, you take on the role of a courageous miner while enjoying the convenience of auto-control and the excitement of strategic decision-making. From the comfort of your Android device, you may mine resources, fight monsters, and manage a lovable group of dwarf workers.

A treasure trove of mines and ores is hidden beneath the mountain peaks. There are other things than riches and treasures underground. Terrorizing animals and perilous traps lurk inside its shadows, waiting to ambush your courageous dwarfs. The dramatic journey from anonymous miner to celebrated hero unfolds as the effort to free kidnapped miners develops.

With Idle Mine RPG, your tapping may be used as a devastating weapon against foes, a trustworthy resource for mining, and a formidable unlocking mechanism for character enhancements.

Put Your Creative Skills to Use

Take a break from mining and fighting to enjoy the rewarding activity of creating. Craft efficient implements to find valuable resources, refine them into sellable jewels, and fill your coffers with the proceeds. Make powerful weapons and durable armor for your brave miner crew to prepare them for the challenges they will face.

Recruit Additional Small Miners

The necessity for additional dwarf miners will become evident as your mining empire expands. Increasing your workforce can speed up mining, crafting, and battling. Your hardworking miners keep mining and fighting for you, even while you’re not online, resulting in a continual flow of gold coins.

MOD APK version of Idle Mine RPG

MOD feature

  • MENU
  • Unlimited Damage


With the thrill of mining and the challenge of fighting monsters in a colorful pixel art world, Idle Mine RPG provides a wonderful idle role-playing game experience. Experience a plethora of mines to choose from, an abundance of enemies, and a fun gaming mechanic that requires nothing from you yet provides a lot of pleasure.

Download Idle Mine RPG MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Damage) 0.6.26

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