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Idle Army Base MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlimited Stars) 3.2.0

Idle Army Base MOD APK – Build, train, earn cash & gold

App NameIdle Army Base
Publisher Neon Play
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlimited Stars
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About Idle Army Base

The action-packed simulation game Idle Army Base allows players to live the life of a military commander. The military has traditionally had a reputation for being a very disciplined and rule-bound setting. In this game, the player becomes control of the world’s largest military installation, where they may learn about the daily routines of troops and devise innovative plans to improve the facility.

Starting as a Military Mogul

Players will assume the position of an army general in charge of running the camp, tasked with expanding the facility from its humble beginnings in tiny barracks with a handful of troops. The game uses an idle mechanism that lets players manage many processes in the background without actively controlling them.

Preparing a Superior Armed Force

Players must train volunteers via a series of missions to grow their military base. Training can involve anything from working with individuals to improving the cohesiveness of whole squads, platoons, and companies. This all-encompassing encounter not only teaches participants about military activities but also about the military as a whole.

Making Money While Building Magnificent Structures

As the game progresses, players can invest their earnings in more extensive and more impressive structures and exciting new activities to entice more willing workers to their base. The quick expansion of the military installation is made possible by the enormous economic growth and increased revenue brought about by the influx of people.

Taking on Difficult Tasks and Emerging Successful

In Idle Army Base, you’ll face challenging missions and intricate tasks requiring careful planning and execution. They are responsible for expanding each region, training new soldiers, and improving their arsenal as the commander of a big army. Discipline in the military relies on members completing their duties on time. The player’s perseverance and hard work are rewarded with better tasks and loot.

Countless Secret Locations

Idle Army Base has many unlocked regions, each with features and difficulties. Let’s check out some of the most exciting areas:

  1. The Exercise Yard is where you can get in a workout that rivals a multi-millionaire business mogul.
  2. Get the adrenaline rush of being on a SWAT team as you navigate the perils of urban conflict in Urban Warfare.
  3. Jungle Warfare: Embark on an exciting mission into the unknown with the help of a capitalist helicopter.
  4. Learn to be stealthy in the Arctic, and you may take advantage of lucrative business possibilities.
  5. Heavy Machine Gun: Immerse yourself in the rhythmic sounds of heavy machine guns as you unlock this zone and enhance your firepower.
  6. By advancing to this level, your army will have access to heavy artillery, significantly increasing its strength and reputation.
  7. Chemical warfare: be ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure that will have you treading carefully through potentially dangerous situations while donning a gas mask.
  8. Tanks: Harness the seismic force of tank shells to boost your status with every swipe.
  9. Desert Warfare tests your talents as a lazy capitalist as you compete in high-octane races across the harsh desert landscape.
  10. Take to the seas and rule the waves in Naval Warfare, knowing that only a genuine tycoon can afford a fleet of boats, accelerating your rise to the rank of army base millionaire.
  11. Explosive Training is an engaging idle game where you must balance cash and tactics as you explore the universe of explosives.
  12. Experience the culmination of your Training as a cadet parachutist as you free-fall from the sky and land safely in the designated area. Even the most savvy business moguls will find this region difficult.
  13. Go on a wild ride that tests the limits of your idle time with Obstacle Course. Face challenges like a real army base tycoon and overcome them.

A True Military Simulation

Idle Army Base gives players a real taste of life in the military and a chance to learn about army life from the inside out. Every facet of military life is accurately replicated in this game, from training soldiers and improving their abilities to managing resources and upgrading weapons.

Making Money Without Going Online

The game’s ability to make money even when it’s not online is one of its distinguishing traits. Even while not actively playing, players can still earn money and make progress in the game. This feature lets players reap the benefits of being diligent tycoons even when they aren’t actively playing the game.

Making Important Choices

Players will need well-thought-out tactics to achieve success as inactive army tycoons. They may optimize their revenues, cash, gold, and total profit by investing in the most lucrative regions and using their idle troops most effectively. Players must make intelligent business decisions to grow their economy and become a successful tycoons in this game.

A Billionaire’s Upheaval

Idle Army Base is a fascinating account of expanding a humble army base into a global powerhouse. With careful planning, well-placed investments, and well-executed Training, players may turn their home base into a bustling economic center that yields significant cash and gold. To collect great fortune and command respect in the virtual world, the ultimate objective is to become a millionaire or perhaps a billionaire on an army base.

MOD APK version of Idle Army Base

MOD feature

Unlimited Money/Stars


The action of Idle Army Base, a compelling simulation game, occurs within a real military camp. Players may make investments, train soldiers, and conduct wars in this game’s unique idle dynamics without constantly tapping or clicking the screen. Players may become powerful military tycoons via careful management of resources, base expansion, and the successful completion of complex tasks. Prepare to lead your forces on an exciting quest and take over Idle Army Base.

Download Idle Army Base MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlimited Stars) 3.2.0

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