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Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle MOD APK (Menu: God Mode/Speed) 2.0.4

Hunt cool monsters against other people! Become the last survivor!

App NameHunt Royale: Action RPG Battle
Publisher BoomBit Games
MOD InfoMenu: God Mode/Speed
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About this MOD

✶ God Mode

*You must turn on mod before entering the battle

** Mod working only on real devices


About Hunt Royale

The players of Hunt Royale, an exciting mobile internet game, compete against one another in exciting arenas where they combat and hunt fearsome monsters. Players may pick from various unique characters, level them up, get access to new powers, and ultimately become the ultimate victor, thanks to the game’s regularly updated content.

Let Your Inner Hunter Out

The game has over 50 distinct playable characters and various engaging game styles perfect for every gamer. There is a wide variety of gameplay options for players, including close combat, ranged combat, magic, brute force, good, evil, and everything in between. The game caters to many players because it features solo and multiplayer experiences.

Structures and Functions

PvE and PvP gameplay, dungeons filled with challenging adversaries, potent abilities to learn and master, unpredictable special events, and daily challenges are just some of the game types available on Hunt Royale. The game’s humorous voxel-based visuals make for an entertaining experience overall.

The game has a variety of gameplay modes, such as Hunt, Co-op, Bounty Hunter, Duel, and Boss Hunt. The tavern is where players unwind between matches, meet new people, form or manage clans, and have a blast. In addition, those looking for a change of pace may test out the brand-new Dungeons mode, explicitly catered to admirers of large-scale action role-playing video games. Each dungeon has its unique arsenal of weapons and armor and shops stocked with valuable items for the fight ahead.

The game’s Maze mode, which adds roguelike mechanics, may be played for a different take on the game’s core gameplay. Confront the maze’s mighty monster after venturing across procedurally generated layouts and unique areas. With so many options, playing Hunt Royale is always a good time.

Conquer New Terrain and Fight Successfully

Two new game types have been added to this game’s latest edition and are worth checking out. Players who can progress through as many levels as possible are rewarded handsomely for their efforts. Dungeons and Kraken Hunt are the two new game modes.

Dungeons mode is a lot like the main game in terms of gameplay. The main change is that the space level will be much smaller, making avoiding the game’s numerous opponents harder. Large, dragon-like creatures will also have area-of-effect strikes in some stories. Kraken Hunt is an action game in which the player must slay a Kraken with many tentacles after battling several adversaries to reach the boat.

Engage in Thrilling Combat

The Hunt Royale universe features various enemies for players, from monsters to other gamers. Players have abilities allowing them to unleash devastating strikes with different attributes while using the same character. Players take command of their hero from above, like in Archero, allowing them a bird’s-eye view of the action. In addition, one-handed play is possible.

Find Hidden Characters and Increase Their Strength

Over 30 unique playable characters give players plenty of options, which is a strong suit of the game. Players may unlock these characters’ puzzle pieces, and a specific threshold is required for each stage. It will take time for players to learn how to maximize their strength, and each playable character has its distinct power traits.

MOD APK version of Hunt Royale

MOD feature

Menu God Mode/Speed


Hunt Royale is a groundbreaking mobile hunting game that has overtaken the world. Over fifty distinct heroes are available for players to adopt, develop, level up, gain access to, and ultimately dominate the battlefield. There is something for every sort of online gamer at Hunt Royale since the game supports both player versus environment and player vs. player gameplay, as well as exciting and varied game types, including Dungeons and Kraken Hunt.

Download Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle MOD APK (Menu: God Mode/Speed) 2.0.4

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