Hole.io 1.21.0 (MOD Skins Unlocked, Max Size, No Ads)

Updated November 26, 2022 (36 mins ago)
Publisher VOODOO
Require Android4.4 and up
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Voodoo’s New Entertainment Game: Hole.io

As we have noticed in many previous articles, Voodoo’s release fewer games with better quality will get the better attention from the players. And recently, they have brought a very interesting entertainment game with a whole new style which is totally different from the previous products. This game is called Hole.io MOD Apk, which was released on June 8th. As usual, Hole.io will be released on the AppStore first, while the Google Play version for Android devices will be released a few days later. So which is some interesting things about the game and how to download it? Let’s find out through the below article.

New competitive gameplay

Abovementioned, ApkMod has remarked that Hole.io would be a highly addictive entertainment game, but it is refreshingly different from other games previously released by Voodoo. If in the previous game, players just need to play the game to break their own record, Hole.io MOD Apk game will have a very new high competitiveness. For more detail, the player will control a black hole with many other players and drains everything to make the hole bigger. After a certain amount of time, the largest hole owner will be the winner.

The game will bring the player to a modern city with different small houses. The people living here are crowded and the player is a black hole that pulls everything down to destroy the city. . At the beginning of the game, the black holes will be the same size, players will have to control it to attract small or even large objects to increase its size. You can begin with people, trash, trees, … and then sucking up cars, houses, and even tall buildings. Do whatever it takes to increase the size of the pit. After the specified time, if you get the biggest one, you will win. In order to win, you need to move your hole appropriately and quickly eat small to large things to constantly increase the size of the hole.

The game’s control is extremely simple. You just need to touch the hole and swipe it in all directions to eat other items. This can be easily done on the touch-screen of any mobile devices, even a child can play the game as well. You can move the hole through everything without any obstacle. Just eat them all to become the biggest hole!

Eye-catching graphics

Unlike the previous Voodoo games which have only 2.5D graphics, the Hole.io game was paired with high-end 3D graphics to provide the ultimate gaming experience. A large city was opened with everything built like a real-life city from trash cans, trees, traffic lights to the people, the house. They all look realistic. Overall the graphics are also quite an impressive point of this Hole.io MOD Apk game.


It can be seen that Voodoo brings completely new entertainment for players. This Hole.io MOD Apk game has just been released for a few days, but it has been on Top 3 Arcade on the AppStore store, showing that it’s really fun to be popular with so many people. Don’t be hesitate to download Hole.io Mod Apk game from the link below to experience.

Download Hole.io 1.21.0 (MOD Skins Unlocked, Max Size, No Ads)

Download (101M)


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  • Hole.io requires Android 4.4 and up, 101M of free memory.
  • We will not be held liable for any damages as a result of the download.
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