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Highwater: A Story-Driven Adventure Game Exclusively for Netflix Members

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About Highwater

The video game known as Highwater was created solely for subscribers of the streaming service Netflix. The story takes place in an alternate universe where a catastrophic climate change event has caused most of the Earth to be covered by water. The extremely wealthy have a plan to abandon Earth and move to Mars, leaving the rest of humanity to fend for themselves. The players’ mission in this narrative-driven adventure game is to explore a planet that has been drowned, locate islands, and recruit allies to escape in time.

Investigating the Environment Under the Surface of Highwater

The game takes place in a flooded region known as Hightower, which has been turned into a safe zone to serve as a buffer between two dry zones, the War Zone and the fortified metropolis of Alphaville. The players must travel the flooded globe by boat, combat rebels, steal food, and pick up pals. The aim is to make it onboard the rocket in time while determining whether the stories of the ultra-rich heading for Mars are genuine.

Playing the Highwater Game and Its Features

The world of Highwater is exceptionally well constructed and features a convoluted storyline and memorable characters. Combining traditional puzzle solving with a turn-based fighting system is what this game has to offer. Gamers will participate in turn-based combat with puzzle-solving elements, making each encounter fresh and challenging. The game also has an original score, with in-game characters contributing to the composition of part of the music.

The game provides a detailed, story-driven, three-dimensional experience populated with memorable people, including allies and adversaries, as well as monsters. The players will explore stunning metropolitan islands and take part in unfolding new plot developments. The game’s immersive experience is bolstered by a Highwater Pirate Radio soundtrack that is only available through the game and original musical performances by in-game characters.

The Investigation and Obstacles Faced by Highwater

Because of the one-of-a-kind environment of Highwater, players will have the fantastic opportunity to explore a world underwater and learn about the marvels and perils that come with it. The game has challenging objectives and riddles, turning even the most mundane occurrences into an exciting adventures. For players to achieve their goal, they will need to battle the many foes and perils waiting around every corner and prevail over them.

Access to Highwater and Its Availability

For all of your Android devices, you can get Highwater as a free download. The game offers the player an immersive experience by providing stunning visuals, an exciting narrative, and challenging gameplay. For fans of adventure games that enjoy riddles, turn-based combat, and engaging storyline, giving it a go is an absolute need.

MOD APK of Highwater

MOD Info

  • The game no longer requires a paid Netflix subscription.


To summarize, Highwater is a narrative-focused adventure game that is only accessible to paying subscribers of Netflix. This story is set in a world devastated by a catastrophic climatic catastrophe, with most of the Earth buried beneath the water. The game provides a deep, story-driven, three-dimensional experience with exciting characters, challenging puzzles, and turn-based combat. Because Highwater offers players experience unique and engaging experiences, the game is recommended for those who enjoy adventure games.

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