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Hidden City: Hidden Object MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.67.6700

Hidden City: Hidden Object MOD APK – Seek and find hidden objects, play puzzle games and solve a mystery in the city!

App NameHidden City: Hidden Object
Publisher G5 Entertainment
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Hidden City

Hidden City lets players explore a world of hidden object games, brain teasers, and exciting tasks. This piece talks about the immersive gameplay of this mobile game, in which players solve the secrets of a city they don’t know much about, save a friend in danger, and fight the forces of evil. With a mix of magic, witchcraft, and science that works well together, Hidden City offers players a unique and exciting detective journey.

Solving the Riddle: A Strange City Calls

Mirages of an unknown city have confused people worldwide and made them wonder if it exists. As a player, you take on the role of a detective and gather important clues while your friend is pulled into the Phantom City by a spinning tornado of black smoke. To save your friend, you must go into a strange and fantastical world where your mind comes to life; strange animals live, and the lines between reality and fantasy blur.

A Trip Full of Danger and Intrigue

You go on several dangerous quests to save your friend and figure out what’s happening with Hidden City. These tasks require you to pay close attention and think clearly as you explore dungeons, learn about old amulets, and ask for help from reliable friends. As the story gets more complicated, you meet many strange people who each have a piece of the picture. The city is full of objects, secrets, and hidden dangers, and a scary black smoke gives life to this mysterious place.

Finding things and saving the life of a friend

Every part of the city is haunted by ghosts, causing chaos and confusion. As the reader, you become the hero, gathering proof and finding the truth. Your main goal is to save your friends and return them to safety. As you journey, you’ll meet interesting people who will tell you things to help you solve the city’s secrets and fight the growing darkness. Get ready for a thrilling ride through many different stories that all relate to each other.

Problems to solve: Racing against time

You won’t have an easy time trying to save your friend. You will face many tasks that test your creativity and problem-solving ability along the way. The maze-like tunnels of the city are always dangerous, and you have to find your way out before evil forces close in. Your success depends on your ability to act quickly, think creatively, and change. Accept what you don’t know, jump at chances to find the answers you’re looking for, and remember that your friend’s life depends on your creativity and ability to plan.

Solving the Puzzle: Find Artifacts That Are Hidden

Many exciting things are waiting to be found in the scene of Hidden City. Players will come across different tasks, each with clues to figure out. These puzzles need to be in neat order. Instead, they are all over the city’s confusing streets, so you must be observant and use logic to find them. Some problems are easy to solve, while others are more difficult and will test your patience and intelligence. Failure is not the end; it’s a chance to start over and improve next time.

The Battle Against Darkness: Facing Invading Forces

Shadow City’s secrets can’t be solved in one day. You will face dangerous enemies and fierce monsters as you go deeper into the game. But it’s not a choice to give in to fear. Take part in exciting fights, use your physical strength to your advantage, and join strong alliances to defeat the forces trying to take over. Even though your enemies are fighting in a dangerous city on the edge of chaos, they won’t be able to stay alive because of your courage and drive.

MOD APK version of Hidden City

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Hidden City has exciting and intense mobile games that are fun to play. It has a story that keeps you interested, puzzles that make you think, and a world full of details. It takes players on a mystery, adventure, and exciting journey. As players learn more about the mysterious city, they will be drawn in by its unique mix of magic, science, and witches. Are you ready to go undercover and go on an exciting police journey in Hidden City? Find out what will happen to your friend and the city’s secrets.

Download Hidden City: Hidden Object MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.67.6700

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