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Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK (Coins/ Diamonds) 1.36.2

App NameGrow Empire: Rome
Publisher Games Station Studio
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoCoins/ Diamonds
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Grow Empire – Rome puts you on a mission to defend the kingdom of Rome against the onslaught of its dangerous neighbors. Build ramparts, manage armies and conquer all enemies to expand your empire!

Introducing Grow Empire – Rome

It goes without saying that the more realistic the game is, the more interesting and intriguing it will be. Of course, a game that involves sci-fi weapons, gadgets, themes, should takes place in the future, not ancient Egypt, if you know what we meant. Similarly, a war between Barbarians would fit best in the past, just like the game Grow Empire: Rome from developer Games Station Studio. Upon joining, players will have a chance to revisit Ancient Europe, where the fierce battles between countries blew up to claim their territory. The game quickly reached a merely 5-star rating and over 10 million downloads not long after its publication. What are the reasons that lead to those amazing numbers? Find out more with us in the article below.

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Unique gameplay

Grow Empire: Rome has tried to bring together the best elements of various types of video games to create a completely unique and enjoyable playing experience. Its gameplay is a perfect combination of RPG, Tower Defense, and Strategy elements. Your mission is to build your base to resist enemy attacks.

Basically, the core battle in Grow Empire: Rome is like traditional Tower Defense games. The player controls a faction to fight the opposing faction. The two sides deploy their armies and construct structures for the sole purpose of breaking down the enemy’s gates. The confrontation ended when one side was pushed back. What makes combat more interesting and challenging are the resources and units that you need to manage and develop properly. Units are the core element in this battle. Each unit plays a different role, including infantry, archers, artillery, engineers… Based on specific situations you have to summon the appropriate units.

While the battle is going on, you can collect resources and currency to upgrade your buildings and evolve your army. The more defense and attack stats you increase, the more chances you have to win.

Lead an army of your own

Behind every great game are some thoroughly written backstory, and it is exactly what happens in Grow Empire – Rome.

In the game, you will take on the role of Caesar, the great commander of the Roman republic, with the objective of defeating other civilizations in ancient Europe with an army of Roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes, and ferocious mercenaries. Prepare yourself and sharpen your mind for some of the most intense battles ever.

Transform a tiny republic in the middle of the Italian Peninsula into the world’s greatest civilization. Bring the feeble farmers into the midst of combat to transform them into invincible warriors! Upgrade your fortress to repel the most ferocious barbarian tribes and armies from Italy, Gallia, Carthage, and the Iberian Peninsula. Conquer them in order to extend your territories and see your country’s wealth rise.

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Brace yourself for the battles

Enough with the details, so, what exactly do you have to do in each game?

Grow Empire – Rome is made with a defender concept, which means you have to protect your base from intruders. The attack will be divided into hundred of waves, but you can decide when to start the next one. Basically, your base is located to the left of the screen, and the enemies will come from the right side. There are some archers standing at the top to help you with the defense. However, the main source to keep your wall safe is troops that are sent by you to the arena.

You will see the remaining HP of your wall at the top left of the device’s screen, pay attention to this as the battle takes place. Next to it is the round and progression, which indicates when the round will come to an end. The available troops to summon are shown at the bottom of your screen, where you can tap, and it will join the battlefield right away. However, each troop has its own cool down before you can call them out again, so remember to calculate thoroughly.

How the tables have turned

Tired of being the one who is invaded from time to time? You can be the one who invades others too! Open up the colony map and choose one random colony to invade. After that, they will turn into your ally and help you to fight back against rebels! The ally colonies will form a legion with you and share troops, which will greatly increase your chances of winning in rounds.

These colonies have even more advantages than you thought! They can even act as a passive income source that will give you gold at regular intervals, which is so important in the latter stages of the game. Moreover, you will quickly recognize that in some way, your wall’s strength is kind of based on your number of colonies and its level, so, remember to keep an eye on them frequently!

Choose the right war master to lead

Every army needs someone to give them orders and lead their way to the brightest victory, and the same happens here in Grow Empire! Your troops are led by one general, who will have a certain buff that affects the army. There are many generals to choose from, you should make a decision based on the waves of the enemy and your fighting style to achieve the best outcome.

Generals can be received as a reward after you have reached a set number of waves or can be purchased directly from the shop with crystals. However, note that doing it this way, it will cost you a lot more than expected so only recruit them if you desperately need their assistance to win the game.

Get richer in every way possible

Your army will get stronger and stronger, of course. But you can definitely speed up this process by using gold! Gold can be collected after each wave as you defeat the enemies, which means that even if you failed, you would still get some. Colonies are also a great source of passive income, where you can earn this currency without having to stay online. Gold can be used to level up troops, colonies, power-ups, etc., and will help you a lot in the evolution path of your army.

A more prestigious currency is crystals. It can only be received through level up or defeat rebels in some special waves. Crystals can be used to enhance the strength of generals, recruit new ones to lead your army, or temporarily increase troops’ space. This type of currency is, without doubt, quite rare, so, be mindful as you use them!

Simple graphics

The image of Grow Empire – Rome is not as splendid as its gameplay. In my opinion, it is quite simple. But in return, the colors are vibrant. The design of the characters and the structure of the buildings in each area are also done quite meticulously. Overall, nothing too special, but it doesn’t disappoint either.

MOD APK of Grow Empire – Rome

In-game currency

Grow Empire – Rome uses two main currencies, including coins and diamonds. In it, the coin is the basic currency that you can earn quite easily by winning battles, daily quest rewards… Coins are used to upgrade troops, unlock buildings, and more.

Diamonds are the premium currency and are harder to earn. You can only get diamonds by unlocking achievements, completing important quests, or opening lucky chests. They are used to upgrade buildings and buy special items.

In general, you will need a lot of coins and diamonds if you want to reach the maximum level of troops and buildings. Therefore, if you do not want to spend a lot of time to farm in-game money, using the mod version of the game is a wise choice.

Mod info

Unlimited coins and diamonds: You can use the unlimited in-game currency. Use them for free to upgrade everything.

Note: Coins increases when spent!

Our thoughts?

Grow Empire – Rome has every aspect that a defender game needs, and also contains a lot more exciting and unique sides that are waiting for you to explore! What are you waiting for? Head up, brace yourself, and be ready to Grow your Empire right away!

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