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Geeky Tools: AntiHack Security MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 1.0.7

Anti Hacker | Privacy protection from spyware, tapjacking, and trojans hackers.

App NameGeeky Tools: AntiHack Security
Publisher HiddenEye Apps
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About Geeky Tools

Our mobile devices have become an essential component of our life due to the increased connectivity brought about by technological advancements. On the other hand, the proliferation of mobile devices increases the likelihood of encountering online dangers such as hackers and trackers. You need a genuinely world-class mobile anti-hack security tool like Geeky Tools to protect your privacy and the activities you engage in privately from potential risks like these.

Why Should You Go with This App?

Geeky Tools is a hack-checking app that is considered to be the best in the world. It features a spyware scanner and allows you to confirm the safety of your smartphone with only one tap. In addition, it has anti-tracking tools that can identify trackers and halt any covert data collecting that may be taking place. In addition, it comes with several cyber security measures, such as an anti-detector that may protect users from sophisticated scams, hackers, and other online dangers. You can also improve your phone’s performance and troubleshoot difficulties with Geeky Tools, which allows you to repair the operating system and solve Android-related issues.

Protection against hacking and safety measures for computer nerds

The anti-hacking security program developed by Geeky Tools is intended to safeguard your phone from digital dangers, including tap jacking, viruses, trojan horses, hackers, ransomware, and adware. It provides multiple diagnostic tools and utilities, all of which can identify different forms of spyware and malware. Using the bug detector scanner, you can uncover hidden apps, conduct privacy audits, and locate harmful applications. This anti-hack spyware scanner also functions as a system adviser, which stops third-party trackers and hackers. Additionally, it terminates any applications operating in the background, protecting the user from potentially hazardous applications.

The Absolute Best in Mobile Safety and Protection

The app provides various capabilities that, when combined, give the best possible defense for your mobile device. These characteristics are as follows:

  • Anti-Hack Protection: This leading security tool and utility can assist in identifying fraudulent activity, preventing hacking, and safeguarding your data. It offers stalker ware identification and an anti-surveillance app to protect against spy hacker software, and it can protect your website from hackers that access it through the internet.
  • Wifi Security Protection: This function offers robust protection and anti-detect to safeguard your wifi network and internet connection. You can monitor the users on your wifi network and protect it from malicious users.
  • Spyware Detector & Remover: This scanner and anti-detector of spyware, hackers, and stalker ware can detect and remove hidden spyware and harmful programs. It also protects against these threats.
  • Hidden Apps Detector: This feature detects hidden, malicious apps with or without an icon in the installed app list.
  • Tracker Protection: This anti-tracking program allows you to discover who is following you and preserve your privacy.
  • Malware Removal: This anti-malware tool will assist you in finding the finest security against malware and malicious apps for all your devices.
  • Repair Android System Software: This function acts as an intelligent doctor for your phone, assisting you in diagnosing and resolving any Android-related issues that may arise.
  • Popup Ad Detector: This feature detects and eliminates ads outside the app. It is not a pop-up ads blocker.
  • Permission Manager: This feature helps manage and monitor privacy permissions, providing a complete solution for device security and privacy tracker.
  • Dangerous Apps Detector: This feature detects risky apps to avoid hazardous apps.
  • Ping Test Tool: This network scanner provides the fundamentals for testing and diagnosing problems with a network by using the ping command.
  • Mobile Diagnostics Hardware Test: This feature tests device hardware and provides complete information.

The Geeky Tools app is a fully functional anti-hacking protection and security tool program that also functions as a spyware detector and remover, wifi protector, ping tools, and repair system for Android devices.

Scan and search for spyware

When you use Geeky Tools, the software on your device will perform a comprehensive search for any programs that monitor or steal information. This capability inspects all programs, including those belonging to third parties and the operating system currently installed on the device. In addition to that, it gives you information regarding programs that are not authentic or reputable. This application investigates privacy concerns and guides the operating system to thwart hacker attacks and locate spyware.

Provides optimal network and wifi scanner

This app offers the most advanced network and wifi scanning functions, ensuring the highest possible level of safety. Users can discover who else is connected to their wifi network, which helps them better secure it. Additionally, the application provides wifi signal meters, routers’ administration settings, and network protection. Using a network scanner, users can detect all network scanning tool devices reliably and speedily. Additionally, the app gives information about a website and its owner using a service called Whois. This information enables users to know and comprehend a more significant amount of data.

Check the whole system for errors and correct them

Users that make use of Geeky Tools are allowed to check the entirety of the system, locate flaws, and make corrections in a quick and hassle-free manner. Because of this function, the system is more reliable. The error-fixing component of the application also helps boost RAM, clear garbage, optimize the device’s battery life, and fix faults.

Provides specific settings for your device

The app offers several configurations you may use for your smartphone, such as a mobile diagnostic hardware test that determines whether or not your phone is operating correctly. Additionally, the program assists you in analyzing other applications, provides information regarding privacy, safeguards against spam, and identifies and prevents bogus websites and applications.

Key features

Geeky Tools provides its customers with a wide variety of features, which ranks it among the best options for mobile anti-hack security. These characteristics are as follows:

  • It scans all programs and gives information and security against hacking and warnings against real and untrusted applications. This helps prevent hacker fraud.
  • Establish the router’s administration, supply information regarding the network’s protection, measure the wifi’s signal strength, and determine who is using the wifi.
  • Rapid and dependable detection of all network scanning engine devices, which, when combined, efficiently provides pertinent information about a website and the owner of that website.
  • To get your device to open apps more smoothly, you need to examine its complete system, look for and correct any problems it finds, increase its RAM, and clear out any clutter it may contain.
  • Examine the specifics of the application, start the mobile device’s hardware, and unlock any secret codes or capabilities that may be concealed within specific apps.


Geeky Tools uses the Device Administrator’s permission, but it does not modify the system without first obtaining the user’s consent and the device administrator’s approval.


Geeky Tools is a mobile anti-hack security program that protects the highest caliber of your mobile device. It features a comprehensive suite of security features. You can ensure that your smartphone is protected against online threats like never before with its extensive feature set, which includes anti-hack protection, wifi security protection, spyware detection and removal, hidden app detection, tracker protection, malware removal, and more. In addition, it provides diagnostic tools, and it can rapidly rectify faults, making it an essential app for anybody who wants to safeguard the privacy and security of their mobile device.

Download Geeky Tools: AntiHack Security MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 1.0.7

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