FX Player – AI Video Player
FX Player – AI Video Player

FX Player - AI Video Player MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.7.4

Play the video only. Leave the rest to the AI of the FX player.

App NameFX Player - AI Video Player
Publisher FIPE Labs
Require8.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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When would you consider downloading an HD movie app for your mobile device?

Watching movies in high definition is a big part of why smartphones have become the go-to source for entertainment. Films may be streamed through various internet services, but they can also be downloaded to watch later or stored in the cloud. But you can only do it with a movie program that is flexible enough to handle many file types.

A dedicated HD movie app is ideal if you regularly wish to watch movies without an internet connection on your mobile device, view videos saved on your NAS, PC, or cloud storage, or enjoy HD videos on larger displays like smart TVs and Chromecast. It gives you complete command over all playback functions and lets you tweak the interface’s look to your liking.

You should check out FX Player, an excellent video player program. Read on to learn more about this movie software’s beautiful capabilities.

About FX Player

FX Player is a cutting-edge video player offering consumers a unique multimedia experience. Users may enjoy their favorite videos with the maximum clarity and resolution, whether saved in their memory or online, thanks to built-in capabilities that assure the finest quality playing. The application supports most video and audio file types, so users will not experience any quality loss.

All-in-one video player

FX Player has various features that make it easy for users to play media files. These characteristics consist of the following:

  • HD Video: the following the following the following Supports many high-definition formats, such as HD(720p), FHD(1080p), 4K UHD(2160p), and 8K UHD (4320p)
  • Any Media Format: Supports video, audio, and subtitles, allowing users to enjoy their media files without restrictions.
  • All Media Codec: Supports video and audio codecs for a seamless consumer media experience.
  • Multi-core decoding: Supports automatic(FX), hardware(HW), and software(SW) decoding, guaranteeing that customers may play their media files seamlessly regardless of the characteristics of their device.
  • Offers audio and subtitles in many languages, adapting to the diverse demands of users.
  • Subtitle Settings: This enables users to customize the placement, color, size, and other parameters of subtitles for a more personalized viewing experience.

Background Playback Option

The background playback capability of FX Player is one of its most essential features. Users may effortlessly move between programs while still watching the audio from the video. Furthermore, the playback function enables very easy and intelligent replay, with each long or short loop repeated back until the user instructs it to stop.

Automatic Video and File Folder Organization

FX Player isn’t only a fun and flexible way to view movies on your mobile device; it’s also a valuable tool for organizing and playing back the videos you’ve downloaded. You may create custom folders within the app to save your videos, making it easy to find what you’re looking for when needed.

In the future, when you search for a video in FX Player, you can find it across any available sources, including your mobile phone and external SD cards. The program allows you to look for films based on various parameters, such as a specific name, keyword, time range, actor, or director.

Pop-up Window Allows for Effortless Multitasking

With FX Player’s Layer pop-up function, you can watch a movie while doing other things on your computer simultaneously. Using this feature, the film will play in a small, floating window that may be resized and moved out of the way to monitor other programs. Even though it’s a little pop-up window, it still has editable buttons and easily readable captions. This is an excellent option for when you want to watch your movie but keep it from distracting you from other things you need to do.

Assure flawless video quality.

FX Player acts as an intermediate program, assisting users in overcoming network transmission issues and ensuring that videos stream smoothly and without pauses. This function offers consumers more enjoyable video experiences than ever and streams videos in real time with no restrictions.

Several video sources are supported.

FX Player allows users to access videos stored on their phones and stream web videos. Users are not restricted to the video content they like to examine, and the program allows instant access to a complete universe of movies and music.

Intelligent Trending Video Suggestions

To recommend to users, the program refreshes the most popular videos with the most viewers globally. This function is handy for people too busy to keep up with today’s most popular music videos. Users may access this function more easily because FX Player does not require registering.

MP3 Conversion with Flexibility

Users may extract MP3 from video files with a single click, separating audio from film and creating bright audio tracks. This function allows users to listen to music even when another program is displayed on the screen, giving a very convenient multimedia experience.

Video Sneak Peek

Users may also preview the significant scenes of the complete video before clicking directly on it in FX Player. This function saves consumers time and provides a more efficient multimedia experience. Furthermore, the software allows users to broadcast the film they are watching on their TV so that everyone can watch it simultaneously.

MOD APK of FX Player

MOD Info

  • Premium Unlocked


FX Player is the ultimate multimedia video player with one-of-a-kind capabilities to meet all your multimedia demands. This program delivers a fluid, high-quality multimedia experience that distinguishes it from other video players, whether you are streaming online or playing videos from your memory.

Download FX Player - AI Video Player MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.7.4

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