Frozen City
Frozen City

Frozen City MOD APK (No ads) 1.9.10

A city-building simulation game in the apocalypse of ice and snow

App NameFrozen City
Publisher Century Games Pte. Ltd.
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Frozen City is a city-building simulation game set in a snow apocalypse. You will be the head of the last town on Earth, you must gather resources and rebuild society. In particular, the player must gather resources, give jobs to workers, explore the wilderness, overcome obstacles, and use a variety of strategies to stay alive. In this article, we bring you the MOD APK file of this game with a premium feature: No ads.

The storyline and the gameplay

Survivors are the most fundamental type of character in the game. They are an essential part of the labor force that keeps the urban area working normally. You are the operator, who gives orders to the survivors, telling them where to collect resources and labor in various facilities. In addition, players are obligated to take care of the physical and mental health of survivors. It is possible for survivors to become ill if there is a lack of food rations or if the temperature drops beyond freezing. Survivors may also complain about the labor schedule or the bad living conditions.

The settlement that serves as this game’s location is found in the middle of a vast, frozen wilderness. As the number of survival teams increases, more expedition teams will be formed. In this game, your goal will be to send expedition teams on exciting journeys and give them extra things that will help them along the way. From that point forward, you will gradually understand the story that lies behind this ice and snow catastrophe.

Key features

  • Building the town: gathering resources, exploring nature, tending to fundamental human needs, and striking a balance between supply and output are the cornerstones.
  • Production chain: Once you have the raw materials, you need to turn them into household items, set up a good production rate, and make the town run better. When they get there, the citizens will have additional alternatives for surviving, which will help your city become more powerful.
  • Labor allocation is a very significant activity in this game that must be completed. The players’ job is to put the survivors in different roles, such as workers, hunters, cooks, and so on. As a result of this, you are obligated to monitor the health and well-being values of the survivor. Get as much information as you can on the goings-on in the town. An experience of gaming that is difficult and tense.
  • Expand the town: Build up your group of surviving individuals, then establish more settlements in order to draw in even more individuals.
  • Gathering Heroes: Whether they are an army or a gang, it is not important where they stand or who they are; what matters is whom they follow. You should find a way to get them involved in the expansion of the town.


Frozen City is a prime example of how people try to survive in a disaster. You will be the leader of the last survivors on Earth. Although the gameplay is not new, it has never stopped being hot. Also, the game has a beautiful and well-optimized graphics platform, which makes the game more interesting.

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