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App NameFishing Clash
Publisher Ten Square Games
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoBig Combo
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Fish Clash – Sports simulation game is one of the top favorite names today and has quickly become a favorite choice on Google Play. Upon a closer look, we realized that it’s not just its perfect development, but the great experiences that this game offers, especially with its multiplayer competition to help it gain the love of gamers. This game is suitable for those passionate about fishing and who want to conquer the ocean with their fishing rod. Take a close look at our Fish Clash review below to get more exciting information about this game!

About Fishing Clash- The best Android Fishing game

Fishing Clash was released in October 2017 by Ten Square Games. If you know this publisher, you’ve probably played through their popular titles like Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Game and Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Game, both for fishing enthusiasts. On Google Play, Fishing Clash has a pretty impressive score, 4.6-star score, and brings in more than 1 million votes and over 10 million installs. These are remarkable numbers that demonstrate the attraction of this simulation game.

The game brings beautiful scenery with clear water, and with your fishing rod, you can enjoy the pleasure of chasing your prey for hours. If you don’t want to sit on the beach fishing, why not try to get on board and enjoy? Choose the fishing spot that makes you feel most satisfied to start your hunting trip. Fishing Clash will create conditions for you to satisfy your desire to conquer many fish species and make friends with many excellent anglers worldwide. And especially, don’t miss the events and PVP tournaments to become the best!

Let’s take a closer look at each aspect of this exciting simulation game!

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Key features of Fishing Clash

And now! Let’s embark on a journey around the world to hunt the most exotic and unique fishes. Enjoy the most realistic fishing experience with simple gameplay and the fantastic animation in this title from Ten Square Games. Fishing Clash comes with many great features, especially for players who prefer the smartphone experience. You can explore all the fantastic features such as traveling to many exciting locations, using the optimal equipment to fishing or encountering all the most majestic fishes on the planet.


Fishing Clash is a sports simulation game so everything will be as you would expect – fishing trips to famous locations around the world. Basically, everything is similar to what you do on a real-life fishing trip including preparing the rod, bait, and tools, then moving to the fishing location and catching the fish. The only difference is that you will do these things on your smartphone.

The developer has optimized the control mechanism in Fishing Clash so that it fits perfectly on touch screens. When a fish bites the hook, all you need to do is hold and rotate the Strike button to catch it. Each fish has a specific amount of HP. When its HP bar reaches 0, you catch it. There is a bar showing the tension of the fishing line. If you let it get full, the line will break. As you rotate the Strike, the value of this bar will continuously change. You need to keep it in the middle of the bar to create combos. The longer you hold the position, the more combos you can create.

There are many different fishing locations for you to explore and hundreds of types of fish for you to catch in Fishing Clash. Besides, there are many other interesting activities.

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The Most Professional Fishing Tools

As a professional angler, you probably know how vital fishing gear is. In Fishing Clash, you have entirely the opportunity to experience the most professional and outstanding fishing equipment. They are instrumental in hunting your rare fish.

If you know how to use the right equipment for certain fishing activities, you will undoubtedly gain an advantage over other players. This is especially useful in tournaments; having the best equipment for you will determine the victory or loss of your match.

During the gameplay of Fishing Clash, you can also upgrade your equipment to make them work more efficiently by collecting upgradeable items and waiting until you have enough coins. With better fishing gear in hand, you’ll always be confident that you can catch more epic fish. Therefore, if you want to conquer the tough fish in the ocean, don’t forget to equip yourself with the best fishing gear!

Upgrade your Skills

When you need to improve or level up a skill, you must first practice a lot. The same goes for fishing skills in Fishing Clash. Players can upgrade their fishing skills by going fishing regularly to get experience points. Thence, you can boost your abilities and levels. This can help you hunt better fish if you don’t have enough money to upgrade equipment or buy good items. Also, if you want to make a quick breakout, head over to the game’s store and buy buffs. They will give you temporarily valuable abilities!

Join Interesting Events

If you want to feel more competitive, do not miss the exciting events the publisher introduces. These are the opportunities to help you receive valuable gifts that cannot be bought with money. These events will be rolled out weekly for interested players. In addition, players will also be competing with other players in fishing tournaments held to find the best angler. Are you confident enough to be the best angler? Then, join to try it out!

Explore Different Fishing Locations

Fishing in beautiful locations is also a way for you to relax, right? Coming to the game Fishing Clash, you will discover famous tourist destinations such as Alabama – Lake Guntersville, the snowy sea in Alaska, etc. Fishing in these locations will bring great feelings to players. 

In particular, each specific area will take place in exciting fishing tournaments. Come and compete with players from all over the world and show off your mastery skills!

Fishing Whenever You Want

This is an online fishing simulation game that allows you to do your favorite activities. Fishing Clash attracts players with its deep gameplay, various amazing fishing locations, professional equipment and accessories, incredibly realistic 3D animations, and intuitive controls. These points of the game help players to satisfy their fishing passion on any device. Just download and perform simple installation operations, and you can enjoy fishing at any time.

Fishing Clash features

Conquer many Rare Fish Species

In addition to being able to explore beautiful fishing locations, players will be able to conquer exotic and rare fish species only in a certain area. The game has many very special fish species, including barracuda, sunfish, sharks, and even whales. Equip yourself with the most advanced equipment and skills to be ready to face these creatures!

Take Part in Various Fishing Activities

Fishing Clash is a game for fishing enthusiasts that allows you to participate in all the most popular fishing activities available such as seasonal outdoor fishing, competitions, and tournaments to try and compete with other players or simply relax in beautiful places.

Two exciting game modes

Fishing Clash has two main game modes: single-player and multi-player. In single-player mode, you play according to the story with many different challenges. As you complete objectives at a location, you can unlock new fishing areas with new types of fish.

Meanwhile PvP mode for those who are looking to challenge other players around the world. Here you can join an online fishing community with more than 5 million members. You can compete with other members in the most intense PvP battles. Beat your opponents to win valuable prizes. In particular, you can also confront players who are at the top of the leaderboard. Defeat them to show off your skills!

PVP matches can be 1vs1 or 1vs8. If you enter a Duels match, you will be competing against another random player. The rule is simple: In the specific time, whoever catches more fish will win. Meanwhile, in 1vs8 matches, it is more attractive when many players compete on a map to find the player who can catch the biggest fish.

Advanced Graphics and Sound

Fishing Clash is a very graphically advanced simulation game. Appreciated by the graphics, rendering, and textures, the game seems to shine, especially with the locations, landscapes, and environments you choose. The scene becomes more realistic than ever, and the fish models are also quite complex and beautiful and bring a sense of success to the player.

At the same time, the sound effects integrated with the game also help all fishing activities become much more vivid. For example, you can feel the sound of waves, splashes of water, or the struggle of prey. All of these have resulted in an excellent experience for all players.

MOD APK of Fishing Clash

Mod info

Big Combo: When you find it too challenging to conquer rare fishes in the original version of the game, then Fishing Clash Mod Apk is a perfect choice for you. With the Simple Fishing feature, nothing can stop you from satisfying your fishing passion.

How to install

  1. Download APK
  2. Open it, then press Install.
  3. All done. Now you can open the game and enjoy it.

Are the unlimited coins and pearl mod feature available?

Fishing Clash requires an internet connection to play. Therefore mod features to change the number of coins and pearls in the game are not available. You will also be banned by the publisher if you do that.


Fishing Clash uses the best gameplay mechanics compatible with any mobile device and has good visual delivery and competitive PvP gameplay. This game gives players endless experiences with a competitive spirit and an excellent shifting atmosphere. This is the highlight that makes it attract a massive number of players. Admittedly, there are not many fishing mobile games that can do such great things as this game. 

Download Fishing Clash MOD APK (Big Combo) 1.0.279

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