Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser
Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser

Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser MOD APK (Optimized, No ADS) 111.1.0

Effortless, companion browser for your super quick, private searches.

App NameFirefox Focus: No Fuss Browser
Publisher Mozilla
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoOptimized, No ADS
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About Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused web browser developed for those who wish to surf quickly and efficiently while leaving no trace of their online behavior. This is the way to go if you need to find something fast and put it out of your mind.

Using Firefox Focus, you may browse without leaving any history or cookies behind. It automatically disables web trackers, ensuring your online behavior is not tracked. Furthermore, the browser is meant to be simple and user-friendly, with no tabs or clutter to distract you.

After you’re through surfing, just hit the wipe button to clear your browsing history. This is especially beneficial if you use a public computer or another person’s device and don’t want your browser history preserved.

No ads

The absence of adverts in the program is a crucial aspect that many users enjoy. Users may enjoy a seamless and continuous surfing experience without adverts interrupting their search. This is especially useful for users who rely on the app for business or productivity.

Advertisements might not only be unpleasant but can also slow down the surfing experience and use bandwidth. With no adverts to load, the program may load faster, and users can save data, resulting in a smoother and more efficient search session.

In addition to the absence of advertisements, the application’s basic and user-friendly design helps to create a more pleasant and productive search experience. Users may swiftly and efficiently discover what they need without distractions or clutter on the screen.

Incognito Browser

Firefox Focus conceals the user’s identity when they are online. This implies that the identity or personal information of the user is not disclosed during a search.

In addition, Firefox Focus is meant to permanently preserve the user’s privacy by removing their search history. This assures that no one, even the user, can see their search history. This function benefits users who wish to conceal their search history or use a public or shared device.

Using Firefox Focus, users may ensure their search activity is private and safe from prying eyes. Those worried about their internet security and wish to secure their personal information may find this helpful.

Elegant and easy-to-use interface

One distinctive feature distinguishing Firefox Focus from other web browsers is its brand-new, distraction-free interface. Users are provided with a simple, clean layout when they first use the browser, with a fantastic bar and keyboard for quick searches. Users can easily concentrate on their search and browsing because this design removes any clutter or distractions frequently present in other browsers.

Furthermore, Firefox Focus makes it exceedingly simple to remove cookies, passwords, and browser history with a single press of the trash icon. By enabling this feature, you may quickly and easily protect your privacy and security while using the browser.

Making shortcuts on the home screen is another important feature that enables users to quickly and without typing reach their favorite websites. Up to four shortcuts can be pinned by users, making it even more straightforward to access frequently visited websites.

MOD APK of Firefox Focus

MOD info

  • Removed ads,
  • Unnecessary languages ​​other than Russian, English, and Ukrainian,
  • Removed dependence on Google services,
  • Squeezed graphics


Focus is a stripped-down version of the popular Firefox browser that prioritizes user privacy. Its primary functions include protecting users from being followed online, maintaining anonymity, and erasing their browser history with one tap.

You can trust that your search will go uninterrupted thanks to the browser’s simple appearance, which consists of a fantastic bar and a keyboard for speedy input. The option to create shortcuts on the home screen is a great feature that improves the user’s overall surfing experience. If you care about privacy and efficiency while you browse, Firefox Focus is the best option.

Download Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser MOD APK (Optimized, No ADS) 111.1.0

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