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EnhanceFox - AI Photo Enhancer MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 5.7.1

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In this day and age, AI is evolving more and more. They are capable of performing all activities that meet human needs. And today, I will introduce you to an advanced AI photo editing app. It will help you get good photos without spending too much effort. That App is EnhanceFox.

About EnhanceFox – AI Photo Enhancer

EnhanceFox is a handy and powerful photo editing app on smartphones. The strength of this app is that it is integrated with intelligent AI with impressive image processing capabilities. One of the most outstanding features of EnhanceFox is its ability to improve image quality. Whether landscape or portrait photos are handled neatly by the app, let’s discover the great features of EnhanceFox PRO with APKmazon in the article below.

EnhanceFox mod features

Enhance Photo

Do you want your photos to be vibrant and sharp? – Let EnhanceFox help you do this. The app can increase the pixel rate of your photos. As a result, details will become sharper. EnhanceFox will give you the feeling that a professional photographer took your photos with a modern camera. In addition, the app’s AI can automatically fine-tune the photo’s color. You can easily notice that the depth of color is greatly improved after using the effect of EnhanceFox. Thanks to that, the image will become much more eye-catching.

This feature will work best with portrait photos, and it helps Enhance Photo easily identify the subject of the photo. If your image is severely damaged or is too blurred, consider using other features like Restore Photo or Dehaze Photo.

Enhance Videos

Besides enhancing the quality of pictures, EnhanceFox can also improve the quality of videos. With this feature, EnhanceFox will help you restore detail and increase the video’s pixel level and refresh rate.

The operations to improve video quality are similar to those on photos. However, EnhanceFox will need more time to process them. This can be explained because videos often have more details and frames than images. But believe me, the result will surely satisfy you.

Colorize B&W Photo

What about black and white photos? – Not only helps increase the sharpness of photos with black and white photos, but EnhanceFox can also colorize them.

The reproduction of colors on photos is probably not new to many people; APKmazon once talked about the Remini app with a similar feature on our website. But with EnhanceFox, besides colorizing photos, you can also sharpen them at the same time. EnhanceFox’s AI owns strong and intelligent algorithms. Due to that, it helps you to reproduce the color patches of the details in the image accurately. You probably won’t even realize that the reconstructed photo was once a monochrome image.

Dehaze Photo

Dehaze Photo is a feature that will assist you in removing the blurred points of the photo. This is a feature that those who love landscape photography will love. Dehaze Feature will help you to reduce noise significantly. In addition, with overexposed details, EnhanceFox can also help you balance the light effectively. To use the Dehaze Photo feature, you can easily access it from the app’s main page.

Restore Old Photo

Photos are always a great way to preserve memories. None of us want those memories to fade. Our old photos may be blurred or blurred due to poor maintenance, or it may simply be because the cameras at that time were not as modern as they are now. But don’t worry, EnhanceFox can help you restore and enhance these old photos.

EnhanceFox is integrated with an intelligent and advanced AI system. It helps EnhanceFox to identify each subject and detail in the photo. After a few minutes of scanning, the app will automatically sharpen the details in the image.

Scan Photo

Scan Photo is a feature that allows you to identify physical images through the smartphone camera quickly. You can try using this feature with a photo hanging on the wall; EnhanceFox will quickly identify the content inside. This will help you to upload and repair old photos with one click. Scan Photo will save you a lot of time with its convenience.

Custom Presets

Not only possessing features to enhance photo quality with intelligent AI, but EnhanceFox also provides users with a set of professional photo editing tools. Specifically, the app will provide you with cropping, image color correction, filters, shadows, etc. EnhanceFox is not inferior to any professional editing app on smartphones.

Enhance Anime Photos

If you are a lover of anime photos or cartoon-style pictures, EnhanceFox will help you take beautiful photos. Not only can it recognize human subjects in images, but the app can also recognize characters or subjects drawn or rendered.

Blurred Background

If you want to highlight the subjects in your photo, use the Blurred Background feature. With this feature, EnhaceFox will automatically recognize the subject and blur the background behind it. This is a feature that will be very useful in portrait photos.

Animate Face Feature

Do you want to make your photos more interesting? – If yes, try to experience the “Animate Face” feature of EnhanceFox. With this feature, you can make your portraits move. The mechanism of operation of EnhanceFox when you use “Animate Face” is that the app will automatically recognize the face in the photo. Then, the facial movements will be simulated by AI as you like. Imagine being able to make the Mona Lisa sing funny songs.

MOD APK of EnhanceFox

EnhanceFox is a versatile and powerful photo editing app on smartphones. With this app, you can unleash your creativity to make beautiful photos. Editing is also super easy as the app’s AI will help you with almost anything. However, with the regular EnhanceFox version, you only have three free edits per day. You can also earn more modifications by watching ads, but it will be time-consuming. So why don’t you use EnhanceFox MOD APK PRO Unlock completely free at APKmazon?

MOD Info:

  • Enhance photos with supermodel
  • Unlock all tools and filters
  • Enjoy EnhanceFox without any Ads
  • Unlimited use of all photo editing


You don’t have to be a professional editor to edit your photos. EnhanceFox’s goal is to be quick and easy. Intelligent AI will fully support all your wishes for a beautiful picture. Besides improving image quality, EnhanceFox also helps you restore and correct the color of the image. What’s more, the app can work with many different subjects and content formats. Please download EnhanceFox MOD APK Pro Unlocked by following the link below.

Download EnhanceFox - AI Photo Enhancer MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 5.7.1

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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