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Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.58

App NameDragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle
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Require6.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle

Participant in Dragon Ball Z video games? Stop looking! Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle is here to provide DRAGON BALL fans with one of the most enjoyable mobile gaming experiences. This game, downloaded from the Play Store, has high-quality 2D animation and visuals, easy controls, and a focus on calling abilities to attack.

Watch Magnificent Anime Fights

The massive fights and addicting gameplay of “Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle” will surely win over anime action genre lovers searching for something new. Battle foes from the Z, Kai, and GT series as the LEGENDARY SAIYAN, Kakarot, or other Z fighters. Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Green, Rose, and Golden Form await you as you immerse yourself in the DRAGON BALL WORLD.

Create the Best Possible Team

In this game, you get to field a squad of your choice consisting of the best players in the world. Use the training mode to hone your DB characters’ skills and discover their latent potential. Use each character’s unique abilities, including ki blast throwing, healing, and power-ups. Collect your goodies as you complete levels.

Step inside the Martial Arts Arena

Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle is on par with games like Tournament of Power and Universe Survival regarding combat intensity. In the game’s narrative mode, you’ll play as the hero and fight against new and returning foes. Get ready to be engrossed in the finest examples of side-scrolling fighting action in anime on your portable device.

Unlock Dynamic Changes and Abilities

Gather money as you play to purchase new, more powerful abilities. Skills like Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack, Super Ki Blast, Monkey King Recall, and Super Kamehameha may significantly improve your fighting prowess. Super Saiyan forms are available, including Limit Breaker, Golden Cell, Golden Frieza, and Goku Black’s Rose Form.

Characteristics That Really Matter

  • Super Saiyan transformations in action are a sight to see.
  • You can pick from a large pool of superheroes.
  • Browse the game store for a wide variety of unlockable abilities.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous 2D visuals explicitly created for Dragon Ball Z fans.
  • Take pleasure in the effortlessness of the controls and motion.
  • Take in some striking vintage imagery
  • Super-transform your way to victory in the DBZ universe!

In context: Honor Dragon Ball’s Rich History

The mythology of the seven Dragon Balls, Dragon Ball, is well-known to practically everyone. This manga by Toriyama Akira has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless adaptations across media. The traditional fights between good and evil are re-created in Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle’s innovative combat system, which draws inspiration from the literature above.

Prepare for the Ultimate War

Get started on an exciting journey immediately. When you tune in to the game, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a struggle between Earth warriors and a horde of bad guys for a set of legendary dragon balls. The most deadly foes are drawn to the quest for the seven Dragon Balls because whoever gathers them will get a wish from the dragon god. You aim to eliminate the threats, safeguard the dragon balls, and maintain global tranquility.

Put Your Favorite Characters to Work for You

You may check in with old friends like Son Goku, Prince Vegeta, Gohan, and Goten with Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle. The game’s richness and excitement come from the characters’ varying attributes and playstyles.

Feel real growth in your personality

The game’s extensive character improvement system matches the manga source material. With each victory, you’ll be able to give Songoku and the other heroes of the Dragon Ball world a boost in strength. Prepare to battle powerful foes and see your heroes improve with each fight.

Fight it out head-to-head

The exciting one-on-one battles are the game’s main draw. Fight a series of actions in a row, where stronger ones swiftly replace your vanquished foes. The difficulty of your enemies will increase as your characters level up, keeping the stakes high and the action fresh throughout the game.

Acquire Specialized Know-How

Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle highlights various expertise viewers will recognize. The Big Bang Attack, Super Ki Blast, Monkey King Recall, Dragon Recall, and Super Kamehameha are just a few of the legendary moves at your disposal. But to get your hands on and use these potent abilities, you’ll need to complete various tasks and use the money you win in the fight to buy them from the game’s in-game store.

Take in the Breathtaking Images

Although it’s only 2D, the fight scenes in this game are impressive. Each individual, outfit, weapon, and ability has been carefully crafted. The extraordinary maneuvers will blow your mind, exploding on your phone’s screen.

MOD APK version of Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle is the best option if you enjoy the stunning action scenes in Dragon Ball. The game’s primary focus is on combat, and it only goes so far into the story, but it’s a great chance to see how your favorite characters develop. Take advantage of the fun of this thrilling game!

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