DNS Changer & Net Speed Test
DNS Changer & Net Speed Test

DNS Changer & Net Speed Test MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 1322-1r

Connect to DNS on both Mobile Data Network and WiFi: Speed Test, IPv4, IPv6

App NameDNS Changer & Net Speed Test
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About DNS Changer

It’s possible that your device’s DNS settings are to blame for your slow Internet, sluggish online gaming, or inability to access specific websites. Updating your DNS is a quick and easy option if you want a better surfing experience and easier access to the material you desire. With the help of the DNS Changer Android app, you can quickly and easily switch your DNS server to the quickest available option.

What’s the Point of Swapping Nameservers?

In several ways, altering your DNS might improve your time spent online. It gives you the freedom to access your preferred websites and apps, the anonymity of a private connection, and the security of public Wi-Fi. You should adjust your DNS settings if you want your data packets to transit the Internet quickly. It may not increase your download or upload speeds, but it can make online browsing significantly faster.

Changing your DNS using DNS Changer is simple and will not slow down your connection. Connecting to the quickest DNS server for your location and network is as simple as tapping a button.

What advantages does DNS provide to your online experience?

Your connection speed to a website is closely related to your device’s default DNS server. If you want less latency and quicker reaction times while surfing or playing games online, selecting the fastest server for your area is a great place to start.

Google’s DNS servers have been demonstrated to boost performance by an average of 132.1 percent compared to standard DNS providers. Changing your DNS settings can have a substantial effect, while the actual speed increase may be less dramatic in practice.

DNS Changer’s DNS Speed Test function makes it simple to identify and join your network’s most efficient DNS server. This can enhance your online gaming experience by improving connection speed, decreasing latency, and fixing lag.

Characteristics That Define DNS Changer

DNS Changer is a simple app that doesn’t need any special permissions to run. It works with Wi-Fi and cellular data connections and uses no memory, processing power, or power from the device itself. You can use any IPv4 or IPv6 DNS server or select one from the predefined lists. The software was developed with compatibility between mobile devices in mind.

Mandatory Disclosure and Consent Information

DNS Changer utilizes the VPNService base class to set up DNS connections, which hides your IP address and lets you access the Internet from a private network. DNS Changer uses domain name system (DNS) servers to convert these encrypted numbers into website addresses, so you may visit any website you choose without giving up any personal information.

Using DNS Changer is simple and does not require specialized training or understanding. After you understand why changing your DNS is beneficial, the program will handle everything else. The connecting procedure is simple and painless, and no credentials are required.


DNS Changer is an easy way to speed up your connection and enhance your online experience. With a single swipe, you may switch your DNS address to the quickest server available, resulting in faster response times and less latency. DNS Changer can help you get the most out of your time online, whether you’re a gamer or just a casual browser.

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