Disney+ MOD APK (Plus Unlocked) 2.26.4-rc2

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Enjoy blockbuster movies in high quality on your phone, tablet and TV with Disney Plus, the popular video streaming service from The Walt Disney Company. Download the latest Disney Plus mod at our blog for an unlimited viewing experience on this app!


Since the explosion of smart devices, games, and streaming services have gradually moved to these platforms as the inevitable change. Disney Plus is one of the typical names for this trend. Disney started as an animation producer with a variety of other content to release on traditional TV services, it now provides online video streaming services for digital platforms such as Web, Smartphones, Tablets, and SmartTV. With a network connection, it allows you to stream your favorite movies and shows easily on your smart device anywhere and anytime. The content on Disney Plus is really quality but it’s geared towards a smaller market.

While streaming services are doing everything to expand the content on their platforms, Disney Plus is focused on traditional content for children. We can watch all superhero movies, fairy tales, and cartoons on this platform. Did you know that Disney owns the oldest animation studio in the world? Thousands of animated movies have been released by them and now you have the opportunity to watch them all on Disney Plus. Not only that, Disney Plus constantly updates the past and present series of the world’s most famous film studios, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, National Graphic, and Starwars. It’s not a huge collection but many people are willing to die to have it.

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About Disney Plus

Are you ready to relive your childhood with classic cartoons like The Lion King or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? It’s time to relive those fond memories with the video streaming service that Disney Plus offers.

Disney Plus is an online video streaming platform released by the Walt Disney Company. This service is available on many popular platforms including Web, Android, iOS, and SmartTV. Compared to Netflix, Disney+ is just a kid when it was only launched at the end of 2019. However, the service quickly won the hearts of many people. To date, Disney+ has more than 100 million users worldwide. It is the world’s 3rd most popular video streaming service after Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Disney Plus offers all movies and series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and many other popular TV channels. While many other service providers want to rapidly expand their coverage by updating new content on every topic, Disney Plus does not do so. It focuses on updating blockbusters and older content with a primary audience of children. It can be said that Disney Plus operates in a much narrower sector of the film industry, but it wins the hearts of users with its quality and friendly content.

Key features of Disney Plus

There are many reasons for Disney Plus to become one of the three most popular video streaming platforms in the world today. Let’s explore the great features it has to offer.

Exclusive movies and TV shows

Disney Plus offers exclusive content on its platform. This service allows you to stream blockbusters and classic movies from the world’s most famous movie studios. Currently, it has 5 major parts including Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars, and National Geographic. In addition to the current content, Disney Plus is continuing to expand its service by updating original and exclusive content on its platform.

On these five main channels, you can watch a variety of movies and TV shows. The first and most prominent is Disney, the channel for those who love classic cartoons like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Meanwhile, Marvel has become a symbol of superhero movies for more than a decade with iconic characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America. Besides, Star Wars is probably the most successful epic space fantasy series of all time. If you’ve ever heard of a studio with Oscar-winning animated films, it’s definitely Pixar! Finally, National Graphic, the world’s most popular TV channel about nature and science.

Are these exclusive content still not satisfying you? Don’t worry because Disney Plus continues to update new content every day! Besides, it allows you to pay to unlock other exclusive channels. Although born much later than other famous streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, Disney Plus has quickly asserted its service quality thanks to its huge content collection.


Watch with friends

GroupWatch is a new feature coming to Disney Plus in late 2020. The outbreak of the Covide pandemic has made it impossible for people to go out and meet relatives, friends, and partners. We have to stay at home and often glue the screen to the TV to watch our favorite movies. However, instead of having to watch them alone, you can watch them with friends or a random person thanks to Disney Plus’s GroupWatch feature.

This feature allows you and your friends to watch movies on the same stream. You can then chat with your friends about what’s happening on the screen. Obviously, it’s a much more enjoyable movie-watching experience. It is similar to the shared viewing feature on Facebook and Zoom.

GroupWatch now allows up to 7 people to share the screen to watch videos together. This feature currently only works in the US. Supported devices include TV, smartphones, and Web platform.

Support 4 devices playing at a time

Disney Plus allows users on one account to stream at the same time on 4 different devices. All devices that have the app installed and Disney Plus account signed in are supported. It means you can log in on multiple devices and stream 4 streams at the same time without any difficulty. This option is similar to Netflix Premium.

It is a way to save your money if you are using the Disney Plus service. The great policy of this provider allows you to use the service seamlessly on multiple devices and stream 4 independent streams at the same time. It means you can create up to 4 profiles on one account then share them with friends or family members. All profiles in an account receive the full benefits of Plus membership.

No Ads

It is a perk on paid video streaming services that you always get when you become a member. You have a completely clean and comfortable viewing experience as there are no ads appearing on this platform. You can start tapping into the huge library in Disney without any disturbance. The user experience can be said to be perfect.

Offline watch

Like many other streaming services, Disney Plus lets you download movies then watch them offline. This option is only available on the Android and iOS versions. You can download titles using a Wifi or Cellular connection.

Downloaded files are stored in your device’s memory. Disney Plus does not limit the number of titles you can store, as long as your device has enough memory space. One more caveat that you should keep in mind is that although Disney Plus offers unlimited storage of titles, you need to log in to your account at least every 30 days to ensure that your downloads don’t expire.

Disney Plus downloader allows you to download multiple files at the same time while ensuring optimal download speed. It automatically splits a file into several pieces and then merges them when finished. This ensures that the downloaded files are never corrupted. You can also stop the download at any point and then start again from that point without starting the whole process over.

User-friendly interface

Một tin tốt là giao diện của phiên bản di động của Disney Plus không có nhiều sự khác biệt so với phiên bản Web. Nếu như Netflix

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MOD APK of Disney Plus

About the Plus package

Similar to most other video streaming services, Disney Plus is not free. If you want to enjoy the services on this platform, you need to join the membership. There are standard subscription options that cost $8 monthly and $80 annually. Compared to competing streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max, Disney Plus is cheaper. Reasonable prices and a high-quality content library are the reasons that it quickly reached over 100 million users worldwide. With a Plus account, you get all of the following benefits:

  • Create up to 7 profiles per account.
  • Stream on 4 devices at the same time.
  • Groupwatch to watch movies with friends and family
  • Unlimited movie downloads
  • Stream all Disney Plus movies and TV shows for free in high quality. Supports the best quality up to 4K and HDR.

If you are a US user, you have the opportunity to purchase a Plus plan with Hulu for $14 per month. This service is only provided by some telecommunications carriers in the United States.

In addition, Disney offers a special option for those who want to see exclusive content on the platform early. It’s called Disney Plus Premier. This isn’t a membership subscription and it’s currently $30. Of course, you need to be a Plus member to be able to use this option.

Disney Plus Premier allows you to access and watch exclusive movies from Walt Disney Studios. It means you’ll stream movies on Disney Plus at the same time that the filmmaker releases them in theaters. Overall, $30 per movie is a bit high so you should consider this option or go to theaters for the best experience.

MOD info?

Unfortunately, the mod version for Disney Plus is not available at the moment. We will update it as soon as it is available.


For those who are fans of superhero movies and classic animated movies from Disney or Pixar, Disney Plus is definitely a great choice. Besides the huge content library, Disney Plus impresses with its high-quality streaming quality up to 4K and is always stable. Download Disney Plus MOD APK via the link below!

Download Disney+ MOD APK (Plus Unlocked) 2.26.4-rc2

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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