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Devil Survivor MOD APK (Mega Menu) 1.0.22

Devil Survivor MOD APK – An exciting rogue-like game that lets you dominate the map with just one hand!

App NameDevil Survivor
Publisher YU-one Game
MOD InfoMega Menu
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About Devil Survivor

Devil Survivor is an exciting roguelike that plops players into a fantastical world entire with danger and payback. To revenge your father’s death as the lone heir to the throne of the Devil, you will have to overcome challenging obstacles and fight off powerful foes. Devil Survivor’s compelling plot and fun gameplay will make you return for more.

Let Your Fury Loosen: Your Trip Has Just Begun

You used to live in a calm castle, but that all changed when a group of greedy adventurers stormed it, killed the venerable Devil King, and turned the place into a chaotic wasteland. Your sorrow and rage have driven you to vow revenge for your father’s tragic death, sending you on a dangerous trip full of surprises and threats. The road ahead is filled with insurmountable problems and impediments.

Defeat the Enemy Anytime, Anywhere, with Masterful Controls

The Devil Survivor controls are easy to use and accessible because they only require one hand. Swiping the screen lets you easily control your character’s movement and fight. Fast-paced bouts may be started and ended at your whim, making them perfect for breaks at work or subway rides home. You may lose yourself in the game’s engaging mechanics anyplace you choose.

Expertly Tailoring via Melding Methods

With access to over a hundred abilities, Devil Survivor lets you tailor your playstyle to any situation. Use strategic planning to unleash deadly combos and attacks. Be bold and try new strategies once you find the best way to wipe out your enemies. The game’s flexibility lets you adjust your approach to fit your tastes.

Use Your Inner Strength to Your Advantage and Strengthen Your Demonic Lineage

As your journey for revenge unfolds, use the loot of your fallen foes to strengthen your demonic ancestry. Increase your health and attack power while gaining access to special perks. Prepare your mind and body for the fights ahead, and reinforce your claim as the Devil King’s heir apparent.

Arm Yourself: Victory Is Within Your Reach

A wide variety of powerful weapons can be found in Devil Survivor, such as diamond claws, dark dragon bone cannons, and king’s swords. Each piece of equipment is one of a kind, thanks to the game’s extensive randomization options. Quickly arm yourself with the best weapons, then experience the thrill of fighting swarms of foes while using them.

Fascinating High Points: Global Problems

The realm of this game is filled with thousands of terrifying creatures. They’re coming in hordes and might easily overwhelm you if you need to prepare. Can you win over everyone? Players of varying skill levels can choose from various difficulty settings, including the notoriously brutal Hell mode. Have you had what it takes to take on the most demanding tests?

Different Terrains, Same Goal: Success

Travel through woodlands ideal for covert operations, mountains crowned with impregnable walls, deserts rich with strategic options, and hazardous bogs where even a second’s carelessness might spell disaster. Devil Survivor gives you access to various maps to test your adaptation and maximize your efforts. Use the features of the different landscapes to your advantage to win more frequently.

How to Thrive in Difficult Circumstances as a Newbie

Don’t worry about losing precious diamonds or other goods while waiting for them.
Two or three primary offensive skills should be your first focus, and each should be upgraded separately.
Remember that attack power and health are vital qualities; prioritize these stats.

Strong Plot and Fascinating Characters

The complicated plot of Devil Survivor keeps players interested from beginning to end. Talk to NPCs to learn more about the mysterious circumstances of your father’s death and advance the game’s complex narrative. Experience your character’s growth from an angry prince to a powerful monarch as you forge alliances and triumph over obstacles.

Let Your Inner Competitor Out: PvP

Exciting PvP encounters that test your abilities and strategy are available in the game. Fight to the death against other players worldwide and rise to the top of the rankings to claim your rightful place as ruler of the demon realm. Achieve success and establish your domination in the high-stakes arena by showcasing your unique skill combinations, brilliant equipment load-outs, and individualized battle strategies.

Regular Updates and an Active User Base

The Devil Survivor team is still committed to delivering a compelling and innovative product. The game will always be fun since it is constantly updated with fresh content, including maps, adversaries, and weapons. The game community’s friendly and competitive atmosphere results from the openness with which players can exchange tips, tricks, and strategies. Join this active group and start your journey with other like-minded adventurers worldwide.

MOD APK version of Devil Survivor

MOD feature

1. Menu
2. Damage Multiplier
3. Exp Multiplier
4. God Mode
5. Magnet Mode
6. Faster Move Speed
7. Gold Multiplier (works partially)
8. Battle Speed Multiplier
9. Get Rewarded Ads Instantly


Devil Survivor encourages players to set out on a heroic quest for revenge. You are the lone heir to the throne and must find your way through a hazardous environment full of merciless foes while constantly improving your skills and gear. With its captivating plot, engaging gameplay, and active community, Devil Survivor ensures its users will never forget their time with the game. In this exciting roguelike experience, you’ll get to unleash your anger, crush your enemies, and rise to the position of the demon king.

Download Devil Survivor MOD APK (Mega Menu) 1.0.22

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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