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DevCheck Device & System Info MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 5.05

Testing, tools and complete information about your hardware and operating system

App NameDevCheck Device & System Info
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About DevCheck Device & System Info

DevCheck Device & System Info is a robust program that tracks and reports on various system and device metrics in real-time. This program provides a comprehensive and accurate overview of your system’s hardware and software thanks to its in-depth analysis and well-structured display.

Getting into the Control Panel

Users may get a bird’s-eye view of necessary hardware and device data by logging onto the dashboard. This entails constantly tracking CPU speed, RAM use, battery life, hibernation level, and availability. The dashboard also provides handy summaries and links to system settings, allowing easy access to critical features.

Integrity Testing of the System

DevCheck Device & System Info provides more than just the basics, giving consumers a thorough education in the setup and use of their gadgets. Users may learn about their device’s root, busy box, and KNOX components through in-depth system information inquiries. This detailed system overview guarantees the user knows exactly how their gadget is always doing.

Continual Battery Status Reporting

Battery life is essential for every electronic gadget. The battery’s current temperature, level, technology, health, voltage, current, power, and capacity can all be viewed in real-time thanks to DevCheck. Users may efficiently improve battery life and performance by carefully monitoring these indicators to determine whether apps or processes are hogging too much juice.

Specs on Your Internet Connection

The Network tab provides a variety of data on wireless and cellular networks. Users can access a wealth of information, including IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, connection data, operator, phone and network type, public IP, and more. This data allows Users to test their connection speeds, find nearby Wi-Fi networks and hotspots, and increase their connectivity options. The interface’s clean design improves communication and navigation.

Controlled Application Releases

DevCheck Device & System Info provides diagnostic tools and helps customers organize their app collection. The Running Apps section lists every program and service presently using memory on the device. The rooted smartphones running Android Nougat or later provide information about memory consumption, letting users efficiently minimize their memory usage.

Monitoring and Control of Sensors

This software goes above and above by giving customers comprehensive data on all of the sensors their smartphone is equipped with. Detailed sensor information, such as types, manufacturers, and capabilities, is readily available. Real-time graphical data from many sensors (accelerometer, step detector, gyroscope, proximity, light, and more) is also available to users. This function lets the user keep their device’s sensors in good working order.

Modifiable and Educational Floating Displays

Free-moving screens are a notable aspect of DevCheck Device & System Info. These resizable, translucent windows sit atop other programs, allowing users to track vital statistics in real-time. Users can keep tabs on the CPU and GPU clock rates, temperature, battery life, network traffic, signal strength, memory consumption, and system load without interrupting their current tasks. The floating windows’ size, opacity, and placement may be modified to suit the user’s needs. The floating displays may be docked to the status bar for a more streamlined experience on Android 5.0 and later.

Pro Version Allows You to Swap Themes and Color Schemes Easily

Additional features and personalization choices are available in the DevCheck Device & System Info Pro Version, which may be purchased within the app. Light and dark themes are available for users to toggle between for the best visual comfort. In addition, users may customize the app’s look by selecting from several different color palettes.

Confidentiality and No Intrusive Ads

The app does not collect or disclose personally identifiable user information. The absence of advertisements in the app makes for an uninterrupted experience.

MOD APK version of DevCheck Device & System Info

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked


DevCheck Device & System Info is an all-inclusive monitoring program that controls all aspects of a user’s device and system. With features including real-time monitoring, in-depth hardware and system data, battery status analysis, network information, app administration, and sensor integrity management, this software goes above and beyond to provide a superior experience. Floating displays are a bonus, allowing users to watch critical information and switch between programs. Whether you’re a smartphone engineer or a tech-savvy consumer, DevCheck Device & System Info has the resources to keep your system and device safe and running smoothly.

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