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About Dev Tools

Dev Tools is a vital tool in the world of Android development. This excellent tool aids developers in increasing output by standardizing processes and decreasing the time needed to create new features. Dev Tools’ extensive tools make it easier to decompile apps, examine app layouts, extract colors from the screen, investigate open-source projects, view activity logs, analyze app manifests, manage apps, extract APK files, debug apps, and retrieve hardware and software details.

An Easy Way to Decompile

The app allows users to decompile programs written by others easily. Java files, resources, and other app-related files may all be seen quickly for development purposes. The technology facilitates easy file sharing, improving programmers’ communication and cooperation.

Inspector for Mobile App Designs

Dev Tools’ App Layout Inspector Tool is a fantastic resource for programmers. This function allows programmers to examine or export the structure of other programs easily. This thoroughly comprehends the app’s layout structure, including essential elements like view IDs, dimensions, parent-child connections, and coordinates.

Sampling Color and Coordinating Designs

The program provides a highly effective color sampler/eyedropper tool in the form of the screen color feature. Colors and their hexadecimal coordinates may be seen and copied with ease by developers. The agency provides versatility and precision in color sampling by supporting many color formats, such as ARGB and CMYK.

Keep Up with the Latest Open Source Developments

Dev Tools highlights the best new Android open-source projects every day. The tool promotes development and creativity among developers by providing them with regular exposure to carefully picked projects that allow for exploration and knowledge sharing.

Viewing Past Actions with Minimal Effort

The app’s Activity History function lets programmers monitor and examine previously accessed activities. The developer may see the activity’s start time, as well as its title, icon, and package name. The functionality also includes a handy tiny window mode for juggling many windows simultaneously, giving you insight into the current and top activities.

Verifying Application Manifests

Dev Tools makes it simple for programmers to investigate the depths of app manifests. App manifests may be viewed without hassle, and the tool even lets you search for specific terms. Developers can store manifests to the SD card in text or HTML to further facilitate offline access and analysis.

Managing Applications Efficiently

Dev Tools streamlines app administration by giving a grid-based overview of all currently installed, recently used, and newly installed applications. The app’s package name, version, UID, APK directory, SO directory, data directory, and installation/upgrade timestamps are all available to developers. In addition, data on the app’s components and other pertinent information is simple to access, allowing for streamlined app maintenance.

Extraction of APK Files, Simplified

The app provides a valuable service in retrieving an application’s original APK or SO file. Because of this feature, developers have more control over the development process and can more easily analyze, modify, and redistribute critical files.

Easy Access to Programming Settings

Dev Tools streamlines the formerly laborious process of accessing several developer settings down to a single click. Quick access to settings like display layout, GPU debugging, layout updates, forced GPU rendering, GPU view updates, GPU rendering, display of the pointer location, strict mode, activity preservation, remaining awake, and running services makes life easier for developers. With this method, developers may avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual processes within the settings menu.

Quickly Extracting System Data

With this app, getting hold of relevant system data is a breeze. Information such as system version, hardware characteristics, screen, CPU, virtual machine, network, and Device ID is readily available to developers. With this all-encompassing perspective, developers may learn more about the system’s foundation and make better use-of-resources decisions.

Easy Access to the Most Used Functions

In addition to development-specific capabilities, Dev Tools makes it easy to access widely-used ones quickly. Settings, the System UI Tuner, other languages, development tools, and user programs are all readily accessible. This powerful program is like having all your device’s configuration options in one central location.

Convenient Shortcuts for Greater Productivity

This program provides several helpful keyboard shortcuts to improve the platform’s usability further. Simply by long-pressing the tool icon, users may add shortcuts to their home screen. In addition, widgets that provide access to various tools can be put on the main screen. Users of Android 7.1 may create a shortcut to the tool’s launcher by long-pressing the app’s icon in the drawer. If you’re using Android 7.0, add the device to the Quick Settings Tile in the notification shade for speedy access.

Improved Automation with AccessibilityService

Dev Tools uses AccessibilityService to expedite processes and automate several developer choices. In the paid version, you can have some developer settings toggled on or off automatically, and you can also have access to additional data like the class name of the current activity and page metadata. Note that access to this service is restricted, permissions must be granted before it can be used, and the tool protects the confidentiality of user data.

Interoperability Between Android Releases

They are supporting versions of Android as recent as 12, 11, Q, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop MR1, Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean MR2, Jelly Bean, and Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, Ice Cream Sandwich; the app is built to appeal to a wide range of Android users. This wide range of compatibility guarantees that developers may take advantage of the tool’s features on any device running any version of the operating system.

MOD APK version of Dev Tools

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Dev Tools is indispensable for Android developers because of its extensive features and functions that improve productivity and reduce frustration. The app has shown to be an essential tool for Android developers with its capacity to decompile apps, examine layouts, extract colors, investigate open-source projects, manage apps, debug, and collect hardware and software details. This tool allows developers to work more efficiently and effectively by giving them easy access to various controls and shortcuts. Whether you’re an experienced coder or just getting started with Android programming, Dev Tools is indispensable.

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