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Delivery From the Pain: Survive MOD APK (Latest) 1.0.9963

Delivery From the Pain: Survive MOD APK – Last Day: Fight for Survival

App NameDelivery From the Pain: Survive
Publisher HuaYi Game Studio
MOD InfoLatest
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About Delivery From the Pain

Survival against all chances in a post-apocalyptic setting is one of the most exciting things you can do in a video game. Delivery From the Pain is a great survival strategy game that puts players in a dystopian world of zombies and tasks that will test their skills and strength. The game has a great RPG plot and can be played for over 30 hours. It takes players on a discovery trip and has more than one ending.

Puzzles and a unique take on the End of the World

Step into an almost destroyed world; your survival relies on how well you can solve complicated tasks, figure out clues, and find secret game features. Delivery From the Pain gives players a unique end-of-the-world experience by putting them in a gripping story full of secrets and surprises at every turn. As you play, you’ll start to wonder which ending is the real one. This adds another layer of mystery and tension to the game.

Urban 3D environments that are big and dangerous

Prepare to move around a vast map of dangerous but interesting 3D city buildings. The attention to detail in the game’s settings is impressive, making the post-apocalyptic world feel more natural and drawing players deeper into it. Each place has challenges and chances, making travel exciting and necessary for life.

NPCs that feel real and dialogue that makes you think

Delivery From the Pain has non-player characters (NPCs) that feel real and have unique personalities, schedules, and storylines. There are many exciting things to talk about with these NPCs that can change how the game goes. Every choice you make has an effect, which makes every situation a critical moment that could decide your future.

Different ways to fight and plan

Players have a wide range of tools they can use to fight off the hordes of zombies. The unique sneak system adds a strategic and experimental element to battle, making it fun to play for hours. The game also has a plan for studying and running a workshop, which gives players many options for making their home as safe as possible. Depending on how you manage your resources and improve your defenses, your choices could mean the difference between life and death.

Exciting fights with zombies and the ultimate boss monsters

Delivery From the Pain has a lot of different kinds of zombies, each with its skills and problems. The game ensures that every battle is exciting and full of tension, whether you’re fighting the quick and relentless infected or the ultimate boss monsters. Prepare to put your skills and smarts to the test as you fight to stay alive against powerful enemies.

Support for Google Drive Sync and Metal Rendering

With the ability to sync with Google Drive, you can be sure that your work in this game will always be saved. Your journey through the post-apocalyptic world will continue without a hitch, even if you switch devices or take a break. Also, the game uses Metal rendering, which boosts its speed and makes the experience faster and more realistic.

Challenge Mode: Endurance Test

Delivery From the Pain has added an exciting task Mode for those who want an even more enormous task. In this mode, the game’s primary goal is to stay alive as long as possible. As the end goal, endurance becomes the most important thing. If you don’t make it to the end on the Professional level, the saving file is deleted, and the task starts over right away. The game’s regular mode rules say you can save at an average level.

New DLC: The Adventure Gets Bigger

The game is already a lot of fun, but the new DLC from Delivery From the Pain adds a lot of new and exciting things to it:

  1. New Story: Dive deeper into the story with a flashback story that looks at the bond between Big Brother and Moira and shows how they met and what happened before the main game.
  2. New Pet: Meet “Hamburger,” your new pet. He is a brave and loyal dog who will help you fight zombies that eat people. Hamburger is even more active in toxic places, which can help you on your journey to stay alive.
  3. New Game Systems: With the new food system, training system, and cooking system, you can go on a whole new adventure in the zombie world. These systems give your survival experience more meaning and force you to make intelligent decisions to get through the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world.
  4. New Map: Explore the new Lumberyard map, which has essential supplies for the success of your base. In this harsh climate, you must hunt animals, gather things like potatoes, medicinal herbs, and wheat, and ensure a steady food supply.
  5. New Character: In the new DLC, you’ll meet a member of Big Brother’s criminal gang who works underground. Find out about his past and trade with him to get tools you couldn’t get anywhere else that can help you stay alive.
  6. New Modes: In help mode, players can now enjoy an infinite survival pack, which makes it easier to understand the new story. Survival mode is challenging and will test your skills to the limit if you are an experienced survival game player looking for a challenge.
  7. New Cooking System: Learn all about the cooking system, where you can send gifts to Moira and get fun treats back from her. In the middle of the zombie apocalypse, you can get closer to Moira and try new cooking methods.

The Captivating Tale of the Game

The game occurs in 201x and is about a cancer study center that finds the key to living forever. The Faith Energy Company then comes up with the “Human X Plan,” which leads to a disaster on a world scale. People who get the vaccine, which was supposed to give them eternal life, become hungry zombies. This terrible thing has destroyed your home city, and your only goal is to stay alive. As you move around the empty town, you discover that the Human X Plan is based on a deep-seated plot. The records, newspapers, books, and files people have left behind along your path may hold secrets that will let you start a new life.

A labor of love and service to the community

The game results from the hard work of a group of independent game creators. Since its development started in 2015, the team has put all its love and energy into making a great game. The team has grown from five to seven people working on the game, and their dedication to making Delivery From the Pain a great game shows in every part of the game.

The people who make games care about what the player group thinks, says, and suggests. They try to give their fans a good game experience that helps them feel close to them. Every idea and criticism is taken into account, making sure that this game keeps changing and getting better to meet the needs of its loyal player base.

A Scary Survival Horror Thrill Ride

In this barren world of this game, staying alive is an ongoing fight that requires careful time management, intelligent decisions, and resourcefulness. The zombie-infested towns in the game set the scene for a gripping plot with many attractive neighborhoods and places to explore. As you move through the game, you must balance your actions, keep track of your supplies, and stay one step ahead of the risks around every corner.

Immerse yourself in beautiful high-definition graphics

Delivery From the Pain uses a lifelike 3D graphics system to make a world that is beautiful to look at. The surroundings, zombies, and player interactions are all done with a high level of reality, making the post-apocalyptic setting feel more natural. The game’s attention to detail and visual and audio effects increase the sense of dread and urgency, keeping players on the edge of their seats as they move through the frighteningly beautiful settings.

In-Depth Expansion and Growth of the World

As you get better at Delivery From the Pain, your world changes and reacts to how you play. The large map has an endless number of different places, scenes, and animals. But as time goes on, there are fewer supplies and more zombies, which brings new tasks that test your survival skills to the limit. It would be best to deal with important things like being tired, worried, hungry, and thirsty to do well in this challenging setting. Finding a good mix between exploring and managing your resources to stay alive would be best.

Conversations that go both ways can make a story more interesting

You’ll meet other people while you’re looking for goods, and you’ll be able to talk to them. There are chances to trade, share information, and form partnerships that no one expected. The people you meet have more depth and complexity because you can talk to them in many ways. How these talks go depends on your choices and skills so that you can have a unique and engaging story-telling experience. Engage with the game’s characters, make friends, and learn how to get around this complicated post-apocalyptic world.

MOD APK version of Delivery From the Pain

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Delivery From the Pain is an awesome survival-strategy game that makes you feel like you’re in the game and keeps you interested. With its unique doomsday setting, exciting plot, and thought-provoking conversation choices, the game keeps players interested in their fight for life. The game’s large urban settings, different fighting methods, and strategy choices make it fun to play for hours. With its beautiful high-definition graphics, profound world growth, and challenging challenge mode, Delivery From the Pain is a rich and satisfying experience for players seeking an immersive survival horror journey. So, get ready for the fight of your life and find out the truth about the Human X Plan in this fantastic game.

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