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Are you looking for an app that can record your activities and emotions throughout the day? Let Daylio assists you with that with the effective emotional note and measurement tools.

About Daylio

Daylio is a free personal journaling app that lets you record all your daily activities and emotions. This is not a typical diary app, but its biggest purpose is to track the user’s mood every day (happy, sad, angry, stressed, tired) and rated on a 5-point scale. Be able to evaluate your overall for the day, your main activities, and take quick notes about what happened during the day. This way, you can track your emotions and have activities to balance your emotions properly. It is also very helpful in managing and monitoring the mental health of depressed patients.

Track and manage your emotions

Daylio will collect your moods and activities, recount and pair them with the calendar as a monthly mood graph, average daily mood, mood count, etc to help you keep track. Things you might need to change, help you better understand yourself and see what triggers both positive and negative emotions. You just need to go to the main screen, and answer the question: “How are you today?” and choose the right icon to match your feelings.

There are five emojis including happy, sad, angry, annoyed, and bad. With each emoji, the app allows you to choose activity tags related to your today’s feelings. You can also add important notes to your day or simply jot down stories you have gone through. If the activity you do is not available in its library, a user can create a new activity by selecting matching beautiful icons, then entering the activity name.

Daylio features

Emotional and activity statistics on the calendar

This “cool diary” collects your moods and activities, statistics them, and pairs them with the calendar. As a result, users can better understand their own habits, track activities, and plan to live more scientifically and bring better results. You can also view all items in the statistics on a chart or calendar. After each statistic, you will see a noticeable improvement in managing your emotions.

In this way, it promotes positive thinking, motivating you to maintain good emotional and health habits by taking notes. Also, if you want to see fluctuations in your emotions, you need to go to Stats to see charts. These charts are shown month on month with color lines according to your mood. There will not be any difficulty in observing mood fluctuations from day to month and month to month.

Set reminders and leaderboards

You can set goals and messages every day for you to follow. Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly goals to motivate yourself. In this way, it promotes positive thinking, motivating you to maintain good emotional and healthy habits. Not only at reminding you to record your emotions and daily activities, but Daylio also has a record of honoring when taking notes or completing goals. Therefore, you will be able to see more progress in managing your emotions.

Turn on the log lock with a PIN and keep entries safe

Every activity is confidential and sharing all of your private feelings is confidential. It allows you to set a lock code with a PIN to secure your data. A 4-digit PIN password will make you feel secure. All your data will be stored locally on your phone. Besides, you are completely free to schedule the backup to the cloud storage and store your data. If you want to create backups, your request will be transmitted to Google Drive via secure channels.

Customize the name and color of each mood

Mood icons are special and it doesn’t just reside the 5 icons. You can try to use a large number of beautiful icons for your activities. Although there are only five moods available, it’s no difficult to change their name. Furthermore, if you don’t see an activity you need in the list, you can even choose an icon and add it yourself. Finally, to make your icons stand out, you can completely customize the color theme to suit you. If you don’t like a bright background, let enjoy the night with a dark mode.

About Daylio Premium

Besides the free features, there is also a premium version available, which can be purchased. This version allows you to enjoy an ad-free experience. Besides that, you can use added functionality like adding reminders, automatic backups and loading your articles as CSV files. You will be free to express your emotions without bothering advertisements. Don’t forget to take advantage of the messaging feature to remind you to complete a daily note-taking of your emotions and activities. Finally, you don’t need to try to remember your backup appointment as everything is backed up automatically.


Let Daylio helps you record all of your emotions and daily activities like a personal diary. Download this app now to watch your emotional fluctuations and learn how to adjust them right away.

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