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Data Usage Monitor MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.17.2082

Manage mobile data.

App NameData Usage Monitor
Publisher Lufesu Inc.
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Data Usage Monitor

In the modern digital age, smartphone users must carefully control their data consumption. The dependable Data Usage Monitor software provides a simple answer to this problem. This program aids users in efficiently controlling their data use through precise monitoring and simple data flow analysis. In addition, it alerts customers before reaching their data limitations, avoiding overages. If you’re looking for a simple, effective method to monitor and manage your data use and traffic, go no further than the Data Usage Monitor.

Automatic Monitoring of Network Activity

When you activate the app, Data Usage Monitor immediately begins measuring your data traffic automatically, so you don’t have to. Customers can easily keep tabs on their data consumption by opening the app. Worried about how much data you’re using? You can quickly monitor your data use at any moment using this app.

Data Usage Is Accurately Tracked

You may believe your smartphone’s this app data use meter provides reliable statistics. This program guarantees accurate measurement and classification of your data consumption, whether you desire to track use between specific time intervals or differentiate between Wi-Fi and mobile data usage by classifying them depending on SSID.

Statistic User Interface That’s Simple to Read

Data Usage Monitor provides a straightforward interface for analyzing data consumption information. The program plots data consumption, dividing your Wi-Fi and mobile data use. In addition, you may see which applications are responsible for the most extensive data use by sorting the usage statistics.

High-End Extras

Users who upgrade to the Data Usage Monitor Premium can access several additional benefits. Premium customers may monitor their data use in real-time by placing a widget in the app on their home screen. With this upgraded edition, you can access many time-saving tools for managing your network.

Automatic Data Usage Tracking and Management

Many Android users praise the efficiency of the app shortcut for switching between open apps. Users may easily keep tabs on and adjust their network’s behavior according to their preferences with the Automatic Data Traffic Measurement feature. This feature allows users to monitor their device’s overall and app-specific data consumption, which may be used for further research.

Limit Access to the Internet and Get Notifications

Data Usage Monitor does more than track data use; it also lets users limit the amount of time specific programs or gadgets may spend online. When a user’s data limit is reached, the app temporarily prevents internet access until the limit is reset, which is a valuable function. In addition, the software notifies users when they have reached their data cap, allowing them to make modifications from within the program.

Track Your Monthly Data Usage With Ease

Thanks to the Precise Measurement on Data Usage function, users can easily monitor and control their data at any dimension. Whether you’re using Wi-Fi or mobile data, the program will provide reliable data on how much time and data you spend online. This program helps its customers manage their internet usage and get the most out of their data subscriptions.

In-Depth Analysis Requires Review of Reports

Users of Data Usage Monitor may track their data use and get reports that break it down in granular detail. Users can access detailed information for the current month and prior months down to particular periods. Users may utilize these reports to gain insight into how they use data, which can be used to better organize and prepare for future needs.

Simple, All-Inclusive, and Clear Numbers

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the app is an excellent resource for analyzing one’s wireless network and mobile data consumption. Users can quickly discover data-hungry applications and make educated decisions about their data consumption thanks to the app’s clear charts, graphs, and summaries of all Android apps. The software gives customers a bird’s-eye view of their data usage, allowing them better to tailor their data plans to their specific requirements.

Adjustable Theme Settings

The user experience may be optimized by selecting from various available themes, which Data Usage Monitor provides. Users can switch to the Light mode to see better throughout the day. The app also has a Night mode that dims the screen to make it easier for the eyes to operate in the dark. Additionally, users may tailor the app’s aesthetic to their tastes by selecting from a wide range of color selections.

Additional Features Available as Downloads

The in-app experience of Lufesu the app is enhanced by several other applications that may be downloaded for free. The Internet Speed Monitor is helpful for people who want detailed information about their online speeds and performance. These extra program, like Speedtest and SpeedTest Master Pro, delivers extensive data. In addition, the Norg – Manage Notification app is available for download for those who want to simplify their mobile notification management.

Premium Version Unlocks All Features

Users can pay for the premium version if they want more from the app. The premium version removes any annoying ads that may get in the way of your app experience. Widgets for the home screen and the status bar are included in the paid edition, allowing you to view traffic conditions and make modifications without opening the program—the premium edition of this app grants access to additional features that improve the program’s usability.

MOD APK version of Data Usage Monitor

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


Data Usage Monitor is the best tool to handle your data efficiently. The program streamlines the process of tracking and evaluating data usage with its automated data traffic measurement, exact data usage measurement, and straightforward statistics interface. The app’s utility and convenience are bolstered by its premium features, skinnable interface, and downloadable add-ons. The app allows consumers to see how they utilize data, make educated decisions, and exert excellent command over their data flow. Data Usage Monitor can help you handle your data consumption and choose the best package.

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