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Counter Strike Offline : CS APK 1.0.18

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO 2) APK- The CS Style Offline Shooter Game, Counter Terrorist Mission, FPS Gun Game

App NameCounter Strike Offline : CS
Publisher Valve
Require4.4 and up
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About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO 2)

The search for the perfect mobile shooting game is finished for those who remember playing SFG2, spending countless hours absorbed in Crossfire, or engaged in fierce fights within the iconic Counter-Strike. CS: GO 2 is an outstanding 3D first-person competitive multiplayer shooting game that captures the essence of these iconic games and takes them to your mobile device.

Dive into the CS: GO 2 Battlefield

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive follows in the footsteps of the original Counter-Strike, which debuted in 1999 and pioneered team-based first-person shooter gameplay. Two teams compete in a series of objective-based game variants, aiming to win enough rounds to win the match.

CS: GO 2 is available to players online and offline, with a shooting experience built for mobile devices that is simple and highly engaging. This free mobile offline shooting game features real-time 3D first-person shooter action, replicating the adrenaline of traditional combat gun games while providing a new mobile gaming experience.

Many outstanding features

  • Over 20 modern, skinned firearms, including the Desert Eagle, AK47, M4A1, AWP, and GATLIN
  • 3D graphics that look real and interesting animations
  • A range of maps designed to accommodate various tactical approaches
  • Controls that are smooth and simple to use
  • Complete offline capabilities, allowing players to enjoy the game anywhere and whenever they choose.
  • Even on less-powered devices, the optimization is perfect.

Game Modes Galore

CS: GO 2 has a variety of exciting game modes to fit any player’s tastes, including:

  • Team Deathmatch: A team-based combat mode in which players compete to see who can score the most kills.
  • Defuse the Bomb: A tense confrontation in which the terrorists plant a bomb and the counter-terrorists attempt to defuse it.
  • Private Room: Invite your pals to play in an intimate setting.
  • Personalized Match: Create your own game by making your maps and rules.

Support and other features

CS: GO 2 includes a plethora of extra features to keep players involved and engrossed in action:

  • There is over 30 current weaponry to pick from, providing a variety of online shooting methods.
  • PvP battles with up to ten participants
  • Team matches against players from all across the world
  • Formation of clans for team games in various locales
  • Killstreaks that are unique, such as drone strikes and sentry guns
  • Seasons ranked with league promotions
  • Complete quest missions and contracts
  • Intuitive controls and an interface that is simple to use
  • Updates regularly, as well as fascinating new game components


CS: GO 2 provides a competitive FPS experience with simple, intuitive controls, vibrant 3D graphics, and thrilling gameplay. Players can play as counter-terrorists or bandits in this exciting multiplayer first-person shooter, demonstrating their combat talents. CS: GO 2 promises the finest mobile FPS experience with excellent graphics and acoustic effects. Join the expanding Counter-Strike community by downloading CS: GO 2 APK right now!

Download Counter Strike Offline : CS APK 1.0.18

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