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CPU X - Device & System info MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 3.8.9

CPU X MOD APK – Highest quality app for android device specifications and testing.

App NameCPU X - Device & System info
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About CPU X

Having in-depth knowledge of your Android smartphone is essential in today’s quickly developing technological landscape. In response to this need, CPU X has emerged as a robust software that gives users in-depth information on their devices’ features and characteristics. CPU X’s ambitious goal is to completely transform cell phone use by combining cutting-edge functionality with a thriving community of tech enthusiasts.

Disclosing Hardware Details

The app stands out because it can provide consumers with a wealth of information about their gadgets. All aspects of the device, including the CPU, its cores, speed, model, RAM, camera, and sensors, are considered. This program is invaluable for expert users who want in-depth information since it provides the most comprehensive and exact facts about every component.

Examining Android-Based Mobile Devices

CPU X’s coverage goes far beyond the specifications of a single device, including a comprehensive database of those details for various Android handsets. Users can access in-depth data to decide which gadget best suits their needs. The app ensures that people make educated decisions based on complete information concerning a product they already possess or one they are about to acquire.

Checking How Fast the Internet Is

A steady internet connection is crucial in the age of always-on communication. The program offers a built-in internet speed monitor to meet this requirement. Notifications allow users to keep tabs on their current download and upload rates. In addition, the program provides convenient access to internet performance data by displaying the combined speed in the status bar.

Condition Monitoring of Batteries

For optimal gadget use, knowing how well a battery performs is crucial. CPU X’s battery monitor function is handy in this regard. Milliampere readings allow users to monitor the battery’s activity as it charges or discharges. The battery’s temperature is also shown in alerts, so you can monitor its health and resolve any problems before they arise.

Read Articles and News to Update Yourself

The program makes staying up-to-date with technological developments and educational material simple. The app has a specialized area that provides readers access to several articles and news items. Explore the rapidly evolving technical scene without leaving the app and stay one step ahead of the competition.

A Question and Answer Database for the Public Good

In addition to providing helpful knowledge, CPU X also helps to cultivate a thriving group of tech enthusiasts. The app has a Q&A section where users may connect, share their knowledge, and learn from the experiences of others. If you have a question, post it here, and a community member will respond with an in-depth response.

Full-Functionality Evaluations

The app provides diagnostic tools for power users who want to learn everything about their gadgets. This feature guarantees a complete evaluation of several device features, such as the display, multitouch, and ear speaker, as well as the loudspeaker, microphone, vibration, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint scanner, volume buttons, flashlight, headset jack, and charging port.

Numerous Practical Resources

CPU X is more than just a device information and testing service; it offers many practical utilities. A ruler is included, which may measure straight lines accurately in both centimeters and inches. Using the device’s magnetic sensor, the compass function may locate magnetic north on Earth. In addition, a bubble level may be used to check if a surface is horizontally level. Last but not least, a distress signal option displays a message in a different color on the screen in case of an emergency.

Quick-Reference Diagram

The app improves usability by putting essential information about the user’s device’s state in a semi-transparent widget that can be viewed from the home screen. Users may briefly look at crucial information without launching the app, making it available whenever needed.

MOD APK version of CPU X

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked


CPU X is a fully featured and essential software for Android mobile device owners. All tech enthusiasts should have access to its comprehensive gadget specs, active community, functional testing, and handy tools. Users can get the most out of their devices and keep up with the rapidly developing technological world because of the means provided by CPU X.

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