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Cooking Aquarium - A Star Chef APK 1.0.9

Cooking Aquarium MOD APK – Play fun cooking games as a super chef and make delicious signature dishes.

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About Cooking Aquarium

Embark on a thrilling culinary journey set against the background of the vast ocean in the magical universe of Cooking Aquarium. Indulge in mouthwatering delicacies that will blow your mind while you’re transported to a bright underwater paradise with coral reefs and fascinating aquatic life.

Exposing the Hidden Pleasures of Seafood

If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to pick up and never gets old, go as far as Cooking Aquarium. Imagine yourself in a tropical setting, surrounded by coral reefs and small fish, while you enjoy a dinner that is a visual and gustatory delight.

There Is a Wide Variety of Dining Options Available

Be prepared to be astounded by the abundance of underwater eateries, each with its unique concept and menu. As soon as you set out on your gastronomic adventure, you’ll have access to several standard dining options. But as you progress, a wide variety of interesting new eateries will become accessible, each offering its unique menu and culinary challenges.

Learn to Prepare Delicious Meals While Submerged

Your mission at Cooking Aquarium is to satisfy the cravings of the hungry patrons that frequent your establishment. Quickly and accurately prepare several dishes before time runs out. If visitors’ meals are delayed, they become increasingly irritated and disruptive. Maintain productivity and serve out deliciously excellent food to keep customers coming back for more.

Enhance Your Capabilities to a Higher Level

You may improve your cooking skills by investing your profits in better tools and supplies. These enhancements will help you create delicious meals more quickly and increase your earnings. Get your hands on some new recipes and spice up your menu to provide your customers with more delicious options.

Achieve Success and Open Up New Opportunities

Some goals must be met at the end of each level in the Cooking Aquarium. Stars are awarded for fulfilling purposes, such as serving a certain number of clients or making a certain amount of money, and may be used to progress through the game and take on more difficult cooking tasks. As you explore the intricacies of this compelling game, we encourage you to push your limits and strive for perfection.

Enhancers to Give Your Cooking a Boost

The game provides a variety of supplements to help you gain the upper hand in the kitchen. Using power-ups like extended time or more earnings, you may quickly progress through stages and wow your clients. These enhancements are easily accessible to casual players and severe cooks since they may be earned in-game or purchased with cash or gems.

An Eye-Popping Display of Marine Wonders

Cooking Aquarium’s aesthetically gorgeous underwater location is one of the show’s most appealing features. Take part in fascinating interactions with various marine life as you lose yourself in a world of vivid colors and exquisite textures. From majestic whales to frolicking fish, these aquatic buddies will make your culinary adventures much more exciting.

Infinite Options in the Kitchen

Cooking up something delicious in this game is easy, as there are many ingredients to choose from. Everything from traditional American fare like burgers, pizza, and hotdogs to exotic seafood like sushi, king crab, and lobster is available. The game is unlike any other cooking game since it lets you experience the unique world of undersea gastronomy as you prepare a delicious seafood feast. Indulge in a medley of mouthwatering tastes and textures that will have you begging for more.

Incredible Occasions for Foodies

Cooking Aquarium is incredibly proud of its daily and weekly events, which provide dedicated foodies with even more opportunities for thrill and pleasure. You may show off your abilities and get exclusive gifts at these events, making exploring the game much more rewarding. Maintain your participation and keep an eye out for these occasions to gain access to rare resources and flaunt your cooking skills.

Dive into a Mouthwatering Undersea Adventure in Cooking

This original cooking game takes you on a fascinating voyage to the bottom of the sea. It’s perfect for foodies and adventurers because of its straightforward controls and almost infinite entertainment value. The undersea world is a magical place full of colorful coral reefs and fascinating aquatic animals that may take your cooking to a new level.

Pick Your Favorite Restaurant

You’ll find some simple eateries early in your adventure across Cooking Aquarium. However, as you develop, many culinary opportunities become available to you. Eat through a city full of eateries, each with its theme, food, and obstacles. There is an abundance of delicious seafood dishes and sushi to choose from. Get ready to broaden your culinary horizons and satisfy the cravings of your hungry clientele.

Invest in the Best Chefs You Can Find

Your capacity to upgrade equipment and supplies corresponds directly to your financial stability. Make your meals and service more efficient by investing in better tools and supplies. Prepare delicious dishes with less time and effort, and watch your guests marvel at your culinary prowess. Learn new recipes to broaden your horizons as a cook and make original and delicious dishes. As your skills grow, you’ll get more and more recognition as a chef in the exciting world of the game.

Get Gold Stars for Your Efforts!

You’ll be presented with several objectives through your culinary education. These goals might be anything from expanding your consumer base to generating a certain amount of money. By achieving these goals, you’ll be rewarded with stars that may be used to access additional game content and advance to higher levels. Feeling like you’re making progress and accomplishing goals keeps you motivated and interested in Cooking Aquarium, guaranteeing you’ll never become bored.

Use Amplification to Improve Your Cooking Skills

The game offers a variety of amplifiers or boosters to amplify your culinary efforts. You’ll be able to breeze through stages with the help of these potent powers, such as doubling money or more time. Increase client satisfaction and your bottom line by serving more meals in less time. These enhancements are designed to meet the needs of players with varying levels of seriousness and dedication to the game. Get them with real money or game cash, and your cooking talents will soar.

It’s a Sensory Overload in the Best Possible Way

The game’s incredible sights and deep sound design are two more ways it captivates gamers. The underwater settings are well rendered, with vivid colors and realistic textures that make you feel like you’ve entered another universe. You may rest assured that your culinary adventure will be as visually exciting as it is delicious since each restaurant provides an aesthetically pleasing eating experience. The game’s atmospheric soundtrack and sound effects help to immerse you in the allure of Cooking Aquarium’s underwater world.

MOD APK version of Cooking Aquarium

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Underwater sceneries and delectable cuisine await you in Cooking Aquarium, a compelling and immersive culinary adventure. It’s the first of its kind, providing players with various eateries, mouthwatering cuisine, and exciting gameplay. You may go further into underwater cooking by upgrading your tools, completing objectives, and opening new levels. Experience a world where gastronomic pleasures and undersea wonders meet as the visual beauty and fascinating soundtracks sweep you away. Experience the never-ending joy of underwater cooking and dining on this remarkable Cooking Aquarium journey.

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