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Coin Hero MOD APK (God Mode, Unlimited Dices) 1.00.111

Coin Hero MOD APK – Magic attacks, raids, spins & coins. Play with friends in PvP battles. Win Coins

App NameCoin Hero
Publisher TinyBytes
MOD InfoGod Mode, Unlimited Dices
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About Coin Hero

Coin Hero is a dynamic gaming experience that will take you on a fascinating and engaging adventure full of enchanted worlds, amazing animals, and violent conflicts. Players on this grand adventure will cast potent spells and wield powerful weapons in intense PvP fights to win fame and fortune. Players will select their heroes and gain access to new abilities as they progress in their quest to conquer the Coin Kingdom and claim the champion title.

Embark on an Exciting Quest

This game provides users with a real-time gaming experience, letting them interact with other fans while exploring a fantastical environment. The competition aims to acquire wealth by challenging other players and stealing their cash. Players become absolute legends of the Coin Kingdom as they level up their talents with each successful attack and coin gathering.

Action and Conquest in a Roguelike Setting

Fly across mythical islands, construct settlements with the help of lovable pigs, and defend your kingdom from enemies in the game’s roguelike adventure game. Go to new places, fight dangerous foes, and take over new islands to increase wealth and empire size. Unlock potent powers and combat cards with magical attack talents, and use them intelligently to triumph in your fights. You may enhance your fighting prowess by upgrading your cards, eventually becoming the unstoppable Coin Hero.

Exciting Card Battles that Turn the Tables

The turn-based card fights at the heart of the game’s gameplay are a source of never-ending merriment and adventure. The wide variety of cards available to players, each with unique powers and attacks, ensures that combat is always exciting and predictable. With such a wide variety of cards, players may tailor their decks to their chosen playstyle, trying out new strategies to outsmart their opponents. Players will find a new level of delight in the battles’ strategic depth as they learn new techniques for coming out on top.

The Rewarding Progress and the Hilarious Banter

Coin Hero guarantees that all its players are regularly rewarded for their efforts. Players can get currency, objects, cards, and upgrades through various events and activities. These bonuses improve their gaming experience, helping players progress through the game and discover new areas with their entertaining AI companions. Participating in activities with friends increases the fun factor as players roll dice to keep the board game going, causing unpredictable outcomes and hilarious comic relief. Adding to the fun and mayhem is breaking into friends’ residences and taking their stuff without asking.

MOD APK version of Coin Hero

MOD feature

1.) Godmode
2.) Unlimited Dice


In Coin Hero, players are transported to a fantastical world with action, conflict, and never-ending entertainment. Players may test the limits of their strategic prowess and unleash funny repercussions on their opponents in turn-based card combat. Players will be intrigued and driven to perfect their Coin Hero skills because of the game’s satisfying growth and exciting interactions. Put on your weapons and spellbooks and prepare for an epic journey to the Coin Kingdom. Your heroic deeds are needed throughout the realm.

Download Coin Hero MOD APK (God Mode, Unlimited Dices) 1.00.111

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