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Code of War Gun Shooting Games MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) 3.18.3

Dynamic shooter gun games with friends! Join the realistic online shooting game

App NameCode of War Gun Shooting Games
Publisher XDEVS LTD
MOD InfoUnlimited Ammo
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About this MOD

Unlimited Ammo Player
Unlimited Ammo Turret

Info: Recommended To play On real device, random crash happened on emulator.
Currency, energy, and other things purchasable are server Sided.


About Code of War Gun Shooting Games

Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding world of Code of War Gun Shooting Games, a mobile game that raises the bar for online shooting games. This game will interest everyone, whether they are veteran fans of first-person shooters or have never played one before. Experience the thrill of military duty on the go with your smartphone or tablet and help rescue lives from the threat of an oncoming enemy. Get this free online shooter and prepare for some thrilling counter-strike action.

The Pinnacle of First-Person Shooter Gaming Is Here

Get ready to be blown away by the game’s stunning visuals and excellent frame rate optimization. This game provides an unrivaled gaming experience, even on low-performance devices. Take control of one of two teams and unleash your inner warrior in this epic battle mode fit for a god of war.

Gameplay Loaded with Extras

Players will find many options to explore and enjoy on Code of War Gun Shooting Games. There are several different fight modes to select from. You may be a bullet-dodging tank or a stealthy sniper, whatever type you like. You may join other players worldwide by signing up for a clan and forming alliances.

Combat that pulls you into the action and strategic gameplay

Explore a variety of environments, from a problematic railway yard to a mystical hidden city and an ancient Aztec temple. Play through the challenges of a military battlefield in various modes, such as shooter and tank rush. Plan your move, determine where your opponent is vulnerable, and attack from all angles. You’ll be ready for anything with your arsenal of over 30 different firearms, rifles, grenades, landmines, protective gear, and skins for your weapons.

Realistic Visuals and Optimised Speed

Even on less powerful hardware, Code of War Gun Shooting Games provides optimal performance, giving you complete command of the field. Enjoy fluid gameplay and the chance to prove yourself as the most excellent sharpshooter, thanks to the game’s high Frames Per Second (FPS). The game’s visuals are stunning, going above and beyond what was expected of a multiplayer shooter. You may still enjoy a smooth and aesthetically impressive action experience even on a low-performing device by adjusting the graphics settings.

Gameplay that’s both easy to pick up and competitive

Modern controls make it simple to assume command of the battlefield. You may improve your gaming performance and focus exclusively on your task thanks to the convenience controls as you work to become the finest sniper. You may challenge other players worldwide in exciting game types, including Team Deathmatch or Solo Deathmatch, where you and your teammates face off to see who has the best sniping abilities. The game also has Special Operations and Daily tasks, which test your survival and quest-solving skills in exchange for stars, rewards, and the power to unlock new equipment and units.

Competition, standings, and human interaction

Participate in tournaments to prove your mettle and earn prestigious rewards. You can show off your skills and see how your frag record stacks up against gamers worldwide by posting it on the game’s leaderboard, whether you play in a clan or not. Put your victories on display for the world to see, and brag about how you’ve conquered your foes and risen to the top of the ranks to become the ultimate soldier.

Arms and Ammunition of Supremacy

Start your shooting spree with an arsenal full of different guns. As you level up and gain new achievements, you’ll get access to better 3D firearms. Build up your character’s stats like strength, speed, and health to make them an unbeatable force in online shooters. Learn cutting-edge combat techniques as you experiment with various weaponry and develop plans for dispatching your foes.

Constant alterations and exciting features

Code of War Gun Shooting Games is dedicated to delivering new content and features consistently, giving gamers a dynamic and engaging multiplayer experience. Enjoy the most incredible visuals of the year and the challenging gameplay. The carefully created noises add to the game’s immersive atmosphere, making every second of this third-person shooter game an experience to remember.

Expertise in the Field of First-Person Shooters

This game’s commitment to providing a polished and engaging gaming experience is one of the service’s defining characteristics. Every mode and fight calls for a serious approach, with players strategically using their surroundings, equipment, and teammates to achieve victory. The ever-changing courses taken by each group keep the game fresh and exciting for everyone involved.

Unique Personalities with Special Skills

Numerous playable characters are available, each with skills that may drastically alter your approach to the game. Players may build their unique personalities and fully use their abilities by equipping them with powerful weapons and gaining mastery over their surroundings. Players may guarantee victory in every mission by maximizing the potential of each character on a strategic journey with their allies.

Exciting, Complex Game Modes

The game types presented by Code of War Gun Shooting Games are all interesting and exciting in their own right. The game’s careful balancing guarantees that gamers will always have something to look forward to. There’s a mode for everyone, whether they’re into fierce team combat or prefer to do it alone. To move through the game and get access to new features, players must adapt to the unique progressions and obstacles presented by each mode.

Interactive Maps Featuring Tactic-Based Layouts

The game maps will enchant you with their attention to detail. These maps’ complex architecture and vast terrain provide various opportunities for players to engage their opponents. Each team will be challenged to think independently and develop innovative solutions thanks to the carefully placed spots and randomly assigned goals. Players can accomplish objectives and gain an edge over opponents smartly using their surroundings.

Weapons That Can Be Modified To Fit Any Action Strategy

Code of War Gun Shooting Games has various weapons and gear, each with unique specs and personalization choices. There are two essential weapon types available to players, and both may be upgraded with additional equipment to improve their effectiveness in combat. As players level up, they can access better weapons, armor, and skins, allowing them to take their game to a new level.

Fun, Infectious Game Mode for Larger Groups

Those looking for a more thrilling cooperative experience would love the infected mode. Gather your pals together to fight off waves of attackers and accomplish complex tasks. Players may have a blast and bond as they work together to take on challenging new modes and functions in this mode, incorporating aspects like formidable enemies and random equipment drops.

MOD APK version of Code of War Gun Shooting Games

MOD feature

Unlimited Ammo


Code of War Gun Shooting Games provides a professional, visually pleasing, and thoroughly enjoyable first-person shooter gaming experience. Each player will have a unique and exciting experience thanks to the game’s various characters, modes, maps, and weaponry. This game is a must-try for shooting game fans, thanks to its constant updates and infected way. Get ready for a voyage full of excitement and adventure, where only the most skillful and dedicated troops will emerge victorious.

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