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CetusPlay Remote Control MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Fire TV Stick Universal Remote Control for TV, KODI, Chromecast, Android TV box+

App NameCetusPlay Remote Control
Publisher CetusPlay Global
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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About CetusPlay Remote Control

CetusPlay Remote Control is an excellent software since it exceeds a regular TV remote’s capabilities and provides many great extras. It’s a universal remote that works with anything from Android TV to TV boxes, Chromecast, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and KODI to Smart TVs. This groundbreaking program completely transforms the function of the standard TV remote by adding a wealth of new capabilities.

Releasing Unmatched Capabilities

With this app, users may choose between using the device’s directional pad, touch screen, keyboard, or mouse to browse. The user’s experience with their TV is improved due to the increased precision and ease of usage made possible by this adaptability. The program also allows users to cast anything from their mobile devices, such as images, movies, documents, and presentations, to a larger display, bringing the material to life.

Access to an Entire Universe of Fun

Introducing Live Channels from CetusPlay Remote Control, a feature that lets you import M3U files from your computer and quickly cast them to your TV, TV box, or stick. Thanks to this feature, users can now access unprecedented entertainment options. Additionally, the software provides easy channel-hopping by providing one-click access to TV applications on the user’s mobile phone.

Better Efficiency and Personalization

The app improves the functionality of your TV beyond its essential features. Users may quickly clear their TV’s cache and garbage by clicking on the speeding ball, making the device run faster and more efficiently. The software lets users easily broadcast their favorite TV moments via social media by capturing and uploading appealing screenshots. In addition, this app offers remote installation support for KODI for owners of the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, guaranteeing a trouble-free setup.

Support for a variety of formats and simple setup

CetusPlay Remote Control is compatible with various devices, including some of the most widely used ones like the LeEco Android TV, Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield TV, Google Nexus Player, and many more. The flexibility of the software means that it works with a wide variety of Android smartphones and streaming media players, making it accessible to a large audience. The app aims to provide a consistent and engaging remote control experience regardless of whether you own a well-known brand or a lesser-known device.

An Easy-to-Use Control Panel that Anyone Can Understand

The app’s UI is designed to be as simple as possible. It gracefully subsided for several everyday tasks, streamlining how you interact with your gadgets. This app is a game changer since it can turn your phone into a console controller, mouse, and remote. In addition, users may remember their preferred settings and alter the app’s look, feel, and the way each control operates for a more tailored and efficient experience.

Use Screen Capture and Sharing to Your Advantage

Sharing your screen with other connected devices is one of CetusPlay Remote Control’s most impressive capabilities. This function improves the user experience by facilitating natural interaction with various media forms. In addition, the app has a screen recording option that lets you capture and retain material or experiment with other uses for your smartphone.

Increase the Quality of Your TV Time with the App

CetusPlay Remote Control completely changes how people use their TVs and other connected gadgets. Its unrivaled compatibility, ease of use, and adaptability make it the best alternative. Whether you’re into gaming, watching TV, or controlling your gadgets, the app gives you the tools to do it all easily and with versatility.

MOD APK version of CetusPlay Remote Control

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked


CetusPlay Remote Control is a great software that improves your TV viewing experience with its numerous personalization choices, easy integration, and unsurpassed functionality. The app’s broad device compatibility, straightforward design, and cutting-edge capabilities like screen sharing and capture guarantee a satisfying and all-encompassing remote control experience. If you want to make watching TV and using other connected devices more accessible and fun, use CetusPlay Remote Control’s capability.

Download CetusPlay Remote Control MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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