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Captor Clash MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.4.0

App NameCaptor Clash
Publisher Studio Dois Private Limited
Size179 MB
Require4.6 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Captor Clash

As you enter the realm of Captor Clash, you’ll immerse yourself in an ARPG that will keep you on your toes. Experience the harsh reality of betrayal, the comfort of friendship, and the thrill of conflict inside a vast universe filled with cutting-edge technology. In our game, you must gather your heroes for thrilling 1v1 duels against gamers worldwide in real time. Intense battles use your entire screen’s Ultimate Skills to devastating effect. Be prompt! Download Captor Clash MOD APK today for free and get started on your adventure.

Amazing the Game Characteristics

Stunning Visuals with a Streamlined User Interface

Enter a visually stunning world where unique combos and fast-action confrontations will have you on the edge of your seat. Try out new and exciting combos of attacks, and use our cutting-edge “CHAIN BURST” system to pulverize your foes and deal out stunning, exploding damage.

Constant, Worldwide Combat

Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate online brawler? Join our competitions that are based on talent and fair play. Regardless of skill level, everyone may share the glory of the final fight with Captor Clash.

Various Playing Options

Never let yourself become stuck in a rut of boring gameplay. Participate in various game modes, including Tournaments, Dream Realm, Raid, and Abyss Maze. Play Captor Clash and have fun whether you like PVP or PVE!

Wide Variety of Main Characters

You can play as any of many heroes, each with unique abilities and play style. Gather your team and explore a post-apocalyptic world with old plans and amazing people.

Simple and Quick Combat

Quick and exciting battles may be fought at any time and place, thanks to the 3-minute time limit every round.

Exploring the Game in Extensive Detail

Play the part of a hero who must lead an army into battle against the evil of Earth and the stars.

Introductory Context

Captor Clash occurs in a distant world where people abuse cutting-edge technology stolen from alien civilizations. Due to the horrific conflicts sparked by this exploitation, humanity eventually relocated to other worlds. Still, greed always leads to an escalation of tensions. It is your job to save the world from the horrors of people and extraterrestrial monsters. You need reliable partners to win the war against the pervasive treachery and gloom.

Mechanisms of Play

The game takes inspiration from classic action role-playing games but adds a new element: creating a team of three heroes. Start the quest with one hero and gain experience and victory points to acquire other heroes.

Captor Clash’s heroes all have unique abilities and weapons. Make good use of these skills to defeat even the most potent adversaries. The controls are streamlined for ease of use, with movement on the left and combat and abilities on the right.

Learn how much fun it is to launch combos. You may create devastating combos by chaining together regular attacks and abilities. By quickly switching between characters, you may use a wide variety of different combat methods.

Alter the System

After completing a level, you will be rewarded with game cash and resources that may be used to strengthen your heroes. Enhancing skills and equipping equipment is a staple of role-playing games, and this mod does the same thing. Your companion animals and mechs will advance in power as your characters do.

Use the idea of “God’s Blueprint” to speed up the development of your heroes. Gathering these holy artifacts will allow you to quickly fortify your whole crew in preparation for the exciting adventures ahead.

Acquire a Cast of New Friends with the Game

The quantity of pieces needed to unlock a new character varies with the character’s level. Characters of level C, such as Crow or Selene Willow, require ten details, characters of rank B, such as Anika or Crow-Broadsword, require 30 bits; and feelings of rank A, such as Beoblade or Hathor, require 60 pieces. You can choose from six playable characters, including the two default ones, Crow and Anika. The cast of characters grows more diverse the longer you play.

A New Take on Role-Playing Games

The visuals and gameplay of Captor Clash, a real-time combat role-playing game, are noteworthy. The entire game experience is incredibly refreshing, despite the character-switching method requiring a little tweaking (at present, characters not in use can sometimes lie idle throughout battles). If you’re looking for a role-playing game with a twist, go no further than this game.

MOD APK version of Captor Clash

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


We shouldn’t waste time waiting. Download the Captor Clash MOD APK right now and join the ranks of superhumans. Prepare for epic battles, devise cunning plans, round up a crack squad of heroes, and put yourself in the role of the savior the universe has been waiting for. Now is the moment to show your heroic side. Remember that the rush of triumph is only a download away in the fascinating Captor Clash universe.

Download Captor Clash MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.4.0

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