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Bubble Level PRO MOD APK (Not available) 3.5

Bubble Level PRO MOD APK – Best leveling tool for your Android device. Hang paintings like a pro.

App NameBubble Level PRO
Publisher Gamma Play
Size5 MB
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About Bubble Level PRO

Using cutting-edge technologies, the Bubble Level PRO MOD APK for Android gives you access to the pinpoint world of levels. Use your mobile device, whether a phone or a tablet, to quickly take precise measurements.

Accepting Change: The App Movement

The program is a revolutionary step into the digital era, built on the foundation of the conventional level meter. Traditional level meters consist of a curved glass tube filled with a colored liquid and allowed to bubble at one end. The slightest tilt causes this bubble to go off-center.

The Bubble Level PRO software skillfully implements this straightforward but effective premise, converting your Android device into a precise and transportable level measurement instrument. And it’s not limited to the standard volume knob.

Straight on Target: Seeing the Big Picture

Its pinpoint accuracy meter differentiates this app from the competition. The tube level can only measure in one direction, whereas the bull’s eye level can measure across many planes. This meter has a convex glass face with a center circle and a flat circular base to hold the liquid. This program provides unparalleled flexibility and precision in measuring by faithfully simulating an absolute bull’s eye level.

Unleash the Power of the App

Bubble Level PRO may be used in various fields, from building and carpentry to photography. You may use it to make perfectly leveled furniture, set up a balanced tripod for explicit photos, ensure a fair game on your billiard table, or hang your prized artwork on the wall. It’s a must-have item for every domestic or commercial setting.

Accuracy Depends on Calibration

Your Android smartphone comes factory calibrated, but you may constantly recalibrate it for more precision. To calibrate your smartphone, open the Settings menu, align the screen with a flat surface, and press the SET button. I don’t believe it. Press the RESET button to restore the device to its original factory settings.

Leveraging the Gyroscope Sensor

Bubble Level PRO is more than a mobile app since it uses a gyroscope sensor. It may be used to determine the equilibrium of any plane, transforming your mobile device into a highly accurate meter. The software provides quick and precise slope measurements on any surface.

What Role Does the App Play?

Just do it! The program turns your gadget into a fluid-filled glass tube level meter. The fluid changes when the plane is tilted, and bubbles move away from their equilibrium point. At the same time, the aircraft’s angle is displayed on the screen as a function of the bubble’s movement.

To get the correct inclination degree while putting up a frame or aligning a table, you must open the app, place your phone against the plane edge, and look at the screen.

The App’s Versatile Functions

Designers, architects, and photographers who frequently need to measure precise angles praise Bubble Level PRO for its accuracy. Using this app, you may easily make a straight line or get an item to stand at a right angle.

Everyday life is made more accessible with the help of this software. With this degree of precision, you can hang portraits, put up a ping pong table, install a camera tripod, or even pitch a tent for a camping trip. If you’re having trouble trusting the app’s standard axes, you may rapidly return to the app’s default settings using the RESET button.

MOD APK version of Bubble Level PRO

MOD feature

Not available


Bubble Level PRO MOD APK is revolutionary in the field of very accurate measuring. Don’t allow poor levels to prevent you from reaching your goals. Bubble Level PRO MOD APK is the best tool for anybody who values accuracy, whether you’re a professional builder or designer, a DIY enthusiast, or someone who takes pride in your work.

Download Bubble Level PRO MOD APK (Not available) 3.5

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