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BBTAN by 111% MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 10.0.4

App NameBBTAN by 111%
Publisher 111%
Require4.0.3 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
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A simple but extremely addictive Arkanoid-style game. Let’s see how many points can you get!

About BBTAN by 111%

After every stressful working hour, I often play games for entertainment. I don’t want to play games with long storylines because it will take a lot of time. I also don’t want to play games that have to combine skills because it is quite complicated. Heavy games take up space on my smartphone. My request is just a simple, easy to play and unlimited time game to relieve stress. And so I discovered BBTAN – an extremely attractive game that I would like to recommend to you in this post.

BBTAN by 111% mod apk download

BBTAN – an interesting game that is so addictive

BBTAN is a simple but extremely attractive Arkanoid-style game. You just need to shoot the ball and destroy the bricks that appear on the screen. The charm of BBTAN lies in the fact that you will need to carefully estimate the trajectory of the ball every turn. You have to show a lot of ingenuity and calculation ability to get the highest score possible in this game. This will be an extremely suitable game for you to kill time and relieve stress.

*If you don’t know about “Arkanoid”, it is a type of block-breaking video game that you may have encountered on Nintendo consoles.

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of BBTAN is simple but extremely fun. However, it is very addictive. You only need to play the game with a swipe to shoot, but it will require extreme precision.

The rules of BBTAN are very simple: You control a ball-shooting machine shaped like an “alien”. Your task is to destroy the bricks that appear on the screen before it reaches the safe line located at the bottom of the map – also where the “alien” stands. Through each firing turn, the bricks will simultaneously move towards you 1 step. Even if only 1 brick hits the safe line, you will also lose, so calculate to destroy as many in one shot as possible.

Each turn is counted as one point for you. Try to get the highest score possible by staying alive. The game will never end unless the brick reaches the safety line. Therefore, the higher the score you earn, the better you are at this game.

On the map, there will be some supply cells, you just need to shoot balls in them to activate them. But make good use of them because each of them can only be used for 1 turn. These support cells will have different symbols and features:

  • Yellow circle with “plus” sign: It gives you 1 more ball to the total number of balls you shoot on the screen. Each of these added balls lasts forever, of course, until you lose. Try to collect it as much as possible!
  • Yellow circle containing $ symbol: It gives you 1 BBTAN Coin. You can use BBTAN Coin to unlock and collect BBTAN Ball.
  • Purple circle containing many arrows: This is a supply box that will help disperse your bullets in many different directions. It can help you increase your attack power significantly if used at the right time.
  • Blue circle with arrow marks: Every time your ball passes, it will create a laser line that destroys bricks horizontally/vertically.

The game requires ingenuity and precise calculation

To achieve high scores in the game, you will have to use a lot of ingenuity and “brain”. Ingenuity is to shoot the ball accurately. “Brain” is to calculate the trajectory of the ball. Your ball should hit as many bricks in one shot and collect as many relief tiles as possible. To conquer the high scores, you will need to combine the two elements perfectly.

It sounds easy, but it’s actually not. Only when you start playing will you feel the challenge of this game.

BBTAN by 111% mod features

Light game suitable for all smartphone configurations

BBTAN is a game with a fairly light configuration. Perhaps in part thanks to its minimalist design. Our app is about 36MB in size and only requires Android 4 or higher. This will probably be the game that is suitable for all devices.

You don’t need an Internet connection to play this game. BBTAN can work offline. The score data will be saved in your smartphone’s cache for future play. But it only takes up a very small part and you don’t need to worry about it.

The difficulty increases with the score

In the early scores, you can see that this game is quite simple when you continuously clear the whole map. But do not rush to rejoice, many challenges are waiting for you.

Through each shooting turn, the bricks appear more and have a higher score. “Score” here is not the point you get, but the number of times the ball needs to hit the brick to destroy it. These bricks will appear one after another from the top, and will gradually move down to the last line if you can’t stop it.

The challenge is not only in the number of new bricks but also in their appearance. The bricks will prioritize appearing in empty spots on the map. Gradually, it will seal your penetrations.

Every 10 turns, there will be a few purple bricks with twice the destruction score appearing.

The higher your score, the more the aim-line fades until it disappears completely. At this point, you will have to manually calculate and align the trajectory of the ball.

BBTAN Ball Collection

In addition to getting the highest score possible, collecting BBTAN Ball is also an attractive hobby of this game. BBTAN currently has more than 55 different types of balls in the game for you to own. The balls will be divided by rarity from Normal – Unique – Legendary. The Unique Ball is more beautiful than the Normal. And Legendary balls will come with both effects and special skills. Each new ball unlock will cost you 100 units of BBTAN Coin.

In addition, you can also get rare BBTAN balls by following the Facebook page of 111% – the developer of this game. They are completely free gifts to the players. These BBTAN Balls all have special designs and features that you can’t normally unlock in the game. The only way to get them is to join 111% ‘s events.

Graphics and sound

BBTAN’s graphics are designed in a simple 2D style with a typical 8-bit style. It will remind you of the classic handheld game consoles. I find the design of this game quite interesting with its round–square blocks and simple monochrome colors.

The sound of BBTAN is also very interesting. The game has no background music, it only has a sound when your ball hits objects in the game. These sounds are also very simple, just beeps, ticks… the familiar sounds on old Nintendo games.


To collect the full set of balls in the game with both super cool effects and advanced features, you will have to spend a lot of time accumulating BBTAN Coin. So, if you want to experience all the balls in the game, you will have to work hard. There is a faster way, that is to download BBTAN MOD APK from APKmazon completely free!

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads
  • Free download on APKmazon


This is an extremely perfect game to relieve stress and kill time after stressful “try hard” hours. An extremely easy game to play and you can have fun anywhere. Download BBTAN MOD APK to your smartphone and try to see how many points you can get. My record is 250 points, let’s see if you can break it.

Download BBTAN by 111% MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 10.0.4

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