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Battery Voice Alert! MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 3.0.1

Battery Saver, Performance & Protection Utility

App NameBattery Voice Alert!
Publisher Android App Nest
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About Battery Voice Alert

Smartphones now play an integral role in our daily lives, facilitating everything from communication to entertainment. However, one of the most enduring difficulties is the short battery life of our mobile devices. Battery Voice Alert is a robust utility software that aims to solve this widespread problem by allowing you to control better how much power your phone consumes.

Battery Full Warnings Occur Constantly

With this app, you’ll never forget to charge your phone again. As your battery nears its limit, you’ll receive a continuous audible warning from this function. This function keeps you apprised of your phone’s battery life, which is helpful whether you’re multitasking or want to ensure your phone is ready to go.

Charging/Discharging Notifications that Beep

Battery Voice Alert’s helpful beep sound warnings will inform you of your phone’s battery status. This function will alert you whenever your phone charges or drains its battery. This buzzer can be activated or deactivated at your discretion.

Avoiding Heat Damage to Your Phone

If your phone becomes too hot, you may get a voice notification from the app. If the temperature of your device rises over a threshold that you choose, you will receive an alert as soon as possible. In the case of overheating, receiving timely notifications will allow you to take the appropriate precautions.

Battery Life-Extending Reminder When Charging

Battery Voice Alert’s charging reminder will help you get the most out of your battery life. A reminder to charge your phone can be configured to go off at a specific charge percentage. This will keep you connected and productive throughout the day by preventing your battery from ever dying on you.

Notifications Before Scheduled Charge Sessions

Set this app to notify you before the battery gets too low. You may anticipate needing to charge your device by receiving a notification when the battery drops below a certain threshold. Keeping tabs on your battery life will allow you to keep your phone in working order.

Modify the Way You Use the App

Battery Voice Alert provides several personalization choices to meet your needs. The Auto Mute App function allows you to silence the app at predetermined times, such as at work. The software is also multilingual, albeit some translations may need to be more accurate because they were created using Google Translate. The app’s design may also be customized by selecting a bright or dark theme.

Detailed Options for Maximum Regulation

The program has a separate settings tab where you may tailor the experience to your preferences. The app’s behavior may be adjusted to meet your needs precisely in this way. You may fine-tune every aspect of your battery management experience, from the level of alerts to get to the apps you choose to use.

Convenient Charging Indicator Light Display

Battery Voice Alert has a handy flash screen function that allows you to monitor the charging process easily. This function alerts you to your phone’s charging state when plugged in. With the flash screen, you no longer need to unlock your phone only to see how much battery life you have left.

MOD APK version of Battery Voice Alert

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Battery Voice Alert is a powerful utility software allowing users to take charge of their phone’s power use. This app keeps you connected and in order with features like temperature monitoring, charging reminders, precharge alarms, and continual alerts for full battery charge. Take your phone’s efficiency and convenience to the next level with Battery Voice Alert’s custom battery management.

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