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Avira Security Antivirus & VPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 7.23.0

App NameAvira Security Antivirus & VPN
Publisher AVIRA
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Are you looking for a powerful and highly secure VPN app? Then I have a perfect choice for you. APKmazon will bring you an app that will secure the transmission and protect your smartphone from viruses. That is Avira Security.

About Avira Security Antivirus & VPN

Avira Security is an extremely powerful and versatile VPN app. This helpful app will give you a powerful transmission with extreme security. In addition, Avira Security can fake IP addresses so that you can access any website. And yet, Avira Security can also act as a virus scanner to keep your smartphone safe. The app can even help you optimize device performance by freeing up memory.

AVG AntiVirus is one of the top free antivirus apps for Windows. It was first released in 2002 by AVG Company. To date, the service has more than 500 million users worldwide. The mobile version of the app appeared on the Play Store in 2014. It is rated as one of the best antivirus apps for mobile, with over 50 million installs and almost 1 million positive reviews.

There are many other great features that Avira Security brings; APKmazon invites you to explore it in the article below!

Avira Security mod apk download

Free VPN

Avira Security is a completely free VPN app for smartphones. The app will allow you to access the VPN every day without any fees or asking to see any ads. You will have a fast and secure transmission with just one touch. The application currently has more than 400 servers located in many countries and regions.

But if you own Avira Security Prime, everything is even better. You will be able to use an unlimited amount of high-speed VPNs. APKmazon puts Avira Security Prime Unlocked download link below, and you can download it completely for free.

Want to try another good mobile VPN service? We recommend ExpressVPN Premium.

Increase internet connection speed

Avira Security will be an excellent solution for you if you need a high-speed internet connection. By connecting to VPN servers with data encryption, Avira Security will help you increase transfer speeds many times over. This will be extremely necessary for those who often play games, stream, or watch high-resolution videos. Besides, Avira Security will also help you stabilize the connection when using a VPN. That means you’ll avoid network lag, delays, and instability.

Change connection data to bypass the firewall.

You will be able to access any website without any limitations. This is thanks to Avira Security’s ability to quickly change IP addresses. Avira Co. there are VPN servers in almost every country around the world. So the app will help you bypass the firewall to access any blocked website in any country. Owning Avira Security means you can freely surf the web as you please.

Stay safe on the internet.

For those who work online, security is extremely important. You will not want to fall into the situation of your working data being stolen by crooks. They can steal data copyright or destroy your important documents. Another example is online shopping, and if your connection is not secure, hackers can track and steal your credit card information. These are not pleasant at all.

So, you will need Avira Security for your smartphone. Avira Security possesses ultra-modern security protocols for military-grade security. Your data will be encrypted and sent through Avira’s VPN servers. All your information and identity will be hidden and no one can track or know what you are doing on the internet. To prevent someone from getting your hands on your data, they will be automatically deleted when you end your session with the app. In short, all your information will be secure with Avira Security.

Avira Security premium apk

Scan connections

Do you want to know how many devices are connected to your wifi network? – Avira Security will tell you this. This app can quickly scan your wifi network in a few seconds. Then, Avira Security will report specifically to users the devices connected to their wifi network. This way, you can see if your transmission is private and secure.

Antivirus Protection

Besides great VPN features, Avira Security can also protect your smartphone from threats. These threats can be viruses, hackers, or stalkers. They want to find a way to steal information or damage your device. But don’t worry; Avira Security can detect these threats before they can hit you. That’s because this app has smart-scan capabilities. It will scan your entire device to find malicious code and unknown software and report back to the user. This will help you keep your smartphone safe and healthy.

Smartphone Cleaner & Speed ​​Booster

Avira Security will help you optimize your smartphone’s performance. The working mechanism of this feature is very simple. First, the app will scan all software and hardware on your smartphone. Then, Avira Security will quickly process the information and send reports to users. This report tab will show you the amount of RAM and ROM used/available on your device.

The information about RAM will be displayed as: Total memory, available memory, needed memory, and temporarily used memory. You should pay attention to the item “sleeping memory in use”. This is the active part of RAM for apps running in the background. Turn off apps you don’t need. To turn off these unnecessary apps, you can operate in the multitasking section of the device. At this point, you have freed up RAM and optimized the performance of your smartphone.

As for ROM, Avira will ask for permission to access the “Gallery” folder – which takes up a lot of space on the smartphone. After a few minutes of scanning, the app will find duplicate photos/videos or low-quality ones. Avira considers this to be unnecessary data. You can review them yourself once and then confirm that the app automatically deletes them. Just a few simple steps, but you will save a lot of memory space on your smartphone.

Avira Security features

Software update check

Avira Security also has the feature to check for updates in the Android operating system. The app will automatically scan the device software and report the latest operating system updates to you.

Smartphone locator

Smartphone positioning is a feature in the “Security” section of Avira. The app will automatically connect devices using the same Avira Security account. Thanks to that, you can locate your smartphone at any time. This is a very convenient feature to secure your smartphone and private data. Of course, to enable this feature, you will have to grant permission to use the smartphone location for the app.

Data backup and information security

Another use of Avira Security is that the app will help you store and secure your data. You can back up your data to Avira Cloud – a highly encrypted storage software site. Here, all your information is kept confidential. You can download data by logging into your Avira Security account on different devices.

Call blocking

If you don’t want to be bothered by advertising calls, spam, or calls from people you don’t like, let Avira Security help you. The call blocking feature is a new feature developed on this app. You can enable it by granting “phone” access in your smartphone’s Settings. At this point, you can choose the phone number you want to block. Stalkers will no longer be able to annoy you. In addition, Avira Security also provides a list of blocked phone numbers in case you want to unblock them.

MOD APK of Avira Security

Avira Security is an extremely versatile VPN app. It integrates countless different features to serve the user experience. These features are extremely convenient and easy to use. However, to take full advantage of the resources Avira Security offers, you will need to pay to unlock the Avira Security Prime version. But in this article, APKmazon will send you Avira Security MOD APK Prime Unlocked version completely free!

Premium privilege

  • Protect you from phishing sites
  • Protect email identity
  • Unlimited VPN traffic

MOD Info

  • Prime Unlocked
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


As a powerful and multi-functional VPN app, Avira Security is trusted by millions of Android smartphone users worldwide. How about you? – Click on the link below to install Avira Security MOD APK Prime Unlocked completely for free!

Download Avira Security Antivirus & VPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 7.23.0

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