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AutomateIt Pro - Automate task MOD APK (Paid) 4.1.151

AutomateIt Pro MOD APK – Turn your smartphone into a genius-phone!

App NameAutomateIt Pro - Automate task
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About AutomateIt Pro

AutomateIt Pro is a remarkable program that may help you get more out of your Android phone or tablet by automating a wide range of routine chores. It’s the top tier of AutomateIt, with no annoying ads, pop-ups, and many extras. This article will explore AutomateIt Pro’s many features, highlighting its advantages and introducing brand-new ones.

Automation’s Potential, Unleashed

All of the functions that were hidden in the demo version may now be accessed with this app. This removes any barriers that may have existed between the user and a fully automated experience. Pro users may take advantage of a promotion that eliminates the points requirement while downloading rules from the rules market for a limited period.

A Set of Practical Guidelines

The app offers a flexible set of guidelines that may be modified to meet the needs of every user. These guidelines account for a wide variety of cases, making it so that your gadget may easily adjust to your way of life. Notable policies include turning off the screen and activating a silent mode when you sleep, putting the phone on vibrate in meetings, turning up the volume when the headset is disconnected, and turning it down when it’s plugged in. In addition, the proximity sensor on an AutomateIt Pro phone may be used to automatically mute or unmute a caller’s microphone or switch the speaker on or off.

Superior Automation Thanks to Cutting-Edge Features

AutomateIt Pro delivers cutting-edge capabilities that improve automation by letting customers make more nuanced and specific rules. Among these characteristics are:

  1. Composite Triggers enable users to apply logic and criteria between many triggers for a single rule. Because of this, a sophisticated automation system may be built.
  2. Users can use the composite action functionality to perform many actions in response to a single trigger (which may be a hybrid trigger). This allows users to develop sophisticated automation workflows quickly.
  3. Users can establish individual busy periods for each direction to ensure that particular rules are only active at certain times. This is a handy option for users who only want certain restrictions to be in effect during the day, on weekends, or at specified times.
  4. The app’s sensor trigger functionality uses your device’s sensing capabilities. This involves using the accelerometer, light sensor, proximity sensor, and other sensors Android provides. The potential for automation based on in-the-moment sensor data is therefore greatly expanded.
  5. With Calendar Trigger: AutomateIt Pro, you may simultaneously keep tabs on events in many calendars. This function makes it so that your smartphone automatically reacts to certain calendar events, allowing for a smooth merger of your digital and physical lives.
  6. This app makes activating or deactivating the screen lock simple, whether it is a slide, pattern, password, or pin. This provides a straightforward method for modifying your device’s safety parameters in response to predefined events.
  7. This feature, called Cancel deferred Execution by Trigger, cancels deferred execution whenever a defined trigger is executed. It ensures that things are paused when needed, making automation more effective and responsive.
  8. AutomateIt Pro’s Cell ID Trigger feature lets you set up actions upon establishing or breaking connections with specific cell types. An infinite number of user-defined stored locations facilitates location-based automation.
  9. This feature, known as the Recurring Event Trigger, triggers an action to be carried out at specific intervals. Users can automate repetitive processes by setting up recurring events to save time and effort.
  10. The app’s copy rule function simplifies creating new rules like current ones. This time-saving feature permits easy rule duplication and editing, which speeds up the automation setup procedure.

Bringing Out One’s Full Capabilities

If you’re coming to AutomateIt Pro from the free edition of AutomateIt, you’ll feel right at home. Users may quickly and easily improve their automation knowledge by following basic instructions. As a first step, you should copy your current ruleset using the option in the main menu. The free version of AutomateIt should then be removed from the gadget. Installing the app will get you access to all previously locked functions once that is done. Finally, restore the saved rules to quickly return to how automation was before you made any changes.

Better Language Assistance

The program supports various languages to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Languages now supported by the app include English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Danish, French, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Chinese, Hungarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, and Russian. This wide range of language support guarantees that customers worldwide may take full advantage of the app.

MOD APK version of AutomateIt Pro

MOD feature



How you use your Android handset will always be different after installing AutomateIt Pro. It streamlines your regular operations and boosts your productivity by using robotic automation. The app’s vast ruleset and cutting-edge features make fine-tuning your device’s behavior possible. You can set AutomateIt Pro to conserve battery life and silence your phone during meetings to respond to specific events and sensor data.

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