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Armed Heist: Shooting games MOD APK (Immortality, No Recoil) 3.0.2

Are you ready for the action-packed online gun shooter game?

App NameArmed Heist: Shooting games
Publisher Sozap
MOD InfoImmortality, No Recoil
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About Armed Heist

Armed Heist is an intense first-person shooter that will make your heart race. The player takes on the character of a ruthless bank robber on a quest to rise to the ranks of the criminal underworld. With more than 70 different bank shooting challenges, gamers will be immersed in the action for hours.

Modular Weapon Structure

The game’s weapon system is adaptable, so players may create the deadliest weapons they can imagine. Action sights, suppressors, grips, barrels, stocks, and killer skins can improve the performance of your pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, or assault rifle. The player’s armament must be as lethal as possible in preparation for the next bank heist, making the game’s weapon system crucial.

Changeable Futures

The game’s ever-changing settings are a significant draw. Depending on the player’s actions and gun abilities, each bank heist challenge is different and cannot be replayed. The game’s 3D crime map displays a library of easy targets, such as low-security banks and armored vehicles, from which the player may select a robbery to execute.

Advertise Your Player Icon

In this game, you can design your merciless bank robber right down to the dress, skin, mask, and bulletproof vest. Whether the player wants to take on the role of a deadly clown, a special forces specialist, or a fierce mobster, they have the freedom to create their persona. Armed Heist is a thrilling third-person shooter with stunning 3D visuals and engaging gameplay.

First-Person Viewpoint Gameplay

Games like Armed Heist are third-person shooters, which means the camera actively and dynamically rotates about the player character, as opposed to the static perspective of first-person shooters (FPS), where the player only sees what’s in the barrel of their rifle. With this addition, gamers will feel like they are participating in the game, complete with bank heists and gun battles.

The Gang’s Objective

The game’s goal is to transform the player into a ruthless criminal who always needs to develop new strategies to become the most feared bank robber in the city. To win the game, players must consistently be the first to fire bullets, kill many adversaries, and rob enormous banks. If the police or people who always do the right thing start shooting, they will be the first to leave.

Multiple Playgrounds

Armed Heist has several different playgrounds, each with unique obstacles for players of varying abilities. Each bank heist operation will have unique challenges depending on the player’s level and firearms abilities. For players with poor shooting abilities, the game will automatically select a plain room or bank with few workers and inadequate security. The game provides people with exceptional shooting abilities with a location including a complicated layout and police officers in which to improve their skills.

Modify Your Attire

In the game’s universe, players may change how they look by swapping over accessories like masks and armor. With the use of high-quality 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, the game has the potential to deliver striking visuals akin to those in a high-octane action film.

Hone Your Gunning Skills Like a Pro

Shooting practice and professional challenges leading to hero status in the shooting village are available to gamers on Armed Heist. Players will employ the game’s customizable weapon system and the knowledge they’ve gained to complete objectives. They get rewarded with cash, gold, and other valuables when they succeed.

MOD APK version of Armed Heist

MOD feature

Immortality, No Recoil


Armed Heist is an exciting third-person shooter that plops players into a world of daring bank heists and gunfights. The game’s weapon customization options, changing environments, and open-ended playgrounds provide hours of fun for gamers of all skill levels. The opportunity to spruce up your avatar and create a unique wardrobe adds to the fun. Armed Heist’s addition of high-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay aims to deliver vibrant, beautiful visuals reminiscent of those in extreme action movies.

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