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Alarm and pill reminder MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.161

Alarm or reminder that speaks the title and performs actions

App NameAlarm and pill reminder
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About Alarm and Pill Reminder

It’s common for people to forget vital information, like when to take their prescription or show up for their doctor’s appointment, in our fast-paced environment. Thankfully, Alarm and Pill Reminder’s groundbreaking program has emerged as a game-changer in healthcare administration. This simple software provides several tools, including programmable alarms, pill reminders, and intelligent actions, to assist users in keeping track of their healthcare appointments and drug regimens. Explore the fantastic features of this program with me.

Adjustable Pill Reminder: Keeping Meds in Check

The app’s configurable pill reminder mechanism is its crowning feature. Individualized medication reminders may be created with this function. The reminders may be set to recur daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, giving users great flexibility in meeting their needs. This is especially helpful for those taking various medications at different times throughout the day.

Automation of Common Functions like Volume and Bluetooth

Alarm and Pill Reminder integrates brilliant activities to give people more agency and comfort. These clever additions make it easy to change the volume or toggle Bluetooth on and off. The app’s customization options make it sound when a blaring ringtone is inappropriate, such as in business meetings or quiet areas. By turning off Bluetooth while it’s not in use, the intelligent actions also help extend the battery life.

Multiple Reminder Options and a Flexible Alarm

The app’s Alarm function is also noteworthy. Users can establish several alarms with ringtone, note, and recurrence parameters. The program is flexible enough to meet users’ needs who want to set alerts hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. In addition, people may set alerts for particular days, preventing them from missing any of their key appointments or activities.

Identifying Annotations Quickly and Easily with Intelligent Color Tabs

The Alarm and Pill Reminder app has annotation tools for alarms and medication reminders due to the need for simple recognition. Annotations made by the user make it easy to see which tasks have been set as reminders at a glance. In addition, the app now uses clever color coding to indicate the priority of impending notifications. The subsequent execution is set for today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow and is represented by a red, yellow, or green label, respectively.

Sleep Time Function: Undisturbed Slumber with Clear View of Alerts

The app has a sleep timer to stop annoying alarms from going off at all-night hours. Users may choose a time range during which alarms won’t sound off but will still appear as alerts. With this feature, customers can rest easy knowing they won’t miss any critical signals in the middle of the night.

The premium version of a helpful app that improves user experience and health.

Alarm and Pill Reminder is an excellent resource for those needing guidance in keeping up with their healthcare and pharmaceutical schedules. It’s fantastic software since it has many valuable tools, such as a programmable pill reminder, intelligent actions, flexible alarms, annotation features, automated color labeling, and a sleep timer. The app’s usability and quality of life are improved even more by the premium version’s ability to remove ads for a reasonable fee. In conclusion, this program is a crucial resource for people who want to care for their health and prevent illness.

MOD APK version of Alarm and Pill Reminder

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


With its cutting-edge features and intuitive layout, Alarm and Pill Reminder transforms healthcare administration by providing a one-stop shop for managing patients’ medical appointments and prescriptions. This software helps users stay on their medication schedules and never miss a doctor’s visit. It includes programmable alarms, intelligent actions, flexible note-taking tools, color-coded labeling for each medicine, and sleep time adjustments. The premium edition of the app removes advertisements, making it more user-friendly.

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