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Airport Simulator Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.02.0601

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Have you ever wondered: “Is it that hard to be a CEO?” or “What is the job of a CEO?” – If you are wondering, then let’s experience it through a smartphone game. It’s Airport Simulator Tycoon MOD APK.

About Airport Simulator Tycoon game

Airport Simulator Tycoon is a strategy and simulation game. In Airport Simulator Tycoon, you will experience the feeling of becoming a CEO of an airport. You will have to do all the management from building infrastructure, planning strategies, signing contracts… There are many more interesting things waiting for you to discover. Airport Simulator Tycoon also has extremely realistic gameplay. This is where you can experience what it feels like to be a real CEO. Can you run an entire airport? – Let’s learn more about this game with APKmazon in the article below.

Airport Simulator Tycoon mod apk download

You are the general manager of an airport

In Airport Simulator Tycoon, you will become a general manager operating an airport. You will have a huge amount of work to do. But don’t worry, the talented and hardworking staff will help you manage the tasks. Here is a list of your employees:

  • Nikláus – Head of Operations
  • Miranda – Business angel
  • Harry – Assistant Manager
  • Idris – Airport Logistic Engineer
  • Cara – Maintenance Supervisor

These are the people you will often work with. They are your employees. Their job is to support you in the management and development of the airport. At the same time, they will also guide you on what to do to grow your business.

Plan flight schedule in real-time

One of your main jobs in Airport Simulator Tycoon is to plan flight plans of flights. Flights Planning will be divided into 4-time frames of the day. They are EAM, AM, AN, PM. Your task is to arrange the schedule for each flight to suit each time frame. You will not be able to schedule flights at the same time. Therefore, consider it carefully every time you sign a new contract of carriage.

You can plan flights hourly, daily, weekly… To adjust the timelines, you can click on the timeline bar located at the top of the screen.

On the Flights Planning page, you will see a yellow timeline bar displayed on the screen vertically. It’s real-time in the game. You will have to plan flights based on this timeline. Try to plan as many flights as possible to keep the airport running at full capacity!

Airport Simulator Tycoon gameplay

Quests with huge rewards

The fastest way to earn extra income is to complete the missions in Airport Simulator Tycoon.

You will get Daily Mission and Mini-task from Airport Simulator Tycoon. Daily Mission has 11 daily missions and Mini-tasks are unlimited. What they have in common is that they both bring you great rewards

When you complete all the tasks in the Daily Mission section, you will receive Big Reward. Big Reward is a special reward consisting of Dollars, Sky Coins, Airline Token. Daily Mission will be refreshed every day. Try to complete them often to receive valuable rewards!

Infrastructure development

To increase the capacity of the airport, you will have to build and develop a lot of new areas. One of them is the runway. To be able to sign more contracts and plan more flights, you must have a lot of runways. This is where the plane stops and picks up and drops off passengers. Another thing is a gas station. The gas station will be the place to refuel the plane. Even though you don’t own these planes, they belong to partners, but you can still sell them gas to make money. There are countless other areas that you can build and develop such as parking areas, checkpoints… These functional areas can all be upgraded to increase working capacity.

Signing contracts with business partners

Many famous airlines want to contract with you in Airport Simulator Tycoon. They have dedicated planes and you have the airport. They need places to pick up passengers, refuel, and you need them to provide transportation services. This is a win-win relationship. So, try to build as many relationships as possible to grow your business.

When you successfully conclude a contract with a partner, try to maintain the relationship with them. The way to maintain a relationship is very simple, you just need to plan your flight schedule regularly. If you maintain a good and long-term relationship, you will receive gifts from your partner.

Think carefully before signing a new contract. If you sign too many contracts without being able to maintain them, you can break business relationships with partners.

Some major partners may have some requirements to enter into a contract with you. Please try to fulfill those requests. Having many business partners will help your business grow fast!

Airport Simulator Tycoon features

Building a business strategy

A leader’s job is to plan strategy. You will have to come up with reasonable business strategies for your airport in Airport Simulator Tycoon

Your business strategy will depend on the flight services you provide to your customers. You can offer fixed flights or one-way or round-trip flights.

In addition, you can build businesses in the main lobby of the airport. With a large number of customers coming in and out constantly, these stores will be a great source of revenue for your budget. There are many types of business stores that you can build such as coffee shops, amusement parks, vending machines, souvenir shops, etc.

Consider building dedicated aprons in the open spaces off the runway. At that time, you can rent out these aprons to earn extra income.

*Tips: Renting a parking lot and doing business in the airport center is a great way to earn passive income. You can use this source of income to maintain the operation of the airport.

Airport Services Development

When your business situation is stable, this is the time when customers will come more. Your airport will be crowded with customers. At this point, what you need to do is develop Airport Services. These are Check-in, Check-out, and Security services in the airport area. You can upgrade these services or build new service areas.

Developing Airport Services will allow you to accommodate more customers at the same time. Avoid too many customers causing congestion and delay. From there, the customer experience is also enhanced. People will love your airport more.

Monitor your finance

As a Director, you will of course have to oversee the financial health of the business. Please access the Finance section from the main page of the application. Here you can keep track of sales reports. It will tell you the revenue that the service type earns. You will understand the revenue sources from ticket sales, coffee shops, souvenir shops… From there, you will know what services you should invest in to maximize the revenue of your business.

Next to income are expenses. You can also control how much you spend on jobs. At the same time, you will also understand the costs needed to keep the airport running. Be a good manager and try to save as much money as possible!

Track record

An extremely important job of you is to ensure the quality of service is always at the best level.

Track Record will let you know if the quality of service is pleasing to customers. Here, you can see 4 criteria evaluated by customers and partners. These criteria are Objective – Timeliness – Airport Services – Infrastructure Conditions. They will be rated on a scale of F to A.

If your rating is too low, it means that customers and business partners are not satisfied with your service. You need to immediately fix them. Otherwise, customers will not want to continue using your services, business relationships will also be affected.

Decorate your airport

The lobby is an area that receives a lot of customers every day. So why not decorate it to be beautiful?

In Airport Simulator Tycoon you can design your airport interior. The main lobby area of ​​the airport is quite large. You can build ticket counters, check-in counters, waiting rows, road signs, etc. Or you can prioritize building cafes and shopping malls to both decorate and earn extra income.

MOD APK of Airport Simulator Tycoon

In Airport Simulator Tycoon, you will have to calculate a lot of expenses. Sometimes it makes me a little pressured because I have to balance the cash flows. The original purpose I played Airport Simulator Tycoon was for fun. So Airport Simulator Tycoon MOD Money APK is a very perfect version. In addition, with this version, you will not have to wait too long to build buildings. You can skip them with Sky Coins Unlimited.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free download on


Airport Simulator Tycoon is an extremely good game that you should not miss. In this game, you will experience becoming a director, directly operating the airport’s operations. In addition, you can also build and develop airport furniture as you like. And finally, sign contracts and maintain relationships with partners. All bring a work experience of a CEO. You can download Airport Simulator Tycoon MOD APK for smartphones at your link below right now!

Download Airport Simulator Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.02.0601

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