Airline Commander: Flight Game
Airline Commander: Flight Game

Airline Commander: Flight Game MOD APK (Missions Always Complete) 2.0.12

Take off, fly & land. Build a fleet in one of the most realistic plane games.

App NameAirline Commander: Flight Game
Publisher RORTOS
MOD InfoMissions Always Complete
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About this MOD

Missions Always Complete

Airline Commanders is a simulation game that lets people feel what it would be like to run their own airline. They will have the chance to run an airline and own beautiful planes like a rich boss. From here, they will be able to make your dream of having the most well-known airline in the world come true. Currently, the game is available on both mobile devices and PC, and it offers a realistic and in-depth experience of running an airline. In this article, we provide you with the MOD file of the game with an exclusive feature: missions are always completed. Moreover, it is free. Join us to find out right now!

How to play

  • After creating the airline, players will have the ability to purchase different types of aircraft and routes. They can do this by using in-game currency, which is earned by operating flights and completing missions.
  • Players must then carefully manage the financial aspects of their airline. This includes setting ticket prices, monitoring fuel costs, and keeping an eye on their overall profit and loss.
  • Besides, players can also customize and upgrade their aircraft. This includes purchasing different types of planes and then upgrading them with new engines, winglets, or other modifications to increase their efficiency and performance.
  • Managing routes is also an important aspect of the game. Players can choose to fly between various real-world airports and set the frequency of flights, and the number of seats available on each flight. They also have to think about things like the route’s length, the weather, and the competition from other airlines.
  • In multiplayer mode, players can compete against each other as well as run their own airlines. This allows players to see how their airline stacks up against others and to learn from the strategies and tactics of other players.
  • As players progress in the game, they can unlock new features and options. This includes building new airports, buying new planes, and adding more routes and destinations for their airline.
  • Overall, the game is based on strategic thinking and management, so players must be able to balance the financial aspect of the game with the operational aspect to be successful in the game.

Key features

  • Dozens of aircraft: turbine, jet, single deck, or double deck.
  • Dozens of main hubs with taxiways opening thousands of routes to all major airports in the world.
  • hundreds of realistic airports and runways. HD satellite imagery, worldwide maps, and navigation for every region and airport.
  • There are thousands of different situations to handle.
  • Real-time aircraft traffic, with real airlines, on the ground and in flight.
  • Simplified flight system with navigation aid or flight simulation for advanced users.
  • Realistic SID/STAR takeoff and landing procedures with pushback, taxi and docking capabilities.
  • Competition mode to prove you are the best pilot.
  • Real-time sun, moon, stars and weather conditions.
  • Customizable air service.


In general, Airline Commanders give players who are interested in how an airline works a realistic and interesting experience. The game’s depth and variety of options make it a great choice for both casual and serious gamers. Airline Commanders is a great game for people who like airplanes because it has a lot of different ways to play.

Download Airline Commander: Flight Game MOD APK (Missions Always Complete) 2.0.12

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