Aesthetic Video Editor: Videap
Aesthetic Video Editor: Videap

Aesthetic Video Editor: Videap MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.9.7

Aesthetic video templates with effects & filters, making your video dazzling

App NameAesthetic Video Editor: Videap
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About Videap

Are you interested in finding an app to help you become a better videographer while making your movies appear incredibly beautiful? Using the Videap app, you can transform your movies into captivating works of art by applying various artistic filters and effects to them.

You may take your video-making abilities to the next level with Videap’s wide variety of capabilities, which can be found in the app. It comes with a large variety of filters and effects that you can apply to your movies to give them a distinctive look tailored to your preferences. You have options like sparkles, vintage products, optical effects, and three-dimensional components. You may also combine filters and products in your films with an entirely one-of-a-kind look.

Filters and Effects of an Aesthetic Nature

Videap allows you to produce gorgeous films by providing you with five distinct types of filters and effects to choose from. Using the Sparkles category, you can give your movies a lustrous and ethereal air by adding a soft glimmer or a starry sheen. Your movies will be transformed into something spectacular and weird when you use the 3D category to add 3D features such as butterflies, projections, bubbles, and more. The Optical type makes it simple to put together an innovative light display by allowing you to include light effects such as neon, x-scan, prism, and streamer. The Visual category is responsible for adding aesthetically pleasing elements around the figure in the video, such as line art, cloned sculptures, flame and aurora, and other effects. It works wonderfully for videos including dance or different types of motion. In the last step, the Retro category provides effects such as DVD, paper sheet, fisheye lens, nostalgia, indie, monochrome filters, and more. It contributes to creating a vintage atmosphere and texture, which transports you to bygone eras.

The use of Presets and Templates

Videap offers a variety of video templates that can serve as a starting point for users who are new to the process of creating videos. Using these carefully crafted and curated templates, which come in various formats, you can quickly produce works of art pleasing to the eye. Using the app’s preset filters and effects, you may create a movie with Videap at any time and location.

Motion Recapture

The app can precisely monitor and trace your motion thanks to its usage of AI-powered figure keying. When adding effects or filters to a video, this function comes in handy when you want those effects or filters to move in sync with the movie’s topic.

Video Editing

Videap is a robust and professional video editing program that offers fundamental and sophisticated editing features like cropping, rotating, trimming, and cutting. You may process your movies using the app in a way that is faster, tidier, and more convenient with a few straightforward actions.

Muway sic

Videap gives you access to a wide variety of default background music options. You can also select music from your music library and import it into your films.

User-friendly Interface

With Videap’s user-friendly interface, users can easily browse the platform due to high-quality films without encountering complications or inconvenient side effects.

The app Is An Artificial Intelligence-Powered Professional Video Editing Platform

Videap is another professional video editor that helps users produce spectacular and remarkable films by providing a variety of effects, tools, functions, and features to work with when creating their videos. Because the software learns from each user’s behavior and adjusts itself accordingly, it enables users to be more productive and effective when generating movies. Additionally, it provides regular updates of fresh content to broaden the user’s experience and give the impression of professional video editing.

Massive Appearance-Related Filters

It provides users access to various artistic filters that may completely transform the mood of their uploaded films. Users have access to numerous filters, allowing them to alter the sensation that each frame evokes continually. Changing the filter to your liking will help things run smoothly and make the movie more interesting.

Editors that are Integrated and Powerful

Users can promptly process tidier and more convenient films with the assistance of Videap’s expert editor. In addition, it incorporates additional AI to either hasten the processing or improve the frame quality, resolution, and frame rate of the video.

Glitter Effects

This app provides its customers with over a hundred distinct glitter patterns and numerous customizing possibilities, allowing users to express their creativity and experience excitement. These glitter effects may be straightforward yet dazzling video additions, helping to distinguish them from other media in pivotal times.

Unique Preset Templates

Videap provides customers with one-of-a-kind preset templates that AI supports. These templates let users automate every section of the movie and more effectively modify every component. Users with no fresh ideas to make their films more beautiful and appealing may save themselves a lot of time and effort by using these templates.

Features that AI powers

The app provides its customers with various functionalities that are driven by AI, allowing for more precision while editing each film scene. The system will automatically record the editing process so that it may be applied to all other videos. Users can make numerous remarkable discoveries with professional video editing thanks to the many capabilities also allow significant customization.

Editing on Multiple Layers

Users of Videap can upload Videap users can layer thanks to the app’s multi-layer editing functionality. This helps to retain the core work, and users can arrange, tweak, and personalize each layer, which allows them to generate new potential or combinations for each movie.


Videap is both effective video editing program that provides users with various tools and effects that can be utilized to assist in producing outstanding films. They have a user-friendly design, are simple to operate, and provide a wide range of possibilities for individualized customization. These applications may help you take your video-making talents to the next level, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. Get the latest version of Videap right now, and start making gorgeous films you can share on social networking sites to wow everyone.

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