66 Demons !
66 Demons !

66 Demons ! MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit) 0.0.11

Daily monster hunting !

App Name66 Demons !
Publisher Basalt
MOD InfoGod Mode, One Hit
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About this MOD

God Mode, One Hit

66 Demons is a card game with a horror theme for two to four players. The players take on the role of magicians attempting to drive out 66 different types of demons from the haunted house that serves as the backdrop for the game. The winner of the game is the participant who, prior to the conclusion of it, was able to cast out the most number of demons.

How to play

The game consists of a number of rounds. Each is supposed to represent one day spent in the haunted house. At the beginning of each round, players take turns drawing a certain number of cards from the demon deck. These cards are meant to represent the demons that have moved into the house on that particular day. Then, the players take turns using their exorcism cards to try to get rid of these devils.

How to use the cards

There are two distinct categories of demon cards: ritual cards and equipment cards. Players employ ritual cards to perform miracles, while equipment cards provide them with additional tools to help them banish demons from their world. To get rid of a demon, players must use demon cards with a difficulty level that is either the same as or higher than the level on the demon card.

Aside from that, players can also use their influence cards to get help from outside sources like priests or occultists. This can be done by playing the appropriate card in the appropriate influence slot. But you can only play these cards a certain number of times, so you’ll need to employ some strategy if you want to get rid of as many devils as possible.

In addition to the demon and exorcism cards, there are also event cards in the game, each of which has the potential to have either a favorable or negative impact on the whole experience. These things can be good, like when a powerful holy relic shows up, or worse, like when a demon takes over a player’s exorcism cards. When either all 66 demons have been revived successfully or there are no more demon cards in the deck, the game is over. The winner of the game is the one who exorcises the most demons.

Key features

Demon Hunter

Hunt demons, Slash your enemies in short games, discover new monsters, get powerful items and new abilities, and help the demon club make Erevoth a better place…

Unique gameplay concept

66 seconds per day! Play 66 seconds every day, slash as many demons as you can for more time, and go as far as you can in this original dark fantasy adventure game.

Top Ranking System

  • Your kills count towards our daily and weekly leaderboards!
  • Will you be Erevoth’s best hunter?
  • Compare your score with that of our community of demon hunters.


Fans of both horror and card games will enjoy the exciting and demanding gaming experience of 66 Demons. The gameplay is simple, but players must still follow the strategy and make the most of their cards in order to win the game and expel the most demons.

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