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Introducing Zone Z – New survival game of Kingsgroup Holdings

KingsGroup Holdings is a not so famous game publisher, who has just released 2 games: Dino War: Rise of Beasts, Z Day: Hearts of Heroes. However, these 2 games are very popular among players. Recently, this new game company continues to launch a new mobile game called Zone Z. Accordingly, Zone Z will be a survival game, following the leading game trend in the world today. Along with ApkMazon, we will find out what this interesting Zone Z game is, whether it can compete with other popular survival games or not.

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Background of the game

Zone Z is a massively multiplayer online role-playing mobile game. The game takes place in a fantasy world with excellent content. After the end of the world, the epidemic spreads over lands, zombies rise and threaten what is left of the world. As one of the few survivors, you will have to be very sincere through the days of existence. You have to collect resources, build camps, shelters, … and do everything you can to survive.

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Enter the harsh survival battle

Zone Z is not a single-player survival game, but you will get involved with all players around the world in a common map. Fighting or cooperating with other players depends on you. You can search and team-up with other players in groups of 4. In addition, you can build more relationships with other players. Just build your own shelter, recruit survivors, visit each other’s camps, help each other produce, meet new friends on expeditions … With voice systems to help communicate near people with each other, you can easily chat with the people around.

Of course, you also need to stay alert because other players can break into your room to plunder. Remember to set traps around. At the same time, you can also break into others house and be careful with the traps if you want to be able to become professionals raiding.

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In Zone Z, the building and fabrication system is very formidable, but it is also simplified for you to use when the combination of in-game materials is much simplified. The game also has a system of sunny and rainy weather and day and night with a diverse environment system from marshes to forests … Then you can think about where to travel depending on the weather and day and night. Surviving is the most important task, the player’s ultimate goal in Zone Z. But how will you achieve that goal, how long will it last? Who will you become? It all depends on you when participating in the Zone Z world.

High-end graphics

To bring the most authentic experience, the right quality of survival games, Zone Z is equipped with high-quality 3D graphics. The images in the game are very sharp with high detail, very carefully invested. From the construction of landscape systems, characters, zombies, weapons systems to the weather system, real-time day and night, … are created very well. From there, you will enter a survival battle with high authenticity, feeling like you are directly adventuring in Zone Z’s world.

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Download Zone Z APK

Zone Z, though not yet officially released, has received a lot of attention from players around the world. Overall, this is an impressive apocalyptic survival game product by KingGroups Holdings publisher, which is expected to be a cult game in the near future. Below is the link to download Zone Z game from Google Play for you to follow and a Zone Z APK version for you to choose.

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