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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.5.133

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Require4.4 and up
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Referring to zombies, people will think of dangerous and scary creatures. But no, today I will introduce you to super cute and funny zombies in a game. It is the Zombie Tsunami game.

About Zombie Tsunami

Surely this game is no longer strange to everyone because it is so hot. Zombie Tsunami is a game with more than 200 million plays worldwide. With fun content and easy to play, it has attracted many people who love endless-run games. Besides, Zombie Tsunami also has interesting challenges with obstacles and attractive missions. Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in the article below.

Zombie Tsunami mod apk download

Zombie Tsunami rules

In Zombie Tsunami, you will control a horde of zombies raiding the cities. This is an endless-run game like Subway Surfers. This means it will never end unless you lose. Try to survive as long as you can to get a high score.

Starting with a zombie, you can increase the number of zombies by eating people who appear on the road. When you reach a certain number of zombies, you can overturn the vehicles on the road to eat the people inside. The larger the vehicles, the more zombies you will need to topple, and the more people to eat.

The more zombies you have in your army, the more lives you have and the higher your chances of survival.

An easy to play game

No need for complicated combos, in Zombie Tsunami, you can play the game with… one hand. The two main operations in this game are touch and hold. You tap once for the zombie to jump and hold for the time to slowly land. Although the manipulation of the game is so simple, this game is not easy to play. You will have to estimate your jumps and landings accurately if you don’t want to hit obstacles.

Overcome obstacles to keep going further.

The first is the deep holes, you will need to control the jumping zombies accurately to pass. If the zombie falls into the hole, it will die. These wormholes are your biggest enemy in the game

Next is the moving means of transportation. Unlike stationary vehicles that you can easily topple, moving vehicles can attack your zombies. These are helicopters, or cars that move at very high speeds towards you. If there is an accident, you will lose one zombie in the crew.

Another obstacle is mine. They are placed in many places along the way to trap your zombies. If you accidentally step on a mine, it will explode and kill a zombie in the group.

Finally, there are earthquakes. Earthquakes cause sudden terrain changes. The path will suddenly sink, causing the zombies to fall into the hole. Sometimes, earthquakes will create a new lane path for your zombies to continue their journey.

Compare scores with your friends

You can connect two apps Zombie Tsunami and Facebook to display a list of friends. Those are your friends who are also playing this game. The numbers shown below their profile picture are their highest score. Your friend’s list will be ranked in order of scores from high to low. Let’s “challenge” your friends to see who gets the highest score in this game!

The first time you connect Zombie Tsunami to Facebook, you will be rewarded with 100 diamonds. This is a gift from the game. I will talk about the use of these diamonds later.

Sometimes in the game, your friends will be simulated in the form of people in the city. What are you waiting for without eating them?

Game boosters items

To make the game more interesting, take advantage of the transformation skills of zombies. These skills will be located in a mysterious box that appears randomly in the game. You just need to control zombies to touch the box to activate them.

Transformation skills will give abilities to all zombies in the party and they only last for a certain amount of time. Here are some skills that you can use:

  • Ninja: All your Zombies turn into Ninjas with swords that can cut all obstacles. You can’t land slowly in Ninja state, but you can double-tap the screen to jump higher.
  • Gold: Your team of Zombies will turn everything they touch into gold and collect them.
  • Dragon: Your zombies will turn into a dragon, the zombie at the top will be the dragon’s head. In this state, you can fly and land very slowly. When upgraded, dragons can breathe fire and destroy obstacles.
  • Balloons: The heads of zombies will turn into balloons and they will float in the sky. If you touch the screen, they will fly close to the ground.
  • UFO: This is a skill that your zombies will not transform. Instead, the UFO will clone and create new zombies for your zombie crew.
  • Quarterback: They will ram everything they encounter on the road. The weakness of this skill is that zombies are limited in their ability to jump and land.
  • GiantZ: All your zombies will gather into a giant zombie with laser eyes that can destroy everything.
  • Tsunami: This is the strongest skill in the game. Your crew of zombies will ride a giant wave capable of destroying everything. You can tap the screen repeatedly to adjust the height of the wave.

You can upgrade these skills in the shop. They have many different levels to upgrade. Upgrading will make skills stronger and performance time longer.

Attractive mini-tasks will help you earn coins

On the main page of the app, visit the “Tasks” section. This is where you will receive mini-missions to perform. These mini-missions are usually quite easy to do. When you complete them, you’ll have some “liquid” stored in a nearby test tube. Test tubes are like the level in your game. You will need to collect full test tubes to unlock more interesting features.

Every time you accumulate a full test tube, you will be given a lot of coins. Completing mini-missions is also a very effective way to earn coins.

Another way to earn Coins is to collect a lot of “brains” in the game. Every time you eat a villager, it will be a “brain”. When you reach 100 brains, you will get a scratch card to earn coins. But sometimes that scratch card will have nothing or only a few supporting skills.

Difficulty increases gradually

In the beginning, the pace of the game is usually quite slow for players to get used to. But gradually, the speed of the game will be increased. Your zombies will run faster and more obstacles will appear. Can you overcome them and conquer the high score?

Make your Zombies look nice

With the number of coins you collect in the game, you can buy hats to decorate zombies. These hats will not affect gameplay. They simply make your zombies look funnier.

Zombies raiding infamous locations

You will experience using your zombies to raid large cities such as Mount Rushmore, Aztec Mexico, Himalayas, Easter Island… These are the sets of backgrounds that will make the game interesting.

Usually, you start with a regular city, then Los Angeles. To start raiding other locations, you can purchase their font sets in the store. You can pay with coins earned in the game.

Collect zombies’ pets

Above, I mentioned diamonds – a currency in the Zombie Tsunami. The use of diamonds will be to unlock zombies’ pets. You will use diamonds to buy eggs, eggs will spawn random pets. 

These pets are assistants that will accompany you in the game. They are shaped like the deformed bird that flies after zombies. Each assistant will have special skills such as creating more zombies, destroying obstacles, and increasing the amount of gold received.

Pets will not be affected by obstacles. They will always follow the zombies in the levels. Unlock lots of pets to experience the convenient skills they bring. You can equip 2 pets at the same time by unlocking more playing slots from the shop. There are many pets with interesting shapes in the store.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in this game are designed quite attractively. The game is designed in 3D with very funny cartoon-designed images. Zombie Tsunami also has colorful and sharp backgrounds and details. Surely you will find Zombie Tsunami is an extremely interesting game.

The sound in the game is also very attractive. Zombie Tsunami will simulate the sounds of things that appear from planes, cars to the screams of people. All create an interesting and funny game.

MOD APK of Zombie Tsunami

APKmazon brings you the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK Unlimited Money version completely free. In this version, you can enjoy shopping for items and upgrading zombies skills in the shop.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


This is a great game to entertain after stressful working hours. What’s more, you can “challenge” the score with your friends. A classic and never-ending hot game. Now, you can download and install Zombie Tsunami to your smartphone from APKmazon completely free.

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.5.133

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