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YouTube Premium offers special benefits that standard accounts don’t have such as background playback, no ads, youtube music. Download the latest mod of this app at our blog to enjoy these Premium features completely for free.

About Youtube

When it comes to streaming video platforms, Youtube is a monument. Since being acquired by Google in 2006, Youtube has had an unbelievable journey to become the most popular video streaming service in the world at the moment. Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone using the Internet who doesn’t know the platform.

Youtube gets billions of hits every day to stream shared videos from users all over the world. Not only that, but it is also a friendly platform for content creators where they can publish their videos and get interested from people. Video publishers also receive advertising revenue from the videos they have uploaded.

Continuing their journey as the world’s second most visited website, Google introduced their apps to the mobile platform. Today, YouTube is one of the default apps on Android and iOS devices. On the official app markets of Google and Apple, this application has reached billions of installs. This number continues to increase.

Although it is under great competition from Tiktok, a popular short video-sharing social network, the value and environment that Youtube creates are still irreplaceable. Over 15 years on with hundreds of updates, Youtube is a useful platform for entertainment, education, streaming, data storage, and much more.


Key features of Youtube

What has made Youtube the most popular video streaming platform over the past 15 years? You will find the answer in this article.

Stream videos for free in high quality

As we mentioned, Youtube is a completely free video streaming platform. You can now stream videos on most smart devices including Windows computers, macOS, smartphones, SmartTVs, etc. With only a stable network connection, you can play videos at the highest quality, it can be up to 8K.

Video quality on Youtube is kept the same as the original video. It means that when you upload a 4k resolution video to this platform, your viewers will see the video in its original quality. You can change the quality of your video by opening the gear icon on the player toolbar. An “Auto” option is available to automatically change the video quality based on your Internet speed. On mobile apps, Youtube offers more options to change the quality of the streaming video. As follows:

  • Automatic: Varies based on your network quality.
  • Higher picture quality: Use more data
  • Save data: Lower picture quality
  • Advanced: Select a specific resolution.

On Youtube, you can watch videos on all different topics including entertainment, documentaries, science, dramas, TV Series, and much more interesting content.

Support editing and uploading videos

YouTube acts as a video social network. The content library on it is all contributed by users. It is an open platform that allows all of you to upload and share your videos, as long as they meet the developer’s policy requirements.

While allowing users to freely upload their videos, the content in your videos must comply with Youtube’s policies. They must not contain objectionable content, violence, hate language, drugs…

Attention has been drawn to Tiktok, a popular video-sharing social network with billions of users globally. However, the videos on this platform are limited in time and resolution. That’s a big limitation for a video-sharing platform. Fortunately, Youtube does not let you down as it allows you to upload and share videos in high quality and with no time limit. Besides, it provides a library of filters and copyright music for you to edit your videos.

A user-friendly and easily accessible platform

One great point is that there is no difference between the web version and the mobile app. Video resources are all synced so you can easily access your entire library from any device. The interface between these versions is a little different, but basically, the features and tools are the same.

In general, the interface on the application is similar to the Web version. You have a smart search bar to find your favorite videos. The app homepage is personalized based on your viewing history. There is a list of suggested videos based on the topics of the videos you have watched before. Here you can also find newly released or popular videos.

The app also categorizes videos into topics for easier browsing. If you like a certain video but don’t have time to watch it right away, save it to watch later. All videos on Youtube allow you to download and watch offline at any time.


Welcome comments and reactions

Youtube is not only a place to enjoy videos from content creators around the world, it is also a social network. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, 100% of the content on Youtube is videos.

Besides views, the number of reactions is also an indicator to evaluate a video on Youtube. When watching an interesting video, you can express your feelings by clicking Like or Unlike. You can also leave a comment below the video if you want. Remember that your comments must not violate Youtube’s policies. Do not try to spam on Youtube because your comments will be restricted or even deleted.

Besides, there is a quick share button available that allows you to push the video URL you want to share to any other platform like Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email…

Connect to your Google account

As you know, Youtube is managed by Google. We can see this platform as part of the ecosystem that Google has created in the Internet world. So you can log in to your Gmail account on Youtube. Once you’re signed in, Youtube will record your habits when you watch and browse videos, thereby personalizing the library on the app for each account.

Your personal data is synced on your Google account including name, profile picture, play history, subscribed channels. Next time you visit the app but don’t know what to watch, Youtube might give you some suggestions right on the homepage. It is always relevant because based on your video playing history.

In addition, you can easily synchronize your personal data. Just log in to your account on the web or app, all your personal data will be synced including playlists, liked videos…

What is YouTube Premium?

In May 2015, YouTube partnered with Google Play Music to introduce YouTube Red, a paid subscription service on the platform. At the end of 2018, Google officially released YouTube Premium as an alternative to YouTube Red. This membership subscription is for those who want a better experience when watching videos on Youtube as it offers many benefits that the standard member does not have.

YouTube Premium is not available everywhere in the world. Currently, this service is available in more than 100 countries and regions. Signing up is pretty simple. You can also use this service on all your devices, as long as you’re signed in with a Google account that’s subscribed to the YouTube Premium service.

In this article, we not only introduce you to the great benefits that the Premium package on Youtube brings. The latest mod version APK file of the Youtube Android app is available. The mod feature allows you to enjoy Premium features completely for free.

Why should you upgrade to Youtube Premium?

Youtube is a free video-sharing platform. That’s why you will see ads appear when you play the videos. It will definitely degrade the user experience. It is a fact that ads on Youtube are appearing more and more. Where previously you only saw ads shown on videos published from content creators who are partners of Google, ads can now appear on any video.

Advertising is undeniably the main revenue of Youtube. It is also a way for the platform to pay content creators. However, no one wants to see ads interspersed between videos. Every time you view and click on an ad, the video publisher gets paid for that action. This is the motivation for creators to publish more quality videos on Youtube. You have to accept the fact that the ads are part of Youtube and they certainly never go away.

If you want the most pleasant video viewing experience on Youtube, then subscribing to the Premium service is a smart choice. YouTube Premium is for those who want to pay monthly for a better service. Premium accounts enjoy special benefits that standard accounts don’t have such as background video playback, no ads, offline viewing…

Google does not limit devices using Youtube Premium. It means you can log into your premium account on any device and still enjoy the full benefits. As long as your device has a Youtube app installed, you can log in to your account and get premium features. Youtube is a universal application on all platforms so you can install it easily on Android, iOS, Smart TV, Android Box or access it with a browser.

Benefits of Youtube Premium

Before we show you how to install and use Youtube Premium, check out the benefits if you become a Premium member. It is definitely a perfect experience when you play videos on this platform. Let’s see what they are.

Play videos without ads

There are billions of people who visit YouTube every day to watch or share videos. One great point is that you can watch all YouTube videos for free on any device. The transfer speed and video quality are excellent as you can even stream at up to 8K resolution. Even so, the ads in the videos may degrade your viewing experience. There is a lot of negative feedback from users about ads on Youtube as they appear more and more. However, Google announced that they cannot remove ads on standard accounts because they are the source of revenue for themselves and the content creators. If you want the best viewing experience on YouTube, you need to upgrade your account to Premium.

On the Premium account, all in-video ads and sidebar ads have been removed. So you have a completely comfortable video viewing experience. You can enjoy sports shows, movies, music videos on Youtube seamlessly without being annoyed by random ads.

Play video in the background

As we mentioned, there are hundreds of millions of music videos and podcasts published on Youtube. This number is constantly increasing. It is a fact that not many people care about the visual part of these videos. They simply want to hear the sound. With a standard account, the Youtube app requires the play screen to be active all the time. If you switch to another app, the video immediately stops playing. This is really inconvenient. However, with Premium accounts, this does not happen. When you exit the play screen, the video is still playing in the background so you can still hear the audio of the video. Now you can multitask on your device without affecting the YouTube video player.

Offline mode

With a Premium membership, you can download videos offline and watch them anytime without an internet connection. There is an option available to change the video quality before you download it. Videos after being downloaded will be stored in local storage but you cannot see them in the gallery. You can only play them with the Youtube video player.

Offline mode is a useful feature for users who are constantly on the go. Sometimes unstable network connections prevent you from streaming videos of the best quality. It is better if you have downloaded your favorites before and saved them in the library. You can then play them at any time without an internet connection.

Get YouTube Music and Google Play Music for free

When you become a YouTube premium member, you also get two other Google music services for free, YouTube Music and Google Play Music.

Google Play Music is Google’s music service released many years ago. However, in the face of strong competition from Spotify and other music streaming services, it has not really been popular in the last few years. Therefore, this music service has officially shut down at the end of December 2020. Don’t worry because there is another platform that has been developed by Google as an alternative, YouTube Music.

You know, YouTube has published millions of MVs of famous singers around the world. However, many people just want to listen to music instead of having to keep the screen active to play videos. That’s why YouTube Music was born. It offers a smart music player that allows you to play songs from Youtube’s library of more than 50 million songs.

Besides, there are many other useful features you can find including creating, editing, and deleting playlists, offline mode, sync local music, explore music themes, and much more. For $11.99 for the Premium plan, you get YouTube Music for free. Buy one and get two, it’s a bargain, isn’t it?

Note: In some countries, YouTube Premium is available, but not YouTube Music. So if you want to use Youtube Music, you need to run a VPN to switch the IP to a supported country. We recommend Turbo VPN.

Youtube Originals

Youtube Originals is the exclusive channel that publishes original videos and events from Youtube. With the aim of competing with other video streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Youtube leverages the stars on its platform to produce exclusive content and then release them on Youtube Originals.

The content on Youtube Originals is diverse in a variety of topics including series, original events from YouTube about drama, comedy, documentaries, reality shows, cartoons. One thing you should keep in mind is that these contents change based on the user’s country.

Youtube still allows standard users to access the Youtube Originals channel to play videos. However, there is a lot of content that has been hidden. They are only available for Premium accounts. You can enjoy some trial content before you decide to upgrade to Premium.


YouTube Premium price and how to sign up

The benefits for premium members on Youtube are really attractive. You must be wondering how much this service package costs? According to the announcement from Google, users need to pay $11.99 per month to use Premium. A cheaper option is available as a family plan that costs $17.99 per month. With this Family plan, you can share Premium benefits for up to 6 other accounts.

The price of the Premium plan depends on the user’s country and promotions (if any). A free 1-month trial option is available.

So how to sign up for Premium membership? It’s very simple, follow our instructions below: (This tutorial is done on Youtube mobile app)

  • Make sure you’re signed in with the Google account you want to upgrade.
  • Tap on your account avatar then select “Purchases and memberships
  • Select the membership package you want to subscribe to and then make the payment.

If you don’t see Premium upgrade options under “Purchases and memberships“, it means the service is not available in your country. To unlock it, you should use a VPN service.

MOD APK of YouTube (Premium Unlocked)

If you are looking for the latest YouTube mod version, you have come to the right place! On APKmazon we bring you the best mods of YouTube on Android. You can easily download and install it for free.

MOD Info

  • Unlock all Premium Features
  • Play Video in the Background
  • CPU Supported: All

Youtube Premium Alternative Apps

If for some reason YouTube Premium MOD does not work on your Android device, please refer to some other alternative applications below.

Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced is one of the best YouTube Premium alternatives because it offers almost the same features. The app allows you to browse and play videos at the highest quality. Basically, Vanced is a mod based on the original Youtube app for Android. Therefore, you will find the user experience is almost the same. It even allows you to sign in to your Google account to sync playlists and history.


  • The interface is completely similar to the original Youtube application
  • Change theme
  • Support PIP
  • Play video in the background
  • Block all ads
  • Support login with Google account to synchronize personal data

Pure Tuber

Pure Tuber is a great alternative to Youtube Premium in case you want to bulk download videos from TV series, blockbusters, documentaries, and all kinds of other content. It also allows you to play online videos like the app natively. Pure Tuber also allows you to convert video formats before downloading. If you want to split the audio files of the video, this app also supports it.


OGYouTube uses the same interface as the original Youtube app. So you’ll find everything familiar. The application allows you to browse videos easily on Youtube, play videos in the background, download videos in popular formats. In addition, all ads in the video have also been removed.


TubeMate can be viewed as a media downloader that allows you to download all the content from Youtube for free. Supported formats include MP3, MP4, 3GP… The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It also supports several other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Here are the app’s features:

  • Easily download YouTube videos in HD/SD or MP3 format.
  • Download speed is always stable
  • Support downloading videos in many other platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.

Download YouTube MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 18.10.37

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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